I have seen the demo and liked it and then purchased. Good Luck for your new work
I purchased this temple and I'm trying to figure out how to set it to BOXED permanently. Can you please assist me, thanks.
I missed this:

<div id="page-boxed" class="page-boxed">

All is good.
Hi pixelized,

Really nice theme,

1. Is it possible to use LESS?

2. Do you have a plan to update or maintenance the theme and add more pages and/or UI?


1. no it's not possible to use LESS.

2. YES update is definitely coming soon so stay tuned.

Pixelized team.
Hi pixelized,

I really like Roxie but have a minor problem with the "E-shop - Grid with Sidebar" page (products2.html).... the layout become all screwed up if I provide various images that are not the same size/aspect ratio (i.e.: user-uploaded content). I would have hope there would be a way to automatically clip any portion of the image that do not fit in the expected ratio... Any suggestion?
Any way to get the footer to stick to the bottom?
Ok just add class fixed-bottom to <footer> element. So it should be like this <footer class="fixed-bottom">
Unfortunatly, adding "class="fixed-bottom"" does not help, this does not help, footer stay halfway page, please see:
Good theme and very attractive girl on first screen :))))
Thank you, we like your themes as well. You do a good job.
I have a problem with the timeline blog format. If the first item get's an image and the second has no image the whole structure gets messed-up (see http://1drv.ms/1G60XZO).
Is there anything I can do to fix this?
solved through email.
farraleo PURCHASED
Hi, I´m using this awsome layout, but I miss some examples of Tables/Grids, is that available? Thank you!
it will be included in next update. Thanks for heads up.
in the home page version index-image.html the background image bg4.jpg is repeated on smartphone.
As I do not have for this?
Open custom.css and append this on the end of the file:

@media (max-width:991px) {
.jumbotron5 {
The jquery.countdown module on the coming soon page only goes to 30 days. I want 2 months. Is this possible?
Hi Pixelized group. Please, can you help me...

Can I use and admin Roxie like a theme in the Wordpress?

Thanks for your atention!!
we are not planning to do a wordpress version of Roxy.
Hi there,
Great theme! I really like it.
Just one question: how can I make the jumbotron6 slider so that it gets responsive? Right now in small devices only a portion of the picture is shown.

I have a very similar problem with jumbotron6 slider. It does not show the whole image, it just shows a portion of the image. I have 1920x600 images and slider is not working properly because of this problem.
on the basis of readability and good visibility of the text part on the jumbotron there is shown only portion of image.
bledinjo PURCHASED
Hi Pixelized. I purchased Roxie and i am building my web site based on it. I am working with meta at the moment but when i publish my website on social networks such as Facebook , my meta don't work and appear some insignificant text :

Food truck quinoa nesciunt laborum eiusmod. Brunch 3 wolf moon tempor, sunt aliqua put a bird on it squid single-origin coffee nulla assumenda shoreditch et.

Please help me. Is there any external file in Roxie that influence my meta descriptions.

Email : [email protected]

Best Regards
We are sorry but there is no external files on Roxie. Problem probably will be in saving metadata to database.
Missing version 1.21. It's possible to download only version 1.20. Could you please fix it?
This problem could be on wrapbootstrap side. We contacted their support already. Neverthenless this version changelog was basicaly only one specific bug on very old smartphones so you are not missing anything. Until then send us your email adress and we will send you back 1.21 version. Also new update is coming very soon so stay tunned.
Thank you. I could wait for the new update.
When scrolling, the bar with class breadcrumb-wrapper goes on top of the main, top navigation. It should go under that navbar.
How can that be accomplished?
Problem can be seen here: http://allereviews.nl/b-bot.nl
To fix this in the tag "header" you have to use class "navbar-default" instead of "navbar-transparent". Or use the whole header from page index-classic.html
If anyone knows how to make the about slider autoplay, I would appreciate the solution.
We are really sorry in older version of Owl carousel there was argument "autoPlay" which doesn't working any more. Just edit "autoPlay" to "autoplay" and it should be alright. If anything documentation is here http://www.owlcarousel.owlgraphic.com/docs/api-options.html

and code should look like this:

autoplay: true,
items : 1,
Hi, I've noticed that your old version on small screen size used to have the mobile navbar style, but now it has the desktop navbar. Is there a reason that this changed? We noticed that there is a bug now with the old mobile version on small screen size. Was the reason you changed because of some sort of browser incompatibility?
I only want one slide to be on the homepage slider, but when I remove the second one nothing shows up. and the error in the console is: TypeError: Cannot read property 'clone' of undefined. How do I only have one slide in the carousel?

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