My question regards the shrinking of the header (logo and menu area) when scrolling down.
I'am seeing that the elements
- <div class="navbar-collapse">
- <img src="assets/images/logo.svg" class="logo">
which are in the <header>, have their inline css being modified automatically (javascript) when you scroll down the page.
In other words there is a javascript that is changing the inline style (example: style="max-height: 35.7692307692308px;") of theses 2 tags.
Could you tell me how/where is this live modification of style is happening?

If you need more detail, my complete question would be:
How can I change the theme for the initial inline css value of <div class="navbar-collapse"> be "padding-top: 26px; padding-bottom: 25px;" and not "padding-top: 30px; padding-bottom: 30px;" ? And the initial css value of <img src="assets/images/logo.svg" class="logo"> be "max-height: 60px;" and not "max-height: 40px;" ?
(When scrolling down the page theses values are going to be diminished ofcourse but for the sake of the logo i'am using and how i want it to shrink i need to know the answer to this question.)

Thanks so much!!

I recently purchased the REEN bootstrap theme. It's a great looking theme. Thanks for developing it.

I have a few questions, listed below. Thanks for your help.

1. If you remove all of the alternate color stylesheets (for production), per the documentation, when you hover over the REEN logo, the menu shifts to the left by a few pixels. The same thing happens on the hosted Live Preview of the REEN theme. For example: Start at http://demo.fuviz.com/reen/v1-2-1/index.html and then go to http://demo.fuviz.com/reen/v1-2-1/index3.html. And then hover over the REEN logo. I'm viewing the site in Chrome on Windows 8.1.

2. If you view the site in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1, the menu overlaps over the logo. I tested this out on: http://demo.fuviz.com/reen/index3.html. As you shrink the page size, the overlapping gets worse.

3. How can I create one menu item and have it aligned to the left, instead of aligned to the middle? When you take out the rest of the menu items, the remaining ones align to the middle.

Great template but am curious to know if this template is still suported. Last comment I can see from fuviz is 3 months ago.
I have the same concern as the purchaser above, there has been no responses from the theme author to public questions for months. I reached out privately and have not heard anything back either.
Hi Ben (anyone who happens to see this message and can answer)!

I purchased your REEN Theme and am overall very happy with it! Thank you so much! :) I was hoping you could help me with what is likely a very easy question (I feel so noobish for being able to figure it out). If I wanted to turn off the animation (fadeinUp) so that there are no animations and the content still loads on the page, how would I do that?

Thank you so much for the help!
Amazing theme with very well crafted animations and sliders(absolutely hate lightbox overlays for portfolios) but unfortunately only the header and footer show up with a long white space between them ion chrome for ios8. Even worse it appears the creator has gone missing or abandoned support according to the previous posts. If anyone has any idea about the fix for this issue please reply to this post. You can view the issue if you are have an iOS8 device and are using the latest chrome browser. Here is the link http://www.ivyanespejo.com. Any help would be most appreciated.
So, I can't see the slider nor do any of the drop menus function in Internet Explorer 10...

Something I'm doing wrong?
FWIW, the drop menus and slider work in the preview on the site, but not the one in my download. I'm scanning code to see what's different.
This theme does NOT work on iOS Chrome.
FIXED: Go to github and download the newest version and replace with the one in the template.

viewport-units-buggyfill v0.5.3
jkdesign PURCHASED
Hi everybody!

Thank you all for your patience and comments! I've been working hard for a couple of months now and of course I still support REEN! I'm glad to read that you help each other here :)

An update for the template is currently in progress and will be released within the next few days. Also I'll do my best to respond to your comments as quickly as possible!


Hi Ben,

Glad you are back and into supporting the theme.

Any date for when the update will be available?


Hey David,

just tweaking a few things – so maybe this weekend ...

Hi Ben,

I'm interested in this theme, but would like to see what changes you are going to include with this new update. Do you know when it will be ready?


Hi Ben,

Time is ticking on and still haven't heard anything more about the update (last reply from you 3 weeks ago).

Can you let us know when the update will be available.


@fuviz you dropped in two months ago and said an update was a few days away.. 2 months later, nothing, and no replies to comments here. What's going on?
salomari PURCHASED

Is there a FAQ page? I think this is the only missing page in the template.
If anyone created a nice FAQ page, please share :)
[email protected]
isotopes have a bug when 2 of them are used on the 2 tabs features (all ID calls are unique). and for some reason the navigation menu shifts left quite a bit when used on the latest version of IE (this is an IE problem only from what i've seen).
can you please tell me which font is being used for the logo?
Warning to potential buyers: This is a nice looking theme, but if theme support is important to you might want to look elsewhere.
Hi. I´can´t find the way to make the form work. This is the link to the site:

I´m not good with code. I´ve tried to arrange it myself but didn´t have any luck.
Could you help me?

Thnaks, Agustina
we need a place for "multilang" :)
I may have missed it but are you using the latest version of isotope?
nevermind I know why you're not using the latest version of isotope: because it would require everyone to pay up and not just you.
It will support bootstrap modal implementation?
Hi, basically all Bootstrap features are included, so modals are too. But currently they are not styled with the template styles.

Within the next few weeks I will be releasing version 1.3 with some fresh new One Page sites including at least five sizes for modals (full-screen too)!

So stay tuned ;)

Thanks, Ben!
wrap0000 PURCHASED
how do I get the updates for the theme? I purchased the Reen theme maybe a year ago. Do I get the updated version for free?

Hi and yes, template updates are FREE forever! You'll get a notification via your email address which you used for the purchase of the template as soon as an update has been released!
Good work on last update, thank you!
Thank you for your feedback – appreciate it!

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