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I would also really like to integrate a lightbox in to the product. Any suggestions, tips, or help would be much appreciated. I was hoping there would be some way to use the Fullscreen Grid, and once clicked, it would bring up the image larger without scrolling. Is this possible?

I would like to have responsive carousel-img responsive ..

Any idea ?

has anyone managed to disable the js feature that is responsible making the site content to appear slowly and not static?

I would like to disabled it and have static text.
I know that the waypoints.min.js and waypoints-static.min.js are responsible for this but i cannot disable only this feature.
Thank you.
Hi manosfm,

I've had the same issue with this and have found the solution to it.

In the script.js file, delete the 'Animations On Scroll' part of the code.

And then in the main.css file at line 52, set the opacity to 1

html:not(.no-csstransitions) main [class*="col-"] {
opacity: 1; /* Hide content for animations on scroll in scripts.js */

Hope this helps
Kenhee thank you for the answer, but i am still not manage to remove the annoying fade in animate from all the site, if you can send me any other detailed information i will be happy or another from this forum.
Thank you.
I found the solution, it was from the onscroll.js and the opacity set it to 1 like Kenhee sent.

Thank you again, for showing me the way.

This theme looks great but I'm disappointed that there are so much errors in it. The errors are even in the demo page, just open your developer console and see: http://demo.fuviz.com/reen/v1-3-1/.

Any chance they get fixed soon? I can't deliver my products with errors in it.
Hi Debian!

Yes – the upcoming update I’m currently working on will include some bugfixes and new features!

Awesome, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks!
Portfolio 3 & 4 not loading in phones after first 4. Need fix ASAP!
Hi — this bug is fixed since the latest version 1.4 with an updated Isotope plugin!
I purchased this theme, as it looks like the best multi-purpose theme around. I particularly liked how you did not exaggerate with the animations, which makes the navigation fluid. Congrats for that Ben!

There are a few things that would make your theme even better:
- a feature for signup form (email text input + signup button) on the first screen jumbotron (alternative to Made for Designers / start now) as well as on white background in the page
- a feature for countdown - jumbtron and in the page
- a history timeline (see: https://blackrockdigital.github.io/startbootstrap-agency/)
- a how it works with a mobile phone in the center and little boxes of text on the sides
- the possibility to disable all animations from a central place

Maybe all these may go into a higher priced extended version?

Thanks for the kind words and suggestions! Considering these there are indeed some upcoming new layouts and modules to use and combine :)
that fuckin retarded german whore dont care about anyone. cant even respond for a question to someone who purchased his product. 0 support.
Hello — there is of course support for this template!
Sometimes due to the number of requests some replies take longer than others. Furthermore I was developing new templates over the last couple of months!

If any email was unanswered until now just send me your request again!

(I wish you could have written your complaint without any insults!)
Too much bugs ! I'm bored ! I've got something else to do than debug !
Problem with text display !
Bugs were fixed in version 1.4!
Please tell me where you have problems with text display — Since nearly 2800 sales no one has complained yet!

Hey, I am having trouble getting my embedded youtube video into full screen. when in chrome and I press the full screen button, it expands the entire web page instead.
Hi! What OS and template version are you using?
Hey there. I'm having a few issues with the contact form:

1. Error messages for each field work only when there is no text in them: i.e. "Please enter your name!", but when user fails to enter more than 2 characters in the name field, the error doesn't show up-- the field is just outlined in red which is subtle and offers no suggestions as to what the user can do to fix their mistake in that field.

How can I just display all error messages below the fields instead of inside?

2. Most of the messages are getting sent to my spam folder in gmail, some are not getting sent at all. Not sure if this is a fix on the template end or in gmail. Anybody have a similar problem?
Hi and thanks for using REEN!

1. You’re right with the error messages – they should appear beneath the input, not ideal ux right now. I will fix that asap!

2. Maybe this is a problem with your host you’re running your website on. Or Gmail as you said because I haven’t heard of that issue yet or experienced it for myself.

Noticed another form function which is not ideal: I just tried to submit a message with an invalid email. I get an error message, but then I'm forced to go back to the form and type in my whole message again. Any way to change this so that email address can be validated without losing the whole message? It may discourage people from submitting their message again.
Hello, i was wondering how i can disable the navbar animation. I would like to have it small and keep that way, thx in advance!
I've suddenly been getting a lot of spam mail. Is it possible to add Google's reCaptcha to the contact page?
I know I asked this over a week ago. How can I integrate with Google's noCaptcha or Honeypot solutions to the contact form to prevent email spam? I've already tried adding both myself, but I don't write PHP and it appears that your existing script is still processing the form.

I really like the way you have the success message appear on the same page as the form and I don't want to get rid of that. I just would like to be able to add some spam prevention to it.

Help please?
Hey, I am having trouble installing this. in the theme folder, there is only 1 php file - contact.php, and no style.css. what am I missing?
Ignore that, was being silly.
hi, i need a search-Results Template ;)
thanks for the nice theme!

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