The contact form doesn't really work (not the email, that works fine) but the php is set to redirect the user to the same page with an anchor tag, but redirects are stripped of anchor tags so this will never work, so you don't ever see the alert that it has been successful or error. Pretty bad really.
Hello appitapps,

Thank you for reporting this.
I added this issue to be fixed for the next update.
A new update will be released in few days.

Thank you very much.
I have been trying to get the twitter app to work for the longest time. I have placed all the twitter keys in their respective places but the twitter feeds still not showing up on the website, Can you please assist me with whats wrong please.

Thanks in advance
The bug reported by the user "melpro" (02/06/2018) is the same that i reported previously (01/31/2018). The bug only occurs in download-package templates. In the online demo version it works perfectly. In addition, I tested all of the ONE PAGE LAYOUTS templates and all presented the same problem: after clicking on two items in the navigation menu ("id = topMain"), all items disappear. After some tests, I noticed that the ".nav-onepage" class should have an influence on the bug. Finally, my deadline is ending and I need a solution to this problem. Thanks in advance.
I have the same problem...anyone have a solution?
Hello dish,

There should be no difference between demo version and downloaded one.
Should be exactly the same. I will check to see why this is happening (might be a mistake because I moved my VPS a month ago).

Recently I made more changes to mobile section (I was planning to release a new update next week).

Please, write me to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com so I can send you the last update.
Also, please mellomee write me to the same email address.

Thank you.
Or, you can download from here:

Unarchive and replace to assets/js/scripts.js
Thank you for the quick reply! It works now! I downloaded the new scripts.js.zip file using the link that you provided. For some reason, when I purchased the template it download the latest script. I will email you for the latest update. Thx!
I replaced the file and it worked. I also sent the email to receive the last update. Thanks a lot for the quick return.
I can't seem to figure this out, maybe someone here can help with my one-page template..

I added a TopBar & TopNav to the Header, making the header thicker than in the original template. So when I click on a TopMenu link, it scrolls to the correct section but it cuts off part of the top of the section (because I added a TopBar). So I need to readjust where it scrolls to...does that make sense?

Any help would be much appreciated.!

Template Suggestion: A one-page template with TopBar & TopNav in the header ^^. With transparency would be a bonus ^^
Hello mellomee,

You are looking for a top offset.
Unfortunately, if you are using onepage navigation plugin (.nav-onepage class on UL container), the plugin does not support this feature.

There is a solution by using Smarty native scrollTo function as an alternate method. This way you can add an offset but the menu is not highlighted when you scroll down.


<a href="#about" data-offset="100" class="crollTo">About Us</a>

This will scroll to #about section, adding 100px offset.

But using this, you have to remove .nav-onpage class from UL container:
<ul id="topMain" class="nav nav-pills nav-main nav-onepage">
<a href="#about" data-offset="100" class="scrollTo">About Us</a>
Thank you! That worked for my purposes. Much appreciated!
I think I figured out how to do it properly. Say, I want to offset by 50, in jquery.nav.min.js, change the line:

scrollTo:function(f,h){var g=d(f).offset().top


scrollTo:function(f,h){var g=d(f).offset().top-50

Works great on a computer..but on mobile the offset doesn't work. I'm not sure why..I can't figure out where to look for the mobile scrollTo plugin settings..
Hello again,

I cant seem to get the down arrow in the heading "heading-arrow-bottom" to show up. The up arrow in "heading-arrow-top" shows up just fine...any ideas?
n/m it works now. Must've been a typo somewhere. Thx!
I just noticed, the ADMIN panel for this theme is not BOOTSTRAP 4. When will you update it to BS4 please?
Hello BrownChiLD,

1. tomorrow (12-13 Feb. 2018 - depends on your timezone) version 2.2.0 will be released (but unfortunately, Admin is Bootstrap v3).
2. I am already working on Smarty version 3 and of course, the admin will be Bootstrap 4. But unfortunately I don't have an ETA right now.

Thank you.
Thank you for the new update! However, the preview for this theme doesn't work anymore on this site. Would you be able to fix this please? thanks!
Hello mellomee,

Thank you very much for reporting this.

I have few issues with my VPS and SSL.
Hope it's working now.
Thank you for the fix!

I have problem with contact form. Please write me what to do if I get internal 500 eror ? Which file I need to modify?

Waiting for response.
Hello maciosmx,

Can you please give me more details? Error 500 means a server internal error.
Do you use use a hosting or nginx with a VPS?
Or a link of your website would be useful.

Thank you.

How can i use the Revolution Slider Visual Editor?
Hello anasamati,

As the revolution slider readme file says:
"This is the extension file for the Visual Editor Add On of Slider Revolution."

The visual-editor-extension.zip will only work in cooperation with the Slider Revolution jQuery Visual Editor Product which is available in our Portfolio at http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-jquery-visual-editor-addon/13934907

Unfortunately, Visual Editor is not included in Smarty for free (yet). It's a separate license.
Just an FYI... the latest download still contains the old script.js file which creates issues with the single page scrolling templates.

Version on stepofweb.com is February 2018; in the downloads it's March 2017.
There is an issue with the navigation. If start full screen then reduce to show the mobile menu then go back to full screen, the top navigation disappears. It's still in the source, but it's not visible. As an example use https://theme.stepofweb.com/Smarty/v2.2.0/HTML_BS4/pack-hotel-v2-home-1.html and reduce to mobile view and then expand again and you will see the issue.

This is the exactly error i get wen am using the validation form, the picture explains it all,

this is the picture showing the error https://goo.gl/8jiWy8

the configuration is done okay but i can't send emails on the form, but using the same config i can send emails on contact forms
All the col- are broken on tablets in the BS4 version. It's fine in the BS3 versions. (http://theme.stepofweb.com/Smarty/v2.1.0/HTML_BS4/page-services-1.html) view on an actual iPad / tablet. This is also broken on the new v2.2.0. How can we fix this.
Hello alexwra,

Thank you for your feedback.
Indeed, boostrap 4 removed col-xs classes.(right now I am working to replace all these classes).

Instead of col-xs-6 you can use: col-6

So you can replace this:
col-md-3 col-xs-6

with this:
col-md-3 col-6
Thanks so much.
Your work is really outstanding.

I miss the "SEED" folder on your last update, that was great.

how to i implement recapture on contact page?

thanks in advance
Hello jukemaasmo,

I think you mean "recaptcha".
I am working to add it on the next update (this week).

Thank you.
Thank you so much for your quick reply, i will look forward for recaptca feature
Hello, the timeline on the About Me Page is broken since the 2.2.0 Update. This also happens in the demo: https://theme.stepofweb.com/Smarty/v2.2.0/HTML_BS4/page-about-me-2.html

Could you give me the relevant CSS to fix this?
Hello DriveBeyond,

Thank you for reporting this issue.
I am already working to fix all bootstrap 4 changes (from beta to stable).
This week a new update is coming.

Thank you very much.
Actually the fix is pretty easy:
Add position: static; at line 8420 in layout.css
.timeline_center li h3 {
font-size: 30px;
line-height: 35px;
position: static;
Hello there. Thanks for your product.
Before last update contact forms and subscribe form worked. Now they don't.

Hello vlajkomaster,

Can you please send me more details?
Is there a specific error?

Contact forms should not be afected by the last update (or maybe there is something I miss and I can't replicate on my local server).

Thank you.
Thanks for respond
1. Coming soon page worked correctly, both forms, no don't, but there's no error
2. Test home page in the mail form says SMTP internal server error, but web mails work fine in both ways
And Subscribe form just won't work.

Tried both many ways for last 5 hours: gmail, web mail and nothing.

Test page:

Coming son:

Config form

$config['smtp_host'] = 'smtp.gmail.com'; // eg.: smtp.gmail.com
$config['smtp_port'] = 587; // eg.: 587
$config['smtp_user'] = '[email protected]'; // [email protected]
$config['smtp_pass'] = 'miki1716ca'; // password
$config['smtp_ssl'] = false; // should remain false

// Who receive all emails?
$config['send_to'] = '[email protected]'; // destination of all emails sent throught contact form

// Email Subject
$config['subject'] = 'SvkMI Contact Form'; // subject of emails you receive
Please, change your email password NOW.
This is a public forum and you forgot to remove the password :)

The email problem is very common: most hosting companies are blocking SMTP ports so external services like gmail will not work.
Might be a coincidence because now it's not working for you.

Did you tried to upload the old version? Is it working?
Also, try to create an internal email address like [email protected] and use it for SMTP settings ($config['send_to'] = '[email protected]'; should remain as it is).
Thanks for everything
That wasn't my actual pass :)
I tried all web mail I have and nothing. I assume I missed something.. I'll try again and report you...

Just before a few days all worked fine.
I'll get in touch

Progress Bars are not working in HTML_BS4 Version.???? the only progress bar working is the PIE.
layerslider samples are outdated, they're from version 4 or 5, and some don't even display???
This is not acceptable, this theme should be labeled BETA not release. Too many bugs to list, please fix ASAP. I will be asking for money back in 10 days if not fixed. I purchased Epona before and it was more stable than this theme...
Hello mmourtada,

I am not sure what you mean by "not working".
"the only progress bar working is the PIE" is simply not true!

I just checked and bootstrap progress bars are working fine:

Here is my printscreen:

Also, version 2.2.1 is uploading right now but for some reason, it's not working with more than 20Kb/s
About the layersliders... can you please send me the URL of which one is not working?
Because again: I can't find them. I just checked the revolution slider demos and all of them are working.

You have old versions of layerslider/revolution slider and also new versions. What's wrong with that?
I can't remove old version because a lot of people use them in existsing projects. You can just ignore the old ones because you also can use the new ones !!!!
*layerslider demos
I just checked one more time:
1. Progress Bars - are working
2. Layerslider - none of them are broken
3. Revolution Slider (v4 & v5) - none of them are broken

Are you sure is a Smarty problem?
I am not able to find them. Would be nice to have the links - I would do the best I can to fix all broken ones if I can find them!

Thank you.
hello friend, i have purchased this product, but i need some help i am working for free to implement a based web, Backend to administration of volunters in a ONG but this have a Image Mark, or corporate mark and i need change the color schema from all product. only the colors, you can help me to get it working??
Hello arcanisgk,

Sure, support is anyway free :)
Please, send me all the details to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com

Thank you.
thank i send you to email with details.
Hello a few days ago request support via email, and I have not received a response yet.
Hello arcanisgk,

I have no email (or I deleted by mistake).
Can you please sent it again?
Very sorry for this.
hello i have resend to you the email. with info.

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