Nothing is done for React version for 6 months? How long should I wait for refund? I am using Spin template, it is of higher quality and unlike that one, it is a finished professional work
Hi. chaschev!

New React should be released on the next week
Finally, thank god! Thank you so much!
Why does the link for Angular 5 go to a page that says Angular 4?
Hello, rg78803!

It's just a bug in the demo. It uses Angular 5.0 instead of 4.0. We'll fix it.

Thank you for being interested in our product!
Hi, AMAZING template! I am having issues upgrading to the new angular5 app. I get the following errors - LOTS of errors:

$link-hover-color: darken($link-color, 15%) !default;
Argument `$color` of `darken($color, $amount)` must be a color

node_modules/bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss:148, in function `darken`
in /Users/users/me/Angular5-Upgrade/node_modules/bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss (line 148, column 29)
@ ./src/app/login/login.component.ts 79:21-50
@ ./src/app/login/login.module.ts
@ ./$$_lazy_route_resource lazy
@ ./node_modules/@angular/core/esm5/core.js
@ ./src/environments/environment.ts
@ ./src/main.browser.ts
@ multi (webpack)-dev-server/client?http://localhost:3000 ./src/main.browser.ts


@include _assert-ascending($grid-breakpoints, "$grid-breakpoints");
No mixin named -assert-ascending

in /Users/me/Dev/ECAV-Angular5-Upgrade/node_modules/bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss (line 171, column 10)
@ ./src/app/users/foren5med/foren5med-user-details.component.ts 53:21-54
@ ./src/app/users/users.module.ts
@ ./$$_lazy_route_resource lazy
@ ./node_modules/@angular/core/esm5/core.js
@ ./src/environments/environment.ts
@ ./src/main.browser.ts
@ multi (webpack)-dev-server/client?http://localhost:3000 ./src/main.browser.ts

Can you help please?
Hi, heysatan!

1. It seems that you changed the $ link-color variable to a different value, not to the color
2. I think you forgot to import file where this mixin were declared

Thank you for using Sing!
Hi, is a dumb question, i have tried to implement this angular app on my java project (in the specific with the jhipster framework), i know from some old comment you dont' know this framework, but i have found many problems on the integration in the specific on the Sidebar template give me many exception, i'm not a expert angular developer so is surely my mistake, and i want to ask for help on the internet community, but i don't want to violate the license term by sharing some code without permissions (i just get the private license).

So my question there is some problem if i share for the example the code of the sidebar component for make some question on some site like StackOverflow?

P.S: if anyone have already integrated the Sing Angular 5 on Jhipster , i'll be very grateful for any help.

You can share parts of the code.

Thank you.
A little suggestion, i think merge the "helpers" file with the "build-util" file can be a improvement.

And add some more comment on the file "build-util" can be useful for newbie like me.

We'll discuss this.

Thank you for using Sing!
I get an error when accessing Webpack vars on prod build in the browser, do you know a workaround?

ReferenceError: process is not defined webpack

//line is
process.env.ENV === 'development'

This worked in Version Angular4...

Many thanks
Hi, heysatan!

Check this link: stackoverflow.com/questions/41359504/webpack-bundle-js-uncaught-referenceerror-process-is-not-defined . It should help you.

Thank you for using Sing
The vendor folder is realy heavy it's possible to remove non used Library of my panel?
Hi, FyR0z!

Of course it possible, be careful

Have a good day
hi all,

I purchased this great dashboard but I would like to force the left navigation bar to remain static (never collapsed), I have some strange behaviors depending on the screen size.
would you please tell me how I can do it with the Bootstrap 4 release ?

Thanks !
Hi, quiriconi!

You should change at least #sidebar .content-wrap styles in *.scss files

Thank you
ok thanks, but what do I need to change ?
dear support team,

I'm sorry but I don't know what do I need to change in order to let the nav left bar remaining static. Currently the left bar is collapsing while the mouse is moving and would like to avoid this effect.

Thanks for your help.
Hello, quiriconi!

You can set 'nav-static' class for tag <bady>.

Thank you
I got a problem when my pyage load my Datable with the server processing sometimes it doesn't show all row but when I use href with javascript:window.location='index.php' it's work all the time

I don't understand why...
Hi FyR0z, thanks for using our products!

It's hard to tell what's wrong using the code and problem description you provided. You can contact us at [email protected] with some code example, and we could take a more in-depth look at the issue.

Thank you

I saw that the react version offers a way to deploy on heroku or azure for SSR.

Could you tell me if it would be possible to integrate firebase for the next release?

If it's not possible, it it hard to host the ssr react version on firebase hosting?

Thanks for your good work
Hi, thank you for using our products!

We will discuss this feature request internally and will think about the possibility of including it in the next release. Meanwhile, you could take a look at firebase integration example here: https://github.com/firebase/functions-samples/tree/master/isomorphic-react-app

Thank you
We're getting an error while running the dashboard on server. Raphael JS requires window and document of globals. How did you fix it on your node/webpack environment?
(in React)
Hello, thank you for using our products!

It's hard to tell anything from the information provided above. Could you please send us the more detailed error log via [email protected] and we'll do our best to help you with this issue.

can you provide for me this theme?) I have no money.
I will give only as earn money
Hello, flatlogic team,
I'm using your template since angular 2 to angular 5, I want to know do you team will include Angular CLI and services worker in latest Angular theme?
Hello Nehcob,

yes, we will integrate Angular CLI in about three weeks.

Thank you, have a good day.
When are you going to have BS 4 support?

Also, I have Sing 4.0.1 and the application.css says "Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha.2" but the change log seems to indicate the version I have should be beta.

If this is not going to be fixed like in the next few days I need to get the latest version with BS 3 - though I am not super clear on what version of Sing that is. Please let me know how I can get this previous version.

Answered by email

Thank you
How to use notification component in angular seed ?
Ok. I got it.
Since V3.9.x the fonts are changed. Before fonts are much more beautiful. Which modification you did on the fonts since V4.x.x. ? thanks
Hi, Mikeb99,

just now we are not planning to return to the old font family. So you can easily change fonts to the open sans by yourself.

Thank you.
A master page (site.master) would be great in the coming soon .net version
Hello Mike99,

currently .net version is not supported so we can't give you any feedback.

Thank you.

Do you have any plan to add RTL version (It's very important for me)? If so, how long should I wait?
Hi Saeed_Rp,

No, we have no any plans to add RTL version, sorry.

Have a good day.

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