I really enjoy your template - but I am stuck when trying to imlement the shop template with more than 2 Category levels. Is this possible anyhow and do you have a samplepage / code for it? I like to have something like

Outdoor -
--- Shoes -
------- Kind 1 +
------- Kind 2 -
-------------Another level

Thanks for you help

best regards,

Anyone any help for this?
Hello, I maked a class in PHP for make the multi mega menu levels.
Contact me for give you an idea for this.

When I send the form I get the following error:

[SMTP] Error! Internal server error!

Kindly assist with this..

Thank you in advance.

Sorry I managed to get it right!

Please ignore the previous request.

edquijano PURCHASED
Hello St_Sosa Would you share how you resolve the issue with the SMTP error. I have spent more than a week and still not success. I followed the instruction in the documentation but again not success.

Thank you
Does not work on iPad ... at least not this demo preview
Hello Nicolaus,

Please remove the wrapbootstrap iframe for iPad (click on top-right tha button "Remove this iframe").
This is the direct link to the demo:


Thank you.
Kudos Sir. This is awesome.

as I made no progress with categories I tried to use http://theme.stepofweb.com/Smarty/v1.2.1/HTML/feature-sidepanel-color-left.html the sample code for sidepanel - but nothing happens when I copy that code. No sidepanel appears. What's my mistake? I tried to copy it infront of the wrapper div, after, and inside - nothing appeared.

Please help,

best regards,


Bootstrap modal not working in ie 11.

TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method 'modal'

IE - Version: 11.0
Windows 10

best regards,
If you're going to release a new version of the template, please make sure that instead of a single huge spaghetti javascript file, you separate it into multiple OPTIONAL plugins (if I just want 1 feature that requires JS, I should just have to include 1 little file and the basic template should not require javascript at all). Also, separate the style in .less files so that we can use just what we need!
Try using tools like gulp.
Hello pdcmoreira,

I am not very sure why you said that there is a "huge spghetti javascript file" because scripts.js is only 123Kb but minified and compressed using gzip is only 34,5Kb (I belive everybody is already using gzip compression via htaccess).

Plugins are not loaded by default - plugins are in a separate folder, not inside scripts.js
Plugins are loaded only if needed them in a specific page (example: datepicker plugin is not loaded if .datepicker class is not detected).

If you want to remove unneeded functions, open scripts.js file and remove the functions you don't need. As you can see, these are the functions - you can remove what you don't need:

_scrollTo(false, 0);

Thank you for suggestion, I will add gulp in a future release.

Thank you.
Lazy-loading the plugins is an ok way to do it on traditional websites, but in any modern app (or even websites) we, web developers, use stuff like Vue.js and Webpack. Webpack includes everything we need in a bundle (single file - 1 http request, not separate files) and Vue.js doesn't simply spit out the page and run a ready() statement, it has some unique DOM manipulation techniques and we must create these things called directives to synchronize its DOM manipulation with jQuery stuff, if we need to use jQuery at all. As you can see, you approach covers one single use case, for everything else, we need to rewrite a huge amount of behavior. By letting us include the plugins separately, one by one, gives us more flexibility on the strategy to use.
If this wasn't bad enough, those scripts functions you have aren't just loaders, they make a bunch of DOM manipulation, including javascript hacks that could be accomplished with CSS.
Also, there are components in your template that only work well if the images' size is normalized, while in the real world that doesn't happen.
Hello pdcmoreira,

Thank you for your comment.

Honestly, I never had problems using lazy plugin even in large websites.
Anyway, it's not required to use lazy plugin. You just can remove the function from scripts.js in seconds and use Vue plugin if this is what you really need for your project.

I packed all functions into a single file (scripts.js) because it's easy to see all functions in one place instead of searching through 700 html files to find out how exactly a plugin is used. Also, it's the best way for begginers. How hard is for an experienced web developer to remove or move a function from a single js file? Is that bad or time consuming? In my humble opinion, moving a specific function from a html file is pretty much the same.

Using images in "real world" - I don't know what to say about this (I hope I understand what you mean - if not, I aplogize in advance). When I work on a project (the last 16 years I was a PHP developer), I always use my own file manipulation classes - so all images are cropped/resized to fit in a specific template according to a specific width/height if consistency is needed. I work pretty much like facebook does with the images - and I see no issues. If you want to keep the design consistency, you can use resize/crop backend or you can adapt the template for your needs.

Unfortunately, a template is never perfect from A to Z because projects are different, situations are different and of course, our clients (as web developers) are also different. Not always you can use only copy/paste from a template and that's it. Some areas needs some changes to fit your needs. I work every day with many different templates (well known templates) and all of them has issues (it's because
situations are different and it's impossible to cover all possible situations on earth).

I do my best to cover all gaps and improve everything.
I am considering moving each plugin from scripts.js directly to html (and also keeping scripts.js for begginers who don't want to worry about javascript code). Also, 2 days ago I just finished SCSS version for the next update (this should be useful for CSS). Now I am thinking for javascript...

I apologize for any inconvenience.
Hi. I see you going to release new version. Any ideas when it's coming? I'm going to buy your template and don't want to update from 1.2 to 2.0 right after I incorporated 1.2 into my app
Hello CriggerMarg,

I do my best to release version 2.0 in 7-10 days.

Thank you.
mathfrick PURCHASED
7 - 10 days !!! I'm happy !!!
Happy to hear that, I bought current version
denisss70 PURCHASED
Used the feedback form here page-contact-5.html. But it has an error. If the field is not required, and the sender filed it, the receiver receives only the first character of the message. And yet - email in the from field is the following structure "?????????? ?? <[email protected]>" - how can I leave only the e-mail, remove what is under the question mark?
denisss70 PURCHASED
how can I make the from field was substituted sender email from contact form? the letter is required to respond and to set up e-mail sender
annpeart PURCHASED

I'm trying to edit the email address to the contact form and email form. I can't seem to find the codes to edit them. I did check the contact.php and newsletter.php, but I don't see where to put my own email address to have the forms sent to me. Can you please help
annpeart PURCHASED
Hi I'm still waiting for any help,

I'm trying to edit the email address to the contact form and email form. I can't seem to find the codes to edit them. I did check the contact.php and newsletter.php, but I don't see where to put my own email address to have the forms sent to me. Can you please help
Hello annpeart,

I apologise for this delay.
On config.inc.php you din the settings for the contact form.

thank you.
In the infinite scroll I would like to add another element besides the isotope, it would be an alert from the jquery-confirm plugin, as it could be done inside the _infiniteScroll () function, thanks
Hi how do you install this? do I just upload the whole package to the web server?
Hello amplify,

You need to customize the template to fit your needs and upload to the server.
Or you can convert it and use it with a CMS (programing is needed).

Please let me know if you have more questions.

Thank you.
I read in the previous comments that very soon it will be updated to the version 2.0, if I buy the current version will be entitled to the update without a cost. Regards
Hello goyomx,

Sure, all future updates are free.
You will be notified by wrapbootstrap by email when a new update is available and you can download it from your account.

Thank you.

unfortunately I have unsubscribed from the update notification emails. Is there any chance to subscribe to it again?

Thank you.
Hello marmax,

I know that this is the link:

But unfortunately I don't know if you are able to subscribe again once unsubscribed.
I never tried to unsubscribe.

Maybe you are subscribed again after you leave a comment (my guess) :)
You did a great job in the new Version 2.0 update, but until fixing the RTL Issue its still waste of money for me and i'll keep using the other template that i'm used to use recently after i have been disappointed with your Template issue
just to let you know also you made me changing most of my clients templates with another one because most of my clients are RTL websites imagine the paid i got from your template
Hello AhmedVolcano,

I apologise for all previous issues.

Unfortunately, RTL was tricky for some elements.
For this release I had to manually edit the plugin to fix the RTL issues I knew.

I am still working on few remaining RTL issues for the next update.

Thank you.
When using file upload; it always shows up as: fakepath/realfilename.png How can I get it to show the real path?
how change font to arabic fonts?
niners481 PURCHASED

In the assentials.css style sheet, there are style rules for Non Bootstrap Grid [visible lines] (starting on line 2,406 in version 2.0.0)
Do you have markup or a sample page to demonstrate how to use this?

I have a need to display tabular data in a table like format but want to avoid using table>tr>td> markup or Bootstrap Grid. Is there a way I can achieve this using your template?

Great job with the template.

jpdewing PURCHASED

Firstly, want to say great job, very clean html.

Second thing, can you have a look at the flip boxes (.box-flip). Unfortunately they don't work in IE11, I have had a look at some of the other flip boxes on the internet and it looks like it is possible to get them working in IE11, could you have a look into this at some stage.

Textarea height always 40px. Attribute rows not accepted.

Resolved with ading extra css

textarea.form-control {
height: auto;

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