admin panel ?

Why not? :)


A AngularJS version?
Can you add a dropdown icon in RENT/BUY selector for usability purpose?

Our apology that we don't have any plans for AngularJs variant at the moment.

Sure we'll consider including icons in our next version release. Thank you for your time and suggestions. Please stay tuned.

I really liked this theme. I will use it on a 4K TV, but I saw that the subject does not occupy the entire width using Google Chrome sizes simulator. Would you have some way to fix this? Buying this theme is guaranteed that your patches will come to me right?

In order to get the end to end width ratio, you may either remove the container div from wherever it's used or set the container width to 100%.

Yes, once you purchased this template, all future updates are completely free.

Really like the design. Good luck with sales!

Thank you for your kind words.


Thank you for your kind words.

I don't see any info regarding the database to run all this, where can I find that?

This is a static HTML template, there is no any database nor server side codes attached.

huuthai82 PURCHASED
beautiful theme ! I'll buy one.
Thank you
huuthai82 PURCHASED
How can i use the modal ? like show bootstrap modal !

thank you.
I'm loving this template. You could add a feature to view photos of the properties that are 360 ​​degrees. Some homeowners who take pictures are like that. There is a free plugin and open source, Marzipano (http://www.marzipano.net) that displays photos in 360 degrees, and virtual tour. You could add this feature in this template?

Thank you very much for your suggestion. i'll consider adding this in my next version release.

Good job!
Looking forward to new pages and features!
Thank you.
edburgos PURCHASED
Looks awesome, I'm thinking on buying it. Will make the decision in the next couple of days.

One thing I did notice is that on my iPad, using the latest version of Chrome the menu drop down does not work. Any way to get it to work for mobile/touch in the current version?

Sorry for my late response. Could you please give me the exact page where you facing this issue? For it's working across.

Could you please add a widget for drag-and-drop image uploads in the Submit flow?
I'm almost done implementing this nice theme on our site http://www.bobasen.com, will be live soon :)

Thank you

Thank you for your suggestion. I will consider adding this in my next version release.

Hey your demo stopped working!

Otherwise, it's a beautiful, well coded theme. All the best with future sales.

It's up now.

Hi ! Beautiful theme, i am planning to addapt it to my own website but i want to ask you if there is any newsfeed view included or in plan to develop it!
Thanks! Regards!

Thank you. There is no specific view available for news feed. You chose one of the available listview module to list news feeds.


dschmura PURCHASED
Do you have plans to update this template to Bootstrap v4? I would love to help if I can.

We have a plan to release a Angular 2 variant with Bootstrap 4 in the future. Please stay tuned.

dschmura PURCHASED
Hi, I would really appreciate any insight into plans for Bootstrap v4 support. Thanks.

We'll be upgrading to Bootstrap 4 after the stable release.

Hi, First of all great theme .. I have few questions:
1) when is the next release that includes maps view going to be release?
2) can you add image upload to the submit property section, with drag and drop and prompting the user to choose main image from uploaded ones (the one that would appear in property lists)?
3) is there a plan to add RTL support and color variations?
4) can you add an option to keep the main nav bar at the top if needed?
5) I read in the comments a newer version with angular 2 and BS4 is to be released .. is this going to be soon or would it take a long time?

sorry for the long message but I really like the theme and want to use it but I need the features above?
Hi Rushen!

Why you guys do not include image assets on the template?

Does Not make any sense, not including the images on the demo!

How you guys expecting us to play around in dev environment?

Is there a way to provide it with images please!!

If you consider providing the download with images just for developing propose it will be
most appreciated and helpful.

Kind Regards
Hi, it's a great theme. Have you this work in other place with a different payments mode?.
Hi Rushenn,

Great theme.

is that admin panel or user dashboard?
is your template considered as marketplace or portal? instead of statis frontend template?
do you have membership payment page? and how bout integration with payment gateway?

Hi man!

Do you have sass files for this project, unless of less.?

If you have i would to know if you can provide, please.

Kind Regards
Hi there,

Unfortunatly there is no any sass files available with Roost as it’s based on Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 3 doesn’t come sass by default.

really good ui design. good luck with the sales

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  • IE 9, 10, 11
  • Latest Chrome
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Uses Less:Yes
Uses Sass:No
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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
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