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in the css:
#search .input-group .btn{
border:solid #525c66;
border-width:1px 1px 1px 0;
height: 46px;

The button height must be set 46px to match the search fields input ;)
Thankyou :)
Will update it.
Hi there,

Nice job. I'm interested in this theme however, as I'm not a web designer, would it be possible to have this theme shipped with a drop down menu which is spread on the entire page width ? Meaning 1140px. Is it difficult to change ?
We want to refurbish our old front office ecommerce site but we have many categories inside every top categories. It will stay in line with the user experience of our customers.

Thanks in advance for your answer !
Hi Friend,

Thanks for your interest.

This is my mail id ( [email protected] ).
Plz mail me your questions.


it's also your theme?!
Yes its mine.

How can I make the nav menu background (the yellow one) 100% wide.

Thank you!

Can you plz send me your index file.
If not send me ftp details so that i will make it live in your server.
Hi,when could you add the user-area page?(Users can check their orders when and order what,and the delivery details for orders)

I will try if possible in next update, but can't promise.

Ive just purchased your excellent template files. Is there a way I can easily change the width from 1140px to 960px?

You can do it in 2 ways, let me explain you both

Way #1

Go to http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/customize.html
Under the Container sizes section you can change values for @container-large-desktop etc..,
At the bottom of the page Click "compile and download" to get your custom bootstrap

Way #2

Open responsive.css from css folder, paste following code

@media (min-width: 1200px) {
.container {
width: 960px;

@media (min-width: 992px) {
.container {
width: 960px;

Hope this helps.
http://sainathchillapuram.com/BS/spice-shoppe/xmas/index.html gives this error:
Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function custom.js:12
Hi friend,

Thanks for purchasing my template.

Can you have a look once again on my demo link ( clear your browser cache and check )

If your not getting error then just drop me a mail to my mail id ( [email protected] )

Hi Sainath, thanks for a great theme.

I am integrating it with our shopping cart and there is something I would like to change. The shopping cart dropdown is currently a CSS dropdown (unless I am mistaken). I would like to change it to a slideToggled jQuery panel. I am having trouble locating the CSS that makes it show hide and turning that off so I may show/hide it through jQuery.
Also, how do I make the top row of the Navbar Cat both clickable and drop down?
Hi Friend,

Can you mail me ( [email protected] ).
Hey! can you help me to put the slider image in the center please ?


Thanks for purchase.
Mail me i will guide you ( [email protected] ).
And can you help me to put 2 maps in the contact.html please
I've found :) thk
Hi there,

Nice job. I'm interested in this theme however. If I want to add wordpress + woocommerce, your theme support ?

Thanks for your answer !
Hi Tom,

It is HTML template, not WordPress theme.


Do you know of a simple cart solution that would work with this template?

Hi umoc,

Opencart would be simple shopping cart solution and this template will suits this design structure.

I'm using the list-group as an accordion menu. I'm wondering how to style sub items so that they look different to the list-group-item. I tried adding a list-group-subitem to style.css but with no success.
Any advice would be great.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for buying.

Can you just email me the link to my id.
[email protected]

I got your templates, now im wonder if they are compatible with paypal???
Its HTML template.
Hi, can you help me to create 1 more level in the menu ?
Please email me, so that i can help you.
Hi sainath,

I bought your template some weeks ago. It´s very nice and simple to use. But I need some help. I can´t develop the shopping cart part alone. Do you have already code for the shopping cart part so that everythings works without any further development steps. Can you help me please??

Thank you in advance and best regards,

my email adress: [email protected]
Hi cemo,

Please email me [email protected]
I'm interested in this theme but when i click the button "Add to cart" or "Search" in demo site nothing happens.The cart is empty and nothing has been found.Tell me , pl why?
Thank you!
Hi Duchuy,

It is HTML template, you need to make dynamic or need to integrate to make add to cart and search work.
Thank you for quick answer! How do you think this templay will work correctly with Opencart system or may be you know the exactly answer?
Thank you!
Hi again,

We have to integrate it in OpenCart, we can help you with this please email us [email protected]

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