Love this template but I think I found a little bug.

When using on a mobile device, the dashboard, drop-downs, etc all require multiple taps to work (because of the on-hover and other events needing to fire). This is quite confusing and a little frustrating when users don't know why this is the case.
Hey waynerobinson,

Thanks for purchase!

Agree. I observe the same behavior on a sidebar toggle. Which are other elements you observe it?
Will add the fix to a next release.

It was in the sidebar toggles, all the sidebar links and the notification drop-down buttons, etc. Seemed to be most of the navigation that wasn't an outright button or link.
What are the details of your mobile device?
This was an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.3.
By the way, communicating on here kind-of sucks given that the site doesn't provide any notifications of replies to comments (at least that I can see how to configure). If you'd like to ask any other questions, happy for you to contact me via [email protected]
Works with django ?
Django is just all back-end right?

You can use whatever front-end HTML/CSS design you like on it.
Hi Eluizbr!

Thanks for purchase!

Basically this is an front-end template - you may integrate with any back end. However you'll need to handle integration by yourself.
Let me know if you have any detailed questions


how create a Brazil map ?

Hi, eluizbr, where do you want to create this map?
Is this google maps or vector maps?

I need vetor map... with all informations...

I try this: https://gist.github.com/eluizbr/9161e133bc6c9f21a90f

But LAT/LONG don't work.

I set this PLOTS:

'mg' : {
latitude: -19.912998,
longitude: -43.940933,
tooltip: {content : "BH"}

don't work...
Seem to have issues using my scroll wheel on content on this template?
hey, wrpb00

What's your browser/OS details?

Great design!

Is there any chance for the razor version (ASP.NET MVC) ?
Hi sinpin,

Yep, there is a chanced ;)

Thanks for request. We are planning to implement a set of versions with prebuilt backend. ASP.NET is one of those.

Nice work, wanna to purchase it!

When are you going to add Profile from ToDo list?

And probably I'm missing the explanation, but is there a way to customize style's CSS/JS to reduce the size of the scripts loaded every time within web-app. F.i. if only main style + profile + search + timeline will be required in web-app?

Hi grey!

When are you going to add Profile from ToDo list?
- We are already working on a profile page.

And probably I'm missing the explanation, but is there a way to customize style's CSS/JS to reduce the size of the scripts loaded every time within web-app. F.i. if only main style + profile + search + timeline will be required in web-app?
- Yep, there is. You need to manually remove all unnecessary imports from sass/application.scss and recompile sass then.

Hope it helps!
It helps, thanks!
And one more thing - where is the gear button (with dropdown / My Profile etc) after the app scaled to mobile device size? It just disappears?

Thanks in advance!
Hey once again.

Yep, in the demo it simply disappears by means of 'hidden-xs' class. You may change this behavior for your app.

Thanks, great

Quick Question.
The sidebar header text "Sing", when collapsed I want to change the text for an image, can you point me to the line(s) of css I need to change?
Hi ziwez0,

Thanks for purchase.

Please replace:

<a href="index.html">{{app.name}}</a>


<a href="index.html"><img src="path/to/your/logo.png" alt="logo"></a>

Let me know if you have any other questions!
1. When I will purchase this the angular part of it will have all the directives required to initiate and run drop down and checkboxes ?
2. Will it be easy to add drop down as required field ?
3. What about custom validation If I want that drop down in required if check box is selected ?
4. If I use ng-table in it. Will it have right styles to it ?
Hi ayesha,
Thanks for purchase!

Answered in email.


I note that as another commenter said, there is a problem with the scroll wheel on mice. The page stopped scrolling using the mouse wheel on Windows 7 professional on Firefox v39. Reloading the page stopped this, but it was quite frustrating. I turned off the hover sidebar and was going through each page in turn. I noticed the scroll issue after going to the login page and then using the back button.

From your ToDo list: public bug trackers are offered free on https://bitbucket.org if that helps.


Will AngularJS be updated to version 1.4.3? And if so, when is this likely to be?
Do you require coffeescript or similar for building the Angular JS pages?
Is creation of distributable files set up (e.g. using Grunt or Gulp)?
Is unit testing set up for Angular files?

Many thanks

Hello spirant!

Trying to reproduce this issue but no luck yet. Which version are you using?

Your questions:
Will AngularJS be updated to version 1.4.3? And if so, when is this likely to be?
We are working on a huge update to restructure app in a component way. This will also include update to latest angular version.

Do you require coffeescript or similar for building the Angular JS pages?
Nope. No js preprocessors used.
Is creation of distributable files set up (e.g. using Grunt or Gulp)?
Currently no, but after update mentioned earlier we will use gulp. For reference see this project https://github.com/flatlogic/angular-dashboard-seed

Is unit testing set up for Angular files?
Nope. And, as of current state, will not be.


Iam trying to add a datepicker on one of my text feilds. How do i do that?


Hello mcmanyika!

Thanks for purchase!

Please take a look at this page http://demo.flatlogic.com/sing-wrapbootstrap/angular/#/app/form/elements. The datepicker can be found on "Pickers" section.
To add datepicker to any input field please do the following (as it is done in form_elements.html):

<input id="datetimepicker1" data-ui-jq="datetimepicker" data-ui-options="{ pickTime: false }"
data-ng-init="dt = '09/13/2014'" data-ng-model="dt"
type="text" class="form-control" />
In your controller:

$scope.dtChanged = function(dt){
alert('Angular model changed to: ' + dt);

This template is so buggy it's really not worth buying. Mobile functionality is a disaster. The JavaScript is incredibly poor.
So tired of having to double click sidebar menu items.
Hi jlheidecker!

Thanks for purchase!

Please share dome details of your experience with us. What's browser you are using? What is exactly "so buggy" in it?
I would kindly help you to resolve any issue that arises when using Sing App if it is a fault of Flatlogic.

Visit your demo via xs screen on iOS. open sidebar. first, the double click required to open sidebar is bad idea. On any other site, one click on hamburger icon opens/closes the menu. second, if you miss tap to the left of the hamburger icon, there is an annoying page refresh.

Third, with sidebar open, visit a page that is part of a submenu like Form Elements. After form Elements page loads, try to click another page in that submenu- it will also require 2 clicks!

we are checking this issue on Mac. I'll provide you the feedback soon.

I purchased this theme. When I use it in VS 2013, I notice there is a warning "unknown CSS class 'select2'". Similar problem for some other CSS class too. Do you know why it happens and how to resolve this problem? Thanks.
Hello Engtech,

Thanks for purchase!

Where exactly do you get this message? In a browser or in Visual Studio?
Have you made any changes to the project?

i am realy looking fwd for the new release any ETA ?

September 24th is the release date.

Thanks for waiting!
Is this template under GNU GPL terms?


I think it's more correct to say it's licensed by Wrapbootstrap license which depends on your purchase type.

Please take a look here http://support.wrapbootstrap.com/knowledge_base/topics/usage-licenses.


They have a backend version in ASP.NET MVC.


I just purchased this template and am trying to run the angular version. Running into this after 'npm install', 'bower install'

[10:28:38] Using gulpfile ~/Resources/sing-2.0/angular/gulpfile.js
[10:28:38] Starting 'clean'...
[10:28:38] Finished 'clean' after 23 ms
[10:28:38] Starting 'default'...
[10:28:38] Starting 'scripts'...
[10:28:38] Starting 'styles'...
[10:28:38] 'styles' errored after 57 ms
[10:28:38] Error: `libsass` bindings not found. Try reinstalling `node-sass`?
at getBinding (/Users/vishal/Resources/sing-2.0/angular/node_modules/gulp-sass/node_modules/node-sass/lib/index.js:22:11)
at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/vishal/Resources/sing-2.0/angular/node_modules/gulp-sass/node_modules/node-sass/lib/index.js:188:23)
at Module._compile (module.js:456:26)
at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:474:10)
at Module.load (module.js:356:32)
at Function.Module._load (module.js:312:12)
at Module.require (module.js:364:17)
at require (module.js:380:17)
at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/vishal/Resources/sing-2.0/angular/node_modules/gulp-sass/index.js:3:17)
at Module._compile (module.js:456:26)
[10:28:38] Finished 'default' after 207 ms
Fixed the issue using

'npm update'

You can also try rebuilding the node-sass module using

'nom rebuild node-sass'
Accurate map for Brazil. it's possible?
siryaniv PURCHASED
i just bought this template .
first why it's so complicated to lunch the angular project
second why in all the documentation you didn't put some

i dont understand gulp ??? why not simple grunt ????

Thanks for purchase!

I would say that at a first glance it looks complicated, but at a deep look it simplifies development process a lot. For example to launch a project you simply need to run:

npm install
bower install
gulp serve

Let me know if you have any other questions


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