Is there any document that shows how to start fresh? By that I mean most of the code you have in the template is for the demo.

If I want to start a new project for example with angular one, what is the absolute minimum that I must keep and I want to delete the rest of the content.

Hello MrR,

I believe these are what you need for a minimum:

<!-- Link to Google CDN's jQuery + jQueryUI; fall back to local -->
<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.0.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
if (!window.jQuery) {
document.write('<script src="js/libs/jquery-2.0.2.min.js"><\/script>');

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.10.3/jquery-ui.min.js"></script>
if (!window.jQuery.ui) {
document.write('<script src="js/libs/jquery-ui-1.10.3.min.js"><\/script>');

<script src="js/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

<script src="js/notification/SmartNotification.min.js"></script>

<!-- AngularJS -->
<script src="js/libs/angular/angular.js"></script>
<script src="js/libs/angular/angular-route.js"></script>
<script src="js/libs/angular/ui-bootstrap-custom-tpls-0.11.0.js"></script>

<script src="js/app.js"></script>

<script src="js/ng/ng.app.js"></script>
<script src="js/ng/ng.controllers.js"></script>
<script src="js/ng/ng.directives.js"></script>

<!-- PLUNKER -->
<script src="js/ng/plunker.js"></script>

Should the folder AJAX, PHP be deleted in the Angular one?
PHP Folder contains demo files for form examples. And the Ajax folder contains email, notify and modal contents. Unless you are using any of those example pages, you can delete them.

I purchased version 1.3. Using the ajax version. I customized the files in ajax. How to upgrade to version 1.4 without losing the work done? For example, the file has been renamed to app.js app.min.js. and if I replace the entire folder JS (as written in the guide) would no longer work ... Thanks
Hello carlocesa,

I am not sure what changes you have done on your end - my knowledge to assist you on that area will be limited.

You can find the full upgrade instructions inside the documentation under the title "Upgrade Instructions" - you will find all the necessary steps (a few more steps needed on top of replacing the JS files). Please note: As of version 1.4 we have switched to the usage of grunt tasks which minifies all JS files. You will find all unminified sources inside the COMMON_ASSETS folder.

If you are using Chrome or Internet Explorer you can view your console for any error logs, which usually informs you if you are missing a function, files or images.

I also ask all users to read SmartAdmin bug tracker for a detailed change log:

Hello sir,
There's a function in app.js called loadScript(), and it's called from many html files.
I was wondering how loadScript() initially gets injected at runtime simply by placing loadScript() at the bottom of app.js .
Is it something to do with the body onclick section at the bottom of app.js ?

$('body').on('click', function(e) {
Hello Robertmazzo,

The loadScript example below is currently used in AJAX and AngularJS versions.

var pagefunction = function () {

loadScript("dependency.js", function(){
loadScript("plugin.js", pagefunction);

Basically you can run these scripts at anytime from anywhere. It will prepend all scripts at the bottom of the page for you to use - and it will remain there unless there was a page refresh. All scripts that are imported are remembered, so if you try to load the same plugin twice it will check if the plugin is already loaded and ignore the loadScript. Its a similar method to how RequireJS works.
Actually I was looking to start with the HotTowel.Angular.Breeze template then integrate parts of your template into that as sort of a scaled-down version of your full application.
So where would I initially define the loadScript() function. In the app.js ?
I am not familiar with HotTowel.Angular.Breeze. Cannot really advise you in that area, sorry.

But you don't really need the loadScript function. You can hardcode your scripts or JS files to the index.html file and it will act the same.

When we have view with one tab-content which has multiple tab-pane, how can we split smart-form between those tab pages?

Let's say a view has a tab-content which that has two tab-pane: General and Details.
In General tab-pane, we have two textbox and in details we have a textarea.

In this instance the fields on smart-form are split on different tab-panes.
How does that can be implemented?

Hello MrR,

Please send me a message through my profile page.

We are trying converting an old project in asp web forms (asp.net) to MVC5, Entity Framework, etc. We fell in love with your template, it is just amazing!!

Now I have a question, in the Different Versions page of the theme you tell us that the recommended one for .NET is the HTML version, but I noticed the jQuery/AJAX version has way more features implemented.

What will be our main issues if we try to implement that version with .NET? Thanks in advance and awesome job!!
Hello Eqquito,

There shouldn't be any major issue. I am actually not a .Net developer. But a recent survey from my past customers revealed that the HTML version of SmartAdmin was more suited to their need. Therefore I was merely recommending the HTML version due to facts and experiences from my past customers.

The only difference between the HTML and the AJAX version is the way the navigation works and how the pages are loaded, the functionality should be the same.

**Just to clarify: the survey facts came .Net developers who were using SmartAdmin for their projects.
Hi I am wanting to make a purchase 1 license, but I have a question about.

The menu (NAV) may be dynamically created using AJAX or a menu jquery?

That has to be just with html instructions?

Thanks for the information

Hello rcfuhr,

Can you please clarify what you mean by *dynamically created* menu?

If you are asking if you can import a JSON or XML type menu structure where you import the menu data and build the menu on the fly, it is possible but not out of the box.


What I want is to set the menu, content <nav>, on my server, and mount it on view through json.
In the documentation there any specifications or instructions on how to import the json?

And sorry for the english I'm using google translator. I'm from Brazil and I have fluency in the language.

thank you
Hello Rcfuhr,

My English isn't any better.

This would be only possible if you change the way the menu items are loaded. The way I would do it would be something like this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16902951/build-dynamic-sub-menu-from-json-data-using-jquery

Of course you have to change the mechanics of it and you need some form of trigger to build the menu only after the dynamic items were loaded successfully.

Though it is perfectly doable, I don't have a solution right out of the box for you.

Hope I was able you guide you in in the right direction.


Fiz um teste aqui para montar o conteudo da <Nav>, através de Ajax e Json.
Ele monta o menu com multi-nível, mas com um porém, na visualização Top mostra sem problemas, mas a do lado, não mostra os níveis apenas o primeiro.

Aqui seria o local correto para postar as dúvidas?

I did a test here to assemble the contents of <NAV> via Ajax and JSON.
He rides the menu with multi-level, but with a however, the top view shows no problems, but on the side, not only shows the first levels.

Here would be the correct place to post questions?
Hello rcfuhr,

Didn't see your comment here. We actually do not get notified for this newly implemented comments section. Please send me your codes via my profile page and I will take a look at it.


I purchased the smart admin template and i must say its Awesome!

I just have a doubt and i hope you could clear that.

In the Jarvis widget, when using the refresh widget, on clicking the refresh button the widget shows loading and refreshes the content.

I wanted to know if there is a way to just show and hide the loading state manually without actually making any ajax request or changing the widget content? In the application i am building, the content of the widget is generated on the fly by the page after a lot of processing. I just need to show and hide the loading state of the widget while the processing runs.

Do let me know how this can be achieved.

Mohamed Azher
Hello Mohammad,

I have replied to you via email.

I'm incorporating this into a django webapp, and would be great to have a django version, similar to your php version.
Hello Hiplead,

I currently don't have any plans to make a django version, but if enough customers are requesting for it I will surely consider it.

I recently purchased smartadmin. I've built my first page using the AngularJS version. Everything works fine except a horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom. There is nothing to scroll but the bar is appearing. When I open the samples page there is no scroll bar but with my code scroll bar is appearing. I use exact same markup the only thing different is I'm using bootstrap libraries from jsdelivr. A help would be appreciated.

Not sure why its appearing as its not appearing in the demo. Can please upload your project somewhere I can see and email me the link [email protected] or you can msg me via https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/MyOrange

Here is my web site http://hotelsoft.ngrok.com/
Thanks for the support.
Hello kesavkolla,

I have sent you instructions via email for the fix.

Hi MyOrange,

Could you provide me the same instructions? We have the same problem.

We currently use version 1.5.1

Thanks in advance.
I dont think its a bug but also I dont think its by design, correct me if Im wrong.

In the demo if you set the zoom to 90% you will see that in the dashboard at the right of Server Load, Disk Space, Transfered, Temperature a small graph will appear. I tried to rename the words in my demo but it still not showing.

If I set back the zoom to 100% they disappear again.
Hello eqquito,

I will need more information on how you set the zoom to 90%, your resolution, browser, iOS and what version of SmartAdmin.

If you could please send me the screenshot thorugh my profile page that would be great.

Not sure if it's a bug or an intended behaviour, but in your template details page we can read this:
Layout API
* Fixed header, ribbon and navigation
* Minified navigation - minifies the navigation to show only icons, reveals children on parent hover.

Those two (fixed-navigation and minify button) don't work together.
The 'minifyme' button disappears whenever you set, by any means, the 'fixed-navigation' class in body tag.

Any clues?
Hello migmolrod,

This is done on purpose. You can only turn on one or the other. I could show the icon and remove the function but it will not be a good user experience to do that.

I had to put this restriction after doing some testing on various resolutions.


This template is very nice and supports lot's of stuff that requires dev to spend too much time to set up and running.
The sample pages are using most of the features. Which is a positive however the documentation is very poor. For different components does not show how to write up and use them. Specially when it comes to different implementation e.g. AngularJS does not have much at all.

Please complete the documentation otherwise your template cannot help as a productivity tool!

Hello MrR,

About Grunt, AngularJS, JS, CSS etc stuff, this theme is built for people who familiar with those skills. Please don't take me the wrong way, I am not teaching a class here :)

Hope you understand.

If you have any further questions please mail me through my profile page as I was unable to verify your purchase through the comments section for some reason.

Thank you,
Yes I totally understand.

It is not about teaching stuff here. It is about having a documentation completed.

Many thanks.
I will try to add more documentation on the AngularJS version in the next update. Thank you for your suggestion. :)

How to use SmartNotification in AngularJS:
Here is the code for Html/Ajax screen:

title : "James Simmons liked your comment",
content : "<i class='fa fa-clock-o'></i> <i>2 seconds ago...</i>",
color : "#296191",
iconSmall : "fa fa-thumbs-up bounce animated",
timeout : 4000

How to call this from AngularJS controller?

That's is solved.
Is there any way I can validate a form inside a controller when on ngClick event?
var result = jQuery("#general-tab-form").validate({
// Rules for form validation
rules: {
name: {
required: true
description: {
required: true,

// Messages for form validation
messages: {
name: {
required: 'Please enter your project name'
description: {
required: 'Please enter your project description or comments'

errorPlacement: function (error, element) {
result.errorList is empty as I expect to have some values.

I figured it out:
if (!form.valid())
// and rest of your prevention logic...
It would be great to know more about how you render those left-nav menus. As far as I can see at this point, it appears you're using directives inside ng.directives.js.
I'm assuming the <navigation> section in left-panel.html is controlled by the directive angular.module('app.navigation', []); as well as 'NavGroupController', 'navGroup' and those related directives...
thanks again for your time...
Hello robertmazzo,

Please note that we have a complete separate pipe line for support and bug reports. This comment section is dedicated for potential buyers and seller feedback.

There are certain rules on what we support. Please read the instructions for how to lodge support ticket by going to the link below:


okay I understand. Sorry for that.
Perhaps folks, we should create a Stackoverflow tag for those of us who need help in implementing SmartAdmin in a real project.
Hello robertmazzo,

No need to apologize at all! This comment section is still new and operated by Wrapbootstrap, we do not receive any email when new comments are posted or when any replies are made - only way to see a new comment being posted is by refreshing the comments page constantly (which can be very time consuming). Overall its harder for us to manage - however internally we have a built in bug tracker and a dedicated support line. All messages sent from our profile page (https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/MyOrange) goes straight to our support staff.

I cant seem to find the email templates. The links return a 404

They are located under COMMON_ASSETS > GOODIES folder. :)

Hello, I'm trying to create a dynamic sparkline graph in the AJAX version based on a JSON object which has a number of elements equal to the number of sparkline graph I want to have in my dashboard. I mean, I want to create in the left nav bar N sparkline graphs (for example with 10bars) as much as many arrays of 10 numbers are there in the JSON object. The problem is that if I add a <Div> dynamically using JS, the graph is not being rendered and numbers are shown. Can you help me?


P.S. When will d3 library be available in the dashboard?
Hello Plusolutions,

Please note that we have a complete separate pipe line for support and bug reports. This comment section is dedicated for potential buyers and seller feedback.

There are certain rules on what we support. Please read the instructions for how to lodge support ticket by going to the link below:


what is the way to translate dynamically loaded pages into the current selected language?

Hello Tmeyer,

Please note that we have a complete separate pipe line for support and bug reports. This comment section is dedicated for potential buyers and seller feedback.

There are certain rules on what we support. Please read the instructions for how to lodge support ticket by going to the link below:



Dear users,

Please note that we have a complete separate pipe line for support and bug reports. This comment section is dedicated for potential buyers and seller feedback.

There are certain rules on what we support. Please read the instructions for how to lodge support ticket by going to the link below:


Thank you,

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