Be warned. This seller does not provide any support via Email at the advertised address, nor via the contact on this website nor via this comments section. If you are not an expert in bootstrap css you should avoid buying this template because the author will not help you or answer simple questions. wasted my money.
Hello Chris-187,

I apologise because I can't answer to all questions in time. I am working on new update to fix all known issues and to find a good way to fix them before giving answers. This is because sometimes, when I give a temporary answer/fix but a different code on released update, people can't use the update without additional changes on their website (sometimes, is not a very happy situation).

Thank you.
Please, send me an email with all your issues: grig.dorin[at]gmail.com
Yes indeed, I asked a question and never got a reply, mine is a minor issue but still didn't get an answer
Hi, the Vimeo and YouTube lightbox videos no longer work using Firefox and Edge. HTML_BS3/shortcode-lightbox.html for example doesn't load videos (they are blank or a YT error comes up). Could you let me know what the fix could be? They worked perfectly in the past in the Version 1 but both V1 and V2 files no long load the videos. Thanks an advance! Incredible product by the way!!
Hello alex_paradigm,

I just checked and it's working on both: Bootstrap 3 & Bootstrap 4:

Do you get the same error on live demo?
I get this error only if I open the file directly from my computer (without using a webserver).
Can you please clear the browser cache and try again?

Thank you.
There is a bug in header with "shadow-after-3" class + page header with "page-header-xs" class.
In this case breadcrumbs elements are not clickable
I have tabs portlets

each tab content has a datatable

what is the correct way to get each datatable display correctly?

for some reasons, only the first datatable show as it should, the others datatables have problems in the width of the cells !

is anybody here?!

Do you have any prevision for the release date of the new version? Very nice theme, thanks!

Kind regards,
David Fernandes
I love the theme and have been using it for a while, so thank you for all the work you put into this.

I need assistance putting 2 navs on one page. A top nav and a main nav that in your scripts.js file both use #header. the top nav is to be the new header style for a shopping cart and search.

What exactly do I need to replicate in the scripts.js file (I'm currently using my own custom script now, not orig.) to allow for two headers?

I attempted to make a custom # for the top nav and then modify the scripts.js, however I can't seem to get both to show up at the same time without loosing formatting. The script seems to depend on having a #header and I dont want to replicate all #headers in the script as it is now.

Any guidance is appreciated.
Hello mbrown1408,

Thank you very much for your kind words.

The easiest way to do this is to replace #header on all files (html, css and javascript) with a class - something like: .global-header

The only issue would be on sticky header. Can you please send me a link of your project and/or more detail to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com ?

Thank you.
Good theme with terrible support from the seller


With this level of support, the theme shouldn't be sold for more than $6
wrapbootstrap.com should remove any theme with such bad support from the seller, so others will not waste their money in useless purchase

About your datatable issue: it's not a Smarty issue, it's a datatable issue because of hidden tabs.


And of course, you can find a lot of links about datatable issue. Exactly the same issue is for Flot Graph.

In the last 2 days, I answered to more than 45 emails (for my all 6 templates). I understand you and I apologize because I can't answer to all customers in time.
hi, i need help with setting up the rtl option... there is no option for that at my downloaded files as i can see at the online demo

Hello karina_studio,

To enable RTL, just add to the <head> of your html files:

<link href="assets/plugins/bootstrap/RTL/bootstrap-rtl-merged.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<link href="assets/css/layout-RTL.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Thank you.
thank you!!
Please, permit me if I sound so novice as I really don't know much of coding, I just watch youtube videos to sort whatever I want to do.

I want to pay for this theme but would like to ask some questions

1. How will I install this on my site, is it via FTP or through Softaculous?

2. Does it have a back end support like that of WordPress that client can use to manage/update any information of the site?,

I will be glad to read a response soon. Thanks
Hello mrhackmed,

1. To upload the template you can use any FTP client you like (my favourite is WinSCP for windows).

2. Unfortunately no, there is no backend support. You can create a wordpress theme but coding is required.

Smarty is a template - you can use it as HTML website (only html changes are needed to fit your needs) or together with a CMS (but coding is needed). Smarty comes with an admin panel but also, it's a template - the purpose of admin panel is to create your own application but coding is needed (some backend coding like PHP).

Thank you, please let me know if you have more questions.
Hmmmm, This really looks kinda complex, it would be difficult to make use of this template to design a website that would be handed over to a client that doesn't have any iota of html knowledge incase of updating any information on the site.

Well, I will buy some other time anyway. Thanks
Hello again,

Indeed, it's not for people who don't work with HTML/CSS.
You can also check on wordpress category - Smarty is not in there (yet - I am still working on wordpress version) but you might find something you need.

Thank you.
yinonada PURCHASED

I've purchased your great theme - Smarty - it's wonderful!!!
I need help with a small issue - how to display the "home simple youtube" on the smartphone?
I thought its something in my code but then I saw your page:
that also doesnt work at the mobile/smartphone version.

Hello yinonada,

Unfortunately, is not a Smarty issue.
Autoplay for videos is restricted by smartphones. The video plugin is disabled on mobile phones.

I am looking for a solution to replace the plugin.

Thank you.
In the template "landing page", the menu disappears, after switching to any item.
Steps to play
Open link http://theme.stepofweb.com/Smarty/v2.1.0/HTML_BS4/index-landing-1.html
Hello alexxst,

Indeed, there is a small issue.
Can you please write me to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com to send you the fix?

Thank you.
Or you can download the fix from here:

Just replace assets/js/scripts.js
Thank you! Great work!
ksunliang PURCHASED
Oh my god everyone should be aware that this is JUST HTML template, does NOT work in wordpress! There is no warnings during the paying process... Wasted my money & time. Well it is not all the author's fault.
Hello ksunliang,

Indeed, Smarty is a template, not a wordpress theme.

This is specified in the profile of each item (item attributes - right column):
Type: HTML Template

Also, there is a dedicated category for wordpress themes.

Thank you.
ksunliang PURCHASED
Thanks for reply. I made this mistake due to my carelessness.
Hello, how can I directly add pictures to Instagram, like on http://coach-eddy.de (below are always five pictures to see)

There is Dribbble, Flickr, FB and Twitter widget, but none for Instagram? Thank you.
emadjamal PURCHASED
unfortunately RTL is not working probable with ver 2.1
Hello emadjamal,

I just checked the RTL and I see that the page-header title s aligned to left (this can be fixed adding a class: text-right). Can you please point me what other issues you have with the RTL?

Thank you.
There's an issue with parallax when the image is too zoomed-in when running in iOS devices and the author does not address it nor does he answer the emails regarding the issue.
Hello noisemastering,

Unfortunately, I answered to a lot of emails this week but I have nothing about parallax.
Can you please send me your email again?
Or you can write here - would be easier to debug if I have the URL of your website.

Thank you.
Congratulations for the design of this beautiful model. Indeed I bought this model for only the part of administration but I do not know how to extract it from the set and what are the files necessary for its operation to integrate in my project symfony.
N.B: sorry for the quality of my English I am francophone I am helped by google
Hello medkaba,

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Unfortunately I do not understand what you need.
Can you please give me more details?

To use the admin panel with symphony (or any other framework) you need the /assets/ folder (containing the css files, javascript files and the plugins) and the html files you need.
Google translate is ok.

Thank you.
Hi! can you use an onload Toastr notify without a link ?
Hello mathfrick,

You can load toastr using a javascript code like this (place it at the bottom, after scripts.js):
<script type="text/javascript">
_toastr("Welcome, I am a notification","top-right","info",false);

Is this what you need?

Thank you.
I've found a way, ... it's wordking only when i add that line:

<a href="#" class="toastr-notify" data-progressBar="true" data-position="top-left" data-notifyType="primary" data-message="Default Notification!"></a>
Hi Stepofweb,

The twitter widget is not displayed on my web pages . The connection parameters are good (consumer key,access token,...) . Know you the issue?
Thanks for your reply
Great theme! Very well done!

I did notice something today after purchasing. In the one page templates, there appears to be an issue with the nav items maintaining an active state. When you click on any of the nav items, it briefly highlights, but then after scrolling completes, Home is active again. Also when you scroll through the different sections, the appropriate nav item is not highlighted, likely related.
Halo everyone,

I have a question.
Does the Revolution Slider work in ver. 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 at your Smarty ?
At mine it doesn't. And I can't manage it.
Any ideas?
Copying "demo files" folder to "html_bs3 or 4" folders doesn't help

Problem solved.
Probably the reason was extracting zip archive under Windows 7 system extractor.
I think it has been repalceing lower to upper letters (or vice versa) in the names of some folders or files.
Solution - using WinRar (or other aplication) to extracting files. Simple :-)

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Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

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Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation