Awesome theme. Would love a "Profile" page view and maybe an "Inbox" page view. I will be using this for a community type site. Thanks!
Also, your detailed HTML <!-- Comments --> are amazing. Not seen in a lot of themes.
Thank you for the suggestions and kind words! We will add those pages in the next update for. We will also be adding a shop and some other cool stuff :)
small bug. when opening multiple sub-menu items, other menu items do not close. not sure if this is by design?

Hi, I have thoroughly tested this theme in all browsers and have never had this bug appear. Please provide me with your browser/version and I will send you a fix + include it into next update.
Chrome Version 42.0.2311.152 m & recently updated and still issue in Chrome Version 43.0.2357.65 m

Other browsers hovering works fine. But these specific Chrome versions (on Windows 8.1) hovering doesn't expand sub-menu, must click. Clicking additional sub-menus doesn't close previous sub-menus.
I am on the latest chrome version as well "43.0.2357.65 m" and the issue does not occur for me, have you by any chance changed anything in "main.js" or "hover-dropdown.js"? I am still looking into it on my end.
Send me an email through the profile page, and ill get you sorted. Easier for me.
Hi ,
Very nice theme!
Any plans for an RTL version.
Yes, this will be added in a future update!

This is a very nice theme. Thank you for the efforts.
I am having problem to send contact forms and implement a captcha on it. Do you have any suggestion to help me?

Thank you
Thank you for the kind words! For all theme support please submit a ticket here: http://dimitrovinc.freshdesk.com/ and I will get you going!
Very nice theme. Is it "Responsive"? Can it be properly used in mobile devices?. Thank you.
Thank you! And yes Raleway is a fully responsive template, it will work on any screen size mobile or desktop.
I want to set the color of the theme in green . How do I ?
Please open a ticket here: http://dimitrovinc.freshdesk.com/ and include your license #.
I like the skin but I think there are some browser issues. For example, I went to the features-parallax page in Chrome (v 43.0.2357.134 m) and the sideways parallaxes do not work. I went to the page in IE11 and there was definitely a different behavior.

(I'm looking at the preview site.)
Hi danagle,

The plugin used for parallax has been updated since the release of the template, we are in the process of updating and this issue will be fixed.

If you would like I can send you the updated file once you purchase.

We have an update coming with a bunch of new awesome stuff, but we will release an update before that that will fix this issue.
Double checking this issue this morning we believe IE was blocking the parallax plugin, this may have been the case for you.

Because double checking the issue everything as far as parallax works fine. In IE and Chrome. But we will update parallax on next release.
When will the next release be available?
We are currently updating the theme and the release will be 3-4 weeks maximum. There is a lot we're adding :)
Update is taking a bit longer, a lot were adding and it will a little longer!
jrostash PURCHASED
Do you have php files to process the contact forms?
Current contact forms are not functional but on the next update functionality will be added with CAPTCHA as well.
hi there,
is there support ticketing feature available in this template?
Yes the link is located in the description.
Hi Can you tell me does the following come in red please?


Yes red is one of the base color options.
awesome theme! Is there another way to buy this ? I don't want to use Paypal.
More than I don't want, I can't buy with paypal. It says your card already in use. I don't know why.

[email protected]

please contact me I really liked your theme can do anything to have it.
I have emailed you!

Thank you
No you didn't. I have no E-mail. Can you please check again ?
I have resent the email please check. Thank you.
Awesome theme. We're loving it. One question, where can we find documentation or an example of how to use Revolution sliders?
Hi, thank you for the kind comments. Please include your email and I will send you a copy of the docs. Thank you!
[email protected], thanks mate!
Sent! No problem at all!
ahenao42 PURCHASED
Can I get the documents too? [email protected]
@ahenao42 sent!
Great Theme, and love the updates!
Thank you so much! There will be another update in 1 month with some cool new stuff as well :)
I can use the images if I already bought the theme's license?
Hi the images are from Unsplash and Shutterstock as long as you follow the respective licensing rules you will be fine.
Thank you for your work, is very nice.
Just noticed you miss a feature:
Language selection!
Menu with language and flag icon....
Can you add it??
Hi this will be added in the next update! Thank you.
efinkelb PURCHASED
Hi there, thanks for your template, works great!
I manipulate a few things to use your template for .NET structure - with master page, web user controls, etc. I am confused, since I have one preloader with white background, light blue circle and no progress and another one that has dark background and shows a percentage of progress.
How can I change between one and the other? The code seems the same! Is there a css to point to choose one or the other?
Hi, if you can please open a ticket @ http://dimitrovinc.freshdesk.com/ I can go ahead and pinpoint your problem!
Is the product still active or updated or is it only updated when bugs are reported?

Just wondering as I'm looking on purchasing and wanted to make sure support was still active.

How much detail do the contact forms contain or would I need to do it myself from scratch with just your design?

Raleway is currently fully maintained / supported, and will be indefinitely. Updates are released when needed.

For support you can submit a ticket with any issue you have, at the link on my profile.

As far as the contact forms, they are currently just static HTML. But a future update will have a fully functional PHP form.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you
Can i use this theme whit ASP?

Yes you would be able to.
Hi, i love this template (the preview is awesome) and would love to purchase it but my concern is if it has a content management system to manage it. The person going to use it would like to have an interface to edit texts on the pages and also upload pictures. Please, if this template is not done so, for how much extra can it be done? I need it ASAP... Thanks
Hi Raleway is currently only a static HTML template with no ÇMS.

Thank you

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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  • Responsive 12-column grid
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  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation