I love this template, it works right out the box, beautiful UI, elegante code, great support by the seller. I highly recommend it.
Will this template works with rails ?
This is a HTML template, so you will need to know how to integrate it into your rails application.
Hi - there doesn't seem to be support for tabs. On the demo they don't show different content. Is there additional code required? Thanks.
That has already been fixed during the holidays but slipped my mind to upload it. I'll do that tomorrow and I'll let you know once the update has been approved.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Ok all done! The tabs have been updated. You can download it now.
Hey - not had a chance to yet but just wanted to thank you for the SUPER fast turnaround on this!
Hi - is there an issue with menu levels on the "top menu" layout? It works pretty nicely on the sidebar, but when the menu's at the top the levels don't open a sub-menu. Thanks!
Okay, I've checked it out and will fix it. I'll update you once done.
I found what the problem is... I commented out the code that handles that section during debugging and forgot to uncomment it.

I'll upload the update but before then you can uncomment it by yourself by going to Files/assets/js/scripts.js

Go to line 37 within the "qp_required_misc" function and uncomment everything below"/* Dropdown Menu - Submenu */" and above "/* Buttons */"

That'll fix it
Works perfectly - thanks so much!
1. This template doesn't seem to be offered/featured on Base5Builder page. Why is that?

2. Is there a chance for near future release where you would update to Bootstrap 4.0.0 release? There's quite some changes in there, especially around forms and form elements. Current version is incompatible.

3. Current version uses padding percent on flex elements - and apparently it wasn't tested on Firefox. Please don't do that, it's not a standardized feature. (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33502702/flex-elements-ignore-percent-padding-in-firefox). As an example - .signin-left-column class has padding-top: 10%. This will render incorrectly in some browsers. Use alternatives, like 10vw.

4. The CSS refers to batch-icons and uses .batch-icon class name instead of .batch as suggested but the author and as implemented in NPM package (https://www.npmjs.com/package/batch-webfont). Was there a reason for renaming? This prevents from using new versions of these fonts in the future and creates another incompatibility, when batch font is pulled from NPM.

5. The custom scripts from QuillPro are included as a set of functions called on jQuery's document.ready. That's a significant obstacle for anyone trying to use this template in dynamic JS applications, where whole pages aren't reloaded (just some portions of it) and scripts are never executed again (as there's no second document.ready). Would it be possible to rewrite the scripts:

a) as a set of functions available from outside, ready to be called when needed (that would be up to the dynamic JS application developers to decide, probably after new content is loaded, etc.). For standard HTML pages, this still could be called on jquery's document.ready, and
b) with the assumption that they might be called more than once (as will be the case for dynamic JS apps), and each call should perform properly, without memory leaks and/or broken functionality. For instance, they should first unbind all the events, before rebinding them again. (jquery's on/off methods).
Thanks, sebastian-zarzycki, for the detailed feedback and questions.

1. Yes QuillPro is not offered on Base5Builder.com because it is exclusive to WrapBootstrap only.

2. Definitely! I'll be updating QuillPro to Bootstrap 4 really soon along with some other features.

3. I'm not sure what you mean here. Can you send me a screenshot of the issue in Firefox? Please send it to support [at] base5builder [dot] com

4. Renaming .batch to .batch-icon was necessary as I originally had plans for a feature that used the class ".batch". However, I scraped it later on. I will be leaving the class as .batch-icon... it shouldn't be tough to carry out the updates manually.

5. That's a tough one! Re-writing the entire script file ... I can't really promise unfortunately.
2. How soon is really soon? :)

3. https://imgur.com/a/J8fHr - here's screenshot for recent Firefox and Chrome. You can see it's rendering incorrectly because of that padding percent. The element has display: flex, and that is the root of the issue. Read the stackoverflow to learn more.

4. It's not tough, but a) user needs to know about this and b) it's unnecessary and adds additional step, so why not make it easier?

5. That's really not that much big of a rewrite. Not asking about functionality change. You just need to restructure the main object and functions differently and analyze them, looking for potential issues, when called multiple times. Most of the time is just deleting/clearing things before adding new ones. Web application developers (Angular/Vue/React) will surely be grateful for that.
Apologies for the late response.

The update is certainly coming, but I can't give a timeline on the update just yet. As you can see from the "Updated" info on the product page, I update QuillPro regularly so you don't have to worry about it :)

Concerning the padding bug... Thanks for pointing that out. It'll be added to the next update. On the other issues, I will certainly see what I can do.
Also please be sure to fix Bootstrap's horizontal forms, they seem to be apparently broken in your layout (https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/forms/#horizontal-form).
Hi. I wondered if you'd ever considered integrating Isotope (https://isotope.metafizzy.co) into the QuillPro template. I am building a site which uses the .card feature to display a lot of information, and it would be a great way for users to filter what they see.
Hi dbarville,

I saw your email and I thought I responded already. My bad.

I like Isotope and I like how it filters items but I'm unsure what to implement the feature as. Not sure if you understand what I mean?

Can you tell me more on how you are using it? Maybe I'll be able to add it as a proper feature instead of just "dropping the code in" with a random demo.
I have a page where users could see a high number of cards arranged in columns. The content of these cards fall into various categories. Let's say for simplicity I have 3 cards giving information about animals, 11 giving information about cars, and 8 giving information about houses. It would be great to have some buttons at the top of the page ("Animals", "Cars", "Houses") to filter the display so that a user can view just the cards in one specific category. Let me know if that helps, or I could PM you a link to something?
Alright, got it! I'll look into integrating it once I've updated QuillPro to Bootstrap 4.0.0 which is currently underway.
I have a problem, when I send a long page to the printer, only the first page is visible.
There are some fixes to do at the media print css?
Good Evening ottimit,

Did you check if you are selecting "print only visible section" on the printer options. I know that may sound trivial but I need to check first.

If that's not the problem, can you send me a link where I can test it out? If it's a sensitive page, you can send me the link at support [at] base5builder [dot] com

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi. Is there anything in the stylesheet that would prevent an offset from working (e.g. class="col-md-6 col-md-offset-6")?
Based on the Bootstrap 4 documentation you don't need the "col-" before the offset class
So instead of [class="col-md-6 col-md-offset-6"] it should be [class="col-md-6 offset-md-6"]

I believe I made a mistake in my last comment. That code is based on Bootstrap 4.0.0 (the latest release) which I'm integrating into QuillPro 1.4

From checking the Bootstrap 4 Beta code, it looks like Offsets aren't in the code. Odd.

The best solution would be to wait, if you can, for the release of QuillPro 1.4 which I aim to release this coming week. It has a whole bunch of fixes and updates.
dbarville PURCHASED
Great, thanks - happy to hang on. Will 1.4 also fix the top menu layout not working on a small screen? (The hamburger appears but when you open the menu it doesn't fit on the screen. I think it might be better only to have left menus on a small screen.)
dbarville PURCHASED
Hi - sorry if you'd already seen this tacked onto the earlier item. Will 1.4 also fix the top menu layout not working on a small screen? (The hamburger appears fine, but when you open the menu it doesn't fit on the screen. I think it might be better only to have left menus on a small screen, not top menus.)
Yes, that'll be fixed too. Version 1.4 will have a whole bunch of fixes and updates.
We really like this product. We've spotted a problem with the main navigation in the 'layout-top-menu-normal.html' file on a small screen.

The 'Dashboard' sub menu contents that appear after clicking the hamburger overshoot the containing black nav when viewed on a mobile device. Could this be looked into?

Out of interest, when is Version 1.4 due to be released?
Hi David,

The top menu has been changed to slide down to fix the issue and is part of the version 1.4 update.

Version 1.4 will be released within the next few days. Currently updating the sample files, then a little more testing and we're all set.

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