Greetings from Canada! Excellent theme. Good luck with sales :)
Thank you :)
zeroonnet PURCHASED
Nice theme.

I found at least one bug, on "coming-soon" and "coming-soon2".

If we choose for example, Contact Us, it opens the sidebar thing. On desktop everything works. On mobile it's impossible to scroll the sidebar. When we slide the finger, it tries to slide the image/content behind.

Thank you.

I'll check it out and fix it. Thank you for the report.
This issue will be fixed within the next update.

On Creative Version 1, how do I activate the movement like in the preview? Please help! It is why I purchased the theme! lol
And maybe the picture that is on the main screen as well? I really liked the animation on the main screen? Can you please send me the code for it?
You need to use a local server(xamp, wamp) or a web server to particles effect to work. Otherwise browsers block the request due to cross origin request.

I don't have license to distribute images. But I can send a link if you want to purchase it.
Please contact me via email from my profile and I'll help you.

I got it taken care of !! Thanks!
Good Luck!!

Do you support the RTL? Arabic Layouts?

Sorry, No RTL Support yet but it is one of the features that we will add within the upcoming update.

For the images, how much should I spend if ever i want to include the images and what vendor should I purchased it?
You can find the images at shutterstock and fotolia(adobe stock). You can check their plans and see the pricing. If you need to find a specific image let me know and I'll give you the id/name where to find it.


Yes please, I needed the specific id of the images you used to all of your pages.Please send if through my email. Thanks thanks!!
I just bought this template, can you send me all the link of the images you used here so that I can purchased it as part of this site.
Okay but it could take some time. Send me email from my profile page and I'll send you the list asap.

Great theme.

I've got a bug. I've made a one-page site http://iso.e-certification.kz/ . there is an empty space in the bottom of site. But if open site for contacts (http://iso.e-certification.kz/#contact), that empty space disapears.

Could you give me some advises to fix it.
Hi, Thank you.

Yes, please add overlflow:hidden to the .section class and see if that make it work. I think that is related to the wow plugin. You can remove the animations and try.

If this doesn't fix the problem, please contact me via email. I'll try to figure it out.

overlflow:hidden to the .section that works perfect.
How to change Skin color of theme?
There is a section for this in the documentation which explains how to create your own color scheme or how to change/add color scheme.

Copy the code below and add it to your HTML Pages after all the other stylesheets.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/css/theme-skins/green.css">

Thanks eony
Hey, is there any form page included in the package ?

There are 4 contact pages, login page, register page and detailed elements-forms page. You can easily create any kind of form..

I made a recent purchase, single application, if I wanted to upgrade to a multiple applications, do I purchase another license or can I pay the difference?

There is no option for to upgrade your license. But you can contact Wrapbootstrap support and ask them about it, maybe they can help.

Thanks for the interest.

On mobile (chrome browser v60.0.3112.113 64bit - mobile simulation in console) there is an JS error, when open a shop item detail page: Cannot read property 'pageX' of undefined.

In addition to that, when you are in the list of goods and tap on the good item - the "add to cart" button shows up and immediately after that item detail page is opening. Thats looks like a bug.

I think that is related to the zoom plugin. it throws an error but it is still working.

I don't think that is a bug. For mobile it could be better ux to show add to cart button from the start. I will check this out and make it better.

I am working on an update (to update to bootstrap v4 and new pages etc..) hopefully will be ready at the end of the month. I will also check your warnings out and include a better solutions for those too.

Hi eony,

That's would be great, if you will update this template in the end of the month. Could you kindly advice if price for this template will remain the same after update to bootstrap 4? And in case of purchasing this theme now, will a be able to download updates without additional fees?

When I update all templates, price will go back up to their original prices.
You can always download the updates without any additional fees.

Hi guys, your template is awesome I am really happy with it, I think very soon I will get your extended license.

Great work!

Happy to hear that. Thank you.

Kardeşim çok iyi ve güzel bir template yapmışsın, eline koluna sağlık :) adamsın.

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