On product description it says your template supports IE 9, I have IE 9 and it shows blank except the footer and Menu. Please help.

Thank you in advance.

fixed this! Please leave me your email address here or via my profile page contact form and i'll send you an updated version!



thanks for the good work with template. But's I've problems with the contact page: the maps are not loading on IE 11. The part with the maps stays white (this also happens on your demo site).


i cannot see this issue here on IE11 but i've read that if you reset your IE, the Google Maps are working again!

we're using the posts page, and one of the divs I'm using is a tab component, each tab is having different height, so is there any way I can make the following component's position relevant to the above tab height (the current behavior: the below component's position is fixed with respect to the tallest above tab)
Thanks a lot in advance

i'm not sure if i understand you correctly so can you provide me a link to your development site or better a quick mockup (Photoshop) of how exactly it should look like?


Hi there,

Thanks for the great template. I bought this a few days ago and work great. I've created a cut down version for my portfolio. I have one issue, the navbar has no padding in the default appearance in Chrome, but work and looks great in Firefox when it collapses and shrinks. Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks again,
Hi and thank you for purchasing and using REEN!

The header and logo shrink function with the resizing and padding styles only works online in most browsers, only Firefox displays it correctly offline. Unfortunately i could not solve this issue yet completely to make developing offline more comfortable!

Hello everyone, beautiful model !! I would buy it but I read your messages and I do not know if this model has some problems ... ?? It has been updated? Working properly?
Thank you all
I purchased this plugin, but not sure why its not showing under my account, how can I have it added here?
Having problems on android devices . on the phone when I slide up and down while I keep my finger pressed everything goes white

on tablet I cant do that
I meant to say on the tablet I cant even scroll down

if you already bought the template just leave me your email address here or via my profile page contact form with your purchase ID and i'll send you a fix for that!

adelurie PURCHASED
I need this fix also please.

The android tablet doesn't scroll when in landscape.

In portrait it scrolls but the menu isn't sitting nicely. That is, the menu icon appears but the dropdown isn't working - menu items are bunched up.

Love the template but have been trying to get the top icon/social bar to stay visible all the time instead of scrolling up. Can you explain how to make that work?


Hello Dennis,

thank you for purchasing REEN!

Add the following to your main.css to make the entire header sticky:

@media (max-width: 1024px) {
.navbar .sticky-wrapper > div {
height: auto !important;

@media (min-width: 1025px) {

.navbar-header {
position: fixed;
top: 0;
left: 0;
right: 0;

.navbar .sticky-wrapper {
padding-bottom: 41px;

.navbar .navbar-collapse {
top: 41px;


I'm running into two issues with the REEN template

1) When scaling the browser, a div is created that causes a vertical gap between the navbar and the hero image. When I reload the page, the div/gap disappears and the page renders properly. (btw, I sent you an email to show the example).

2) When I scroll on a page and the navbar shrinks, when you hover over the Mega Menu it looks cut off and choppy when it renders on the page.

Any help to solve these two issues would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hi and thank you for purchasing REEN!

I've sent you an email with the bugfixes!

adelurie PURCHASED
Apologies if this has been discussed - I couldn't find anything with a quick search.

Does the contact form supplied with REEN contain any form of spam defence? If not, would it me easy to add something in - e.g. a hidden field that rejects the form if filled.

A very nice and well supported template.

Hey and thank you for using and purchasing REEN!

If you mean a honey pot method for spam prevention it should be quite easy to integrate, yes. Don't forget to validate the hidden input field!

I just purchased this theme. However, I'm unable to install it, it gives me error that reads " missing stylesheet".
How can I resolve this issue?

Hi and thank you for purchasing and using REEN!

Where exactly do you get the error message?

andytose PURCHASED
Hi Ben,
Loving the template but it has an issue with it can you help please.

When you are in one of the individual portfolio pages and then move down and click on the 'more works' drop down button, there seems to be issues when its viewed on a tablet or phone. What happens is all the the rest of the portfolio samples that appear are all on top on one another. If you click one of the 'All' or 'Identity' tags then it resolves itself but would be good if you could help stop it happening in the first place please.

Look forward to hearing from you

Hi Andy,

thank you for purchasing and using REEN!

Sometimes this little bug appears, sometimes not. I am working on a solution and let you know!

The top bar is a bug in IE9.

Can not you solve the problem?
Please check your mail!
Hello fuviz thanks again for the great work but I was wondering if there is a date picker for this template??
any help would be appreciated
Hey Fuviz,

Just sent you an email about the navbar missing margins and the skrollable shrink animation missing out of the box. Figured I'd leave a comment here as well.

Just noticed in a previous comment that you say it doesn't work in chrome and only in firefox, but your demo works in chrome?
Hello Ben,

Thanks for your template, it's very userfriendly and has a lovely design.
But it has a problem which is a huge issue to me.
The initial full-screen slider doesn't work very well on android stock browser (I tried on several versions up to 4.3).
When scrolling a slide by touch, to right or left, most of the times the next slide turns white.
Please, may you fix this bug? It's a very important issue for my project.
Thank you in advance

Thanks for a great template. As you probably know, iOS < 8 apparently doesn't recognise scroll events (until you hit the bottom of the page) So content which is animated by the waypoints plugin doesn't show up (opacity: 0) on those devices until you've scrolled to the very bottom and back up again. Any thoughts about working around this? (writing some media queries, I suppose, but I've got by up until know with minimal customising of the template css)

Good work though - thanks

I just installed the theme.
I want to add this blog style to my page: its 2 columns grid sidebar right.
Where can I find the code?

I also want to add post with video in your demo:
can you give me the code and tell me how to use this on my page?
I want to dynamically add videos in the more videos column to display videos added in the media panel.

Thank you so much
I have layout issue with portfolio page. Also iFrame based youtube videos not show up.

Kindly check your mail for more details of problem.

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