There is a problem with version 1.1 in Chrome. I sent an email to the designer but have not received a response after 4 days.

There is a constant barrage of AJAX calls that happen to http://thisisembark.com/showcase-1-1/null

I counted 10 requests per second from my browser. The faster your machine, the more number of these null requests!
Just wanted to add a note here that this issue was cleared up. vamsipdhar was helpful in pinning down the bug which I fixed asap after being notified. The issue was was the video.js library, version 1.2 has updated dependencies and therefore there is no longer an issue. This version is still pending review and will be live soon. If you need to update this yourself you can download the latest video.js library online.

Thank you for your support, feel free to email if needed.
Great template, one of the best I've ever seen, and great author, very professional (fixed bug)
Theme developer here. Version 1.2 has been pending for over 1 month now and is still awaiting approval from Wrapbootstrap support. Please contact me if you are interested in getting a copy before it has been approved.
How can i change the background colours?
I bought this a week ago -- great template. I noticed a bug both in the live preview and the final product where going into the contact slide, the previous background (slide-3 in the template) will disappear, displaying the background of the home slide. I tried changing the order of the slides, mucking with sass -- I cant imagine where else the problem might be. Any thoughts?
Hi trashgord0n, thank you for also emailing me as there are no notifications when a comment is left. As I mentioned in the email I cannot replicate this in version 1.2 and believed it was fixed with the upgrades form 1.1 - 1.2 but lets get some more specific details that I asked in the email and we will get your issue fixed as soon as possible whatever it might be.

Hi Sam,

Great theme, I have a couple of questions: - How do I turn off the "settings" cog for the demo, as well as how to get the "phone" option to stay put permanently. Also how do i turn off the video option so that the other JS files work? basically how do I turn off the "demo" and make the theme production ready?

Below is what I mentioned in the email if any other buyers have similar questions. Please feel free to email via my profile or leave a comment. Please note there are no notifications for me when comments are made so time to reply may be slower than email.

turn off the "settings" cog
- delete or comment out the html code that is for the setting cog, in showcase version 1.2 this is from lines 171-189 in index.html

how to get the "phone" option to stay put permanently
- look for div with class home-phone this is on line 26 in showcase version 1.2 and remove the class hide
- look for div with class home-copy this is on line 31 in showcase version 1.2 and remove classes col-sm-8 col-sm-offset-2 and class col-sm-6

setup the theme for production
all of the settings are attached to click handlers, you can move the code outside of a click handler so it runs when the page loads or you can look at what the code is doing and change it in the html manually.
Hi ! I have a question:
When i bought the theme. On mobile version it`s not shown the content, just titles. How can I fix this?

You can see the bug also if you follow this steps.

1-Go to your mobile browser to this URL (preview template) http://wrapbootstrap.com/preview/WB078J269
2-Put "Remove this Frame" that appears at header.
3-You will see that the template change the structure, and don`t show the content of the pages, just titles.

Hi alvaradomarcos9,

As noted in the email reply. Please can you message me from the account with which you purchased Showcase from so I can confirm your purchase.

I will need some extra information to test if this is a bug or an error on your end. I cannot replicate this issue you seem to be having. Please send me screenshots and we can continue further.

The theme is fully tested in mobile browsers on both Android and IOS and there are now issues.

hi sam!

i have a couple of questions...

first: idk where i can find your email!!
second: this template is great and super complete but I cant find the way to change background colors and instead putting images there... I don't know how to change the home video and instead putting an image there... and i can't have a bootstrap fixed navbar at the top of the page (when i try to code a fixed navbar, it appears behind the background colors and so it doesen't work)

I would really apreciate if you could help me trying to solve these problems!!

Hey, Nicomonta

Just spotted your tweet, sorry I don;t get any notifications of comments so sometimes takes a while for me to notice. for future Reference you can email me from the profile page, I do my best to reply the same day to emails when possible.

For changing the background video to use just an image you will need to remove the javascript code for the big video. The easiest way is to comment out lines 18 - this.bigVideo(); disabling the big video and the default background1.jpg should show. To add images instead of colors you will need to change the sass and recompile or add in your own css file the slides have classes (home, .slide-1, .slide-2, .slide-3, .contact) add a background image to these.

Feel free to let me know how you get on with the suggestions via my profile page. I will take a look at the best way to create the fixed navigation you are after too. I will email/reply with lines numbers and instructions asap.

Hi Sam,

Great theme. Before I buy can you tell me if this demo uses the actual youtube video, hosted via youtube? Just curious if you need an actual video server to loop and play the background video.

Thanks for your work.
Hey Kevin,

No it is not played directly through youtube but you also do not need a dedicated video server. The video is HTML5 video powered by video.js and is loaded in like any other content, just like images for example. You video files will need to be in .mp4 and .ogv for maximum compatibility between browser vendors and they just sit in a video folder next to the other assets for the site.

Hope that helps,
mindaugo PURCHASED
great theme. But I have problem - when I touch with two fingers my touchpad, page scrolls up. How to disable that? Thanks
Hi Mindaugo, This is just part of the way the page scrolls because it has the full screen sections that automatically lock into place. There is no way to disable without lots of custom javascript unfortunately. Hopefully this wont effect your users too heavily. To allow the page to lock into place as this design works, taking control of the users scroll is necessary.
I would love to buy this template!
Is it possible to have JUST the landing page with a full screen video and a mail to button.
I don't need anything else, no scrolling no menus nothing!
Would that be possible or do I need to know how to write code?
all the best

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