Great Template!!

My only issue is that i cannot get the contact form to work with godaddy.
The contact form works when sending to godaddy email for example [email protected] but when i try to send to a gmail account it does not work.
Never mind found out that godaddy wont allow to send to gmail accounts etc.

One other question how do I show the alert success div once message is sent. I know it adds to the haash but I would like to see the message thank you.
Dark version is broken everywhere! Did you even try to navigate your own live demo in dark mode?
I bought this for the dark mode, now I regret my purchase.
Next time I will take the time to actually test the template before buying.
Hello pdcmoreira,

Can you please send me some screens to [email protected] ?

Thank you.
xtechdev PURCHASED

When i change index.html image src inside "Revolution Silder" part form:
<img src="assets/images/demo/desktop_slider_2.png" alt="">
<img src="assets/images/demo/desktop_slider_2_1.png" alt="">

To simulate that image is no longer availabe, i geting cotinous console error:
GET /assets/images/demo/desktop_slider_2_1.png net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

Is it possible not to flood debug console with this exception?
Hello xtechdev,

Are you sure that the image desktop_slider_2_1.png exists on that location?

The demo is using desktop_slider_2.png image. If you want to use your own image (desktop_slider_2_1.png), be sure that the image exists on the specified path. Otherwise, the console is always telling you that the image cannot be found.
xtechdev PURCHASED
image does not exists in this location. I'm doing it to test what will happend in production enviroment when single image is not served.

In this situation slider stops (even when other images are available) and console is flooded with error. Is there a way to display slider apart from file accessability?
Unfortunately, this is how Revolution Slider works. The only way is to make changes in revolution slider core (would be not easy and also, is not recommended for future updates).

If there are situations where an image is missing - try to set a default image.
You can use assets/images/1x1.png image - is a simple transparent dot, invisible for the user.
If you use PHP (or other server side script), is very simple.

If you use pure HTML, would be very tricky/ugly using javascript but you could do something like this:
Remove Revolution Slider scripts and replace with this JS code (please note: you will get 1 or 2 errors for a missing image without flooding, but the slider will work):

jQuery('.fullwidthbanner img').each(function() {
var _this = jQuery(this),
_imgSrc = _this.attr('src'),
_tempImg = 'assets/images/1x1.png';

jQuery.get(_imgSrc).done(function() {

// Do nothing! Image exists!

}).fail(function() {

// Image doesn't exist! Replace it!
_this.attr("src", _tempImg);



loadScript(plugin_path + "slider.revolution/js/jquery.themepunch.tools.min.js", function(){
loadScript(plugin_path + "slider.revolution/js/jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js", function(){
xtechdev PURCHASED
Ok, i'll check if this fits my needs. Thanks for your help!
Hi What is the configuration for an outlook Email ?
I have spent weeks trying to figure this out, too no avail
Do you have to put that Email password when you configure the SMTP ?
The only thing i get is the url re-directing back to

SMTP Server Settings

$config['smtp_host'] = 'smtp.outlook.com'; // eg.: smtp.gmail.com
$config['smtp_port'] = 587; // eg.: 587
$config['smtp_user'] = '[email protected]'; // [email protected]
$config['smtp_pass'] = ''; // password
$config['smtp_ssl'] = false; // should remain false

// Who receive all emails?
$config['send_to'] = '[email protected]'; // destination of all emails sent throught contact form

// Email Subject
$config['subject'] = 'Blah Contact Form'; // subject of emails you receive
Hello djmagba,

This is a common issue on many shared hosting because SMTP ports are blocked.
This is the reason you get failed and the message is not sent.

To solve this issue, create your own email address (something like [email protected] - doesn't matter if you use "noreply" or something else because only the website will use that email address). Using an internal email address will solve this issue.
Thanks i appreciate your response .. I will do that
So when you say internal website address, do you mean it has to be a domain email ?
Yes, a domain email.
Doesn't matter the address name - something you don't use. Only the website will use to send emails.
xtechdev PURCHASED

I'm having trouble with swipe slider on window resize in chrome:

When i'm restoring window:

Slider content is not resized properly:

Then when i slightly resize window horizontally - content is resized properly:

What can you recommend as a solution?
How does the blog page work? can blog entries only be created via the backend/HTML code etc? or can a user register and then create a new blog entry themselves?
Logo not appearing on first load.

I am having a very bizarre issue. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

Starting with the index-corporate-5.html file, when I remove the html code for the Quick Shop Cart (i.e. all the html code betweeen the <!-- QUICK SHOP CART --> comment tags), when the page loads for the first time the logo is not visible in the header. However, when I scroll down the logo magically appears in the header. When I scroll back up to the top it disappears again.

I have been testing this for the last week. The only solution seems to be to comment out these two lines but leave the rest uncommented:
<!--<span class="badge badge-aqua btn-xs badge-corner">2</span>-->
<!--<i class="fa fa-shopping-cart"></i> -->

After that no issues.

Is there a JS Function relating to the cart not being there that would affect the visibility of the logo?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
xtechdev PURCHASED

I've been viewing smarty on my 8 inch tablet and have major problem with main menu. When menu is expanded beyond display height theres no way to scroll down to menu bottom.

Can you fix this issue?
Do you have an image gallery that has the main image with thumbnails below and also works with lightbox with clicking the main image and when viewing lightbox have the ability to go to the previous and next images?
quick question, just bought this and would like to import it into an MVC project in visual studio 2013. do you happen to have a visual studio solution to go with this? or possibly instruction on the best way to do it? hopefully, i'm not going to have to convert each page, right?
Thank you for this great template.

The page will clear and all content will disappear When click on radio button with these settings on page (dark, boxed and RTL)

Could you please help me about it?
it is true for checkbox too.
xtechdev PURCHASED
Anybody here? Mr. Dorin?

Could you find some time to answer :) ?

Just a quick question, I don't find #preloader removal code in Admin assets/js/app.js, how come the #preloader tag get removed when initialize admin home page?
Hello viewpl,

Admin pannel does not have a preloader code. Will be added only on ajax version (under development - not released yet). Maybe I don't understand your question - can you please be more specific about #preloader on admin panel?

Thank you.
I'm trying to use the sample where the logo is top center and the menu is below the logo. The menu aligns left or right. How can I center align the menu nav items below the logo? Thanks!
Hello, why is opens so slowly in Dreamweaver?
Also when I save one page to second directory, some elements and effects disappear, including menubar.
Please help!
Hello @stepofweb
first, thank you for your nice theme

There is a problem with the carousel in ie 11 Win 10
the slider plobs and there is always a white cutout
Chrome and Firefox are ok.

the flipping carts dont work correctly in IE 11 and Firefox

can you help pls?

i have smarty template, how can i make it RTL by default?
maj_2050 PURCHASED
there is problem with checkbox in RTL version

when i click on the checkbox the texts disappear and the layout changes.

sometimes it works fine but after few clicks the issue comes back again.
Its Version 1.1.5 and for more than a year you couldn't solve a RTL problem, really good work guys, i'm not sure if i could trust buying your products anymore.
Hi Team,

When we can except new update with Material UI....
is it possible to download a trial version?
is it possible to upload files up to three pieces in the cart?

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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