I really like this simple but modern template. thank you.

I have some ideas for future updates:

-Input groups
-Datetime picker
-Site header with action buttons
-Horizontal form
-tree view
... and maybe breadcrumbs?
Thanks for comment and ideas.

Site header with action buttons will be ready soon.
Other things i've put on todo, so it will be in next updates.

Theme is still on development, so more features will be available soon.
I saw you implemented some of my ideas. Thank you very much! Great work!
Nice work! This template looks great.

I may be missing the obvious, but is there a readme file? While I'm sure I can figure this out, some documentation would be nice. As a backend person I'm buying this because your frontend skills are way better than mine- to the point where I need to look up how a lot of these components work and fit together.

I'd gladly pay a bit more money for better documentation. An extra $10 bucks on my end is more than worth the time on my end. However I get that most people buying these may already be frontenders who would not be willing to pay. Who knows.

Good job nonetheless and I'm looking forward to future updates.
Right now there is no readme or documentation :-( i will prepare it, but right now i would like to finish some other features and after that i will write documentation for backend developers.
nice template, but i don't find "logout icon"
i'm find, thank's real nice template
Hi Tomaj,

Have you posted anywhere the changes made / bug fixes, for version 1.2? Is there a changelog anywhere?

Just post it here if easiest.

Hi, sure. You can find it in change long on wrapbootstrap - https://wrapbootstrap.com/theme/sharpen-bootstrap-admin-template-WB0519204 (click on Changelog below main image)
Hi. I would like to say that in terms of design this theme is very nice, responsive and so on. I liked it before trying it out on different devices. I still like it grafically... However I would like to give the author thumbs down for bad jQuery code with a lot of potentially buggy spots. I am using TS lint and OMG, I have to fix so many lines of code. For example, a lot if not all variables in the functions.js file are not properly initialized with a var identifier in front. This puts all the variables in the global scope as far as I know. Also the author uses bad practice conditions (using == intead od ===). Then there are confusing usage od "!" in if statements such as: if (!i.length == 0) { ... }. I can go on and on and I only inspected one file so far. So if someone does not believe me, I urge you to use TS lint or any other validator on the code and politely ask the author to please fix the code. Otherwise, again, I like the theme, but if I would have to choose again, I would not buy it. Please take this as an advice in good intentions and chance to improve the product even better.

Thanks for comment. I am not sure if you are commenting on right template. Just because this theme doesn't have file functions.js. Main javascript file is app.js and there is no condintion like 'if (!i.length == 0) { ... }' as you mentioned.

Can you please be more specific where you found this issues?
Oh, and a lot statements that should end with a semicolon just don't.
Main javascript file in this theme is app.js and there is no lines without semicolon in the end.
HI. I bought the theme and implementing it in my project. It is really cool one and works perfectly well!
Thank you :)
Great to hear that. Good luck with you project :-)
We will be purchasing extended licenses for use in a big project, as soon as you add a chat page (or widget). Please, notify me when this happens.
Hi. Good idea - i will prepare chat page but right now i need to finish other features that i am working on. I think in few weeks will be chat available after next release.
how to make that sidebar(menu) was closed by default
Right now it isn't possible. I will put this variant in next template. If you need quick fix, you can inspect class for sidebar when you resize your browser window, and put this class by default. But you will also need to force classes on subelements in menu too. Or wait for next release ;-)

I have uploaded new version. You can download it from wrapbootstrap. I've added option to close menu by default. Hope it will help you.
Great Theme.
I wonder if there is any possibility to put a Youtube video in the main page...I've tried in different sections, but it seems to ignore Iframe code.

Any advice will be fine!

Putting youtube video embed should work on Sharpen theme. I cannot see any problem with it. Are you printing this <iframe> tag with some dynamic language like php? ruby? Maybe problem could be there?

I will prepare some example with youtube iframe in next release.
I have prepared new screen for next version with youtube video (and also other video players) you can check it here: http://sharpen.tomaj.sk/v1.4/html5/media-videos.html
This Theme is very good. Thank you for your good work :)
I will use this theme in a major project in Turkey. I purchased the extended license of this theme. Do I have the right to download the updated theme?

Thanks. It is great to hear that you like it. All theme updates will be free and you will receive notifications when updates will be available.
pasternt PURCHASED
I really love this theme, looks better than most for >12$ but there is one thing I would wish for: a really nice panel ;)

If I try to use panels now, I only get a ugly panel missing half of its styling.
Would like to see it soon ;)


Thanks for your commend. Default panels will be available in next release (it should be ready next week). You can also use white boxes which is used in whole theme.

Data Table not Function!
Hi. I will fix it in next release. Sorry for inconvenience.
Hi. I would like to have a footer. But I dont have luck in putting a footer exactly at the bottom.
If I just add a footer-tag it goes in the the same column as the content. I would like to have a sticky footer that spans all over the width. Is it possibile? How should i code it?

You can add you own footer, but you have to add it after <div class="pageWrap"> and you need to set position:relative and z-index:1 for your footer

take a look here:
<div class="pageWrap">...</div>
<footer style="position: relative; z-index: 1;">...</footer>
nabberuk PURCHASED

How would i go about disabling the side menu that can be shown/hidden?

on one page i would like it to be displayed all the time and not at all on another page.

Some documentation would be great.

tomaj SELLER

If you want disable possibility to close menu you add class "hidden" on div ".js-nav-toggler"

If you want to hide left menu you have to add "hidden" on side menu ".aside" div
and you can also try to remove class "extended" from div "pageContent"

tomaj SELLER

If you want disable possibility to close menu you add class "hidden" on div ".js-nav-toggler"

If you want to hide left menu you have to add "hidden" on side menu ".aside" div
and you can also try to remove class "extended" from div "pageContent"

Hi! Is there a way to make the header / nav bar 'sticky'? I wish to have the possibility to keep it at the top even if the page have been scrolled down.

Is this also possible with the toolbox / sidebar menu ?
tomaj SELLER

you have to add css to #header div: "position: fixed; width: 100%;" fir sticky header

and for toolbox/sidebar you have to add to ".pageWrap" this css properties "padding-top: 60px"

Hi, lovely template, do you have any updates planned in the near future?
tomaj SELLER
I have ideas for some new features but right now I have to focus on other projects. I would like to come back to this theme a release new version when will be ready, but cannot say when :-( maybe one, tow monts.
I have purchase this theme, but why I can not get the update link in my account?
When the update is release ? Thanks

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