thank you for your great work!!!

Is it possible to get the Less-files for the BS4 theme?

Thank you very much.
Hello benne92,

Unfortunately, LESS is not available for BS4 but I am already working on SASS for the next update.

Thank you.
Thanks for the quick reply!
Than I have to learn SASS until the next update.

Can you estimate when it will come?
SASS is very similar to LESS. Should be very very easy to switch.
SASS is preferable because Bootstrap 4 is written in SASS, not LESS like previous versions.

Unfortunately I don't eva an ETA but my plan is to finish SASS version on the next 10 days.

Thank you.

I had an idea to use modals in my portfolio (portfolio-loading-ajax-modal.html) but after i click on my modal I get an error 'Content not loaded'. I have no idea where's the problem... Please help me through :)

Hello daru79,

Can you please send me the link?
Would be easier to debug.

Thank you.
Hello stepofweb,

the link is as follows: http://theme.stepofweb.com/Smarty/v2.2.1/HTML_BS4/portfolio-loading-ajax-modal.html, but in my instalation I get an error after I click on the modal...
Hello once again,

how is Your debugging going?

Hello again daru79,

I need your installation URL to debug why is not working for you.

If your project/installation is not public, please check if the path of portfolio-loading-ajax-modal.html file is correct. Should be on ajax folder (ajax/portfolio-loading-ajax-modal.html)

I hope this can help you find the problem:

1. The error is because the html file is not found.

2. In the console (right click->inspect) you should have an error like this:
jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2 GET http://localhost/HTML_BS4/ajax/portfolio-detail-modal-2.html 404 (Not Found)
Again - this means the file is not found.

3. Browser cache issue. You can solve this in 2 ways:
1. clear the cache
2. add to your url: portfolio-loading-ajax-modal.html?v=1 (change it to each html changes)

Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly what the problem is if you can't make your installation URL public.
But the error is for sure because the file is not found (or wrong browser cache)

Thank you.

here is the link:


Please check it out.


If you check to load the html file directly, you get a 404 error not found:

Are you sure that the ajax folder is uploaded?

If I try to access the ajax folder directly, I get 404 error instead of 403 (forbidden).
Looks like the entire ajax folder is missing.
hello stepofweb,

You were right! I forgot the entire 'ajax' folder. I didn't realize for the first time that the ajax call will request some html file from the 'ajax' folder. I thought that something wrong with the modal itself.

Thank You for Your help!

Have a nice day!
What kind of slider is in the Real estate pack, and where I find its Documentation?

thank you.
Hello Mesfer,

I am not sure if you are talking about the homepage slider or the property page.

It's not a slider... background-stretch plugin was used to create a custom slider for Smarty.

You can add sliding images to any element (section, div, etc) like this:


On `data-background` you can add one or more images. If you add one image, is acting like a simple cover.

The slider function can be found in assets/js/sripts.js line 3665
function _bgimage()


OWL Carousel plugin was used.
Here is the vendor website:

Thank you.
Hi, I asked this question a month or so ago and did not get an answer

I would like to disable the zoom feature on the carousel.

I am having an issue on mobile devices. For mobile, I would like to turn off the zoom feature in the carousel.
We need to remove the zoom feature and the lightbox.

Here is the test site to look at

Thank you for your support
Hello kevindami1,

I apologize for not answering to your question.

Some javascript changes are needed to remove the zoom feature on mobile devices.
It's a little bit tricky to explain here but you can download scripts.js from here:

Unarchive and replace assets/js/scripts.js

Zoom plugin is disabled on mobile devices by default.
To enable on mobile, you need to add: data-mobile-disable="false" like this:

<figure id="zoom-primary" class="zoom" data-mode="toggle" data-mobile-disable="false">

Unfortunately, for some reasons, destroy method is not working for this plugin - so I had to edit the scripts.js file.
hello i have resend the email to [email protected] ... from [email protected]
There is a problem that the focus is moved to the HOME after moving the menu and the HOME is not selected
Other circle page skins have the same problem.
I hope you solve it.
Hello codebox,

Thank you for replrting this.
I will fix them for the next version.
on week no response to my emails...
Hello arcanisgk,

I apologize for this delay.
Today I will reply to your email.

Thank you.
note response men what you mean??? i have around a month waithing for your help with this theme...

You send me your first comment A WEEK AGO.


I couldn't answer to your email YET because I am not home and I can't write code on my phone.
Oh, now I see...
Just checked the email and tried to inspect your website.

You have inspinia template, not Smarty template.
I am not the author of inspinia!
this is an amazing template, great job.
I want to purchase this template.
One question... Is Mega Shop support rtl version ?
Hello masoudamidi,

Mega Shop is not a rtl yet.
But I am already working to update the RTL for the next update.

Thank you.
Hello again
Is there any release date for next update ?
Take care, say many things to buy the product, here I have a long time waiting for me to answer the emails and do not have to give me a simple help ... who promised to give me to sell the product.
arcanisgk, I understand your frustration but you please, don't lie.
If you know nothing about html/css, please do not purchase a template that require html/css knowledge.
I couldn't answer to your email yet because I have personal problems.
Hello masoudamidi,

Unfortunately I can't give you an exact date because the first focus is to finish de SCSS version for the entire Smarty template (this will take a while). But on the same release, RTL will be available for mega shop.

Thank you.
Thank you for your attention, and apologies; I did not know that you had a personal problem.

I was checking your answer by email but this does not solve the color palette of the template, since it only changes the colors of the icons.


I have sent 2 emails with new information and the scope I hope to obtain to update and customize the color palette.

as long as you have the willingness to collaborate in this help and that this can also be a feature for the template.
Hello arcanisgk,

Now I understand what changes you need :)
I was very confused the first time.

Today, I'll send you back a reply of your emails.

Thank you.
Thanks, I'll be waiting for the answer.
it seems that there is an issue with the Masonry Portfolio on IE 10 Metro running on Win 8.1. It only displays in one single column. Not always on first load - but pretty regularly when navigating back and forth via the menu. It would be great if a fix for this could be found.
Hello again.
Just wanted to mention that the error also occurs on Edge - tested on 3 different machines.
Without a fix to this we will unfortunately have to find another template.
There is some way to place the menu on the left by default colapse,
and when to expand it; avoid changing the size of the content; instead, it would be better to put the menu over the content; It does not matter if the content is not visible temporarily.

Hello can help me with this?

does the template contain a 'time line'?

Hello daru79,

You have few timeline examples like:

(and a different one, used as a blog timeline)

Thank you.

Thanks for your great job. i have a little question.
usually you header menu on the top workin on mouse over, i want the menu to work on click (for good use on tablets), can i do it? if yes, how?

Hello doronh75,

Sorry for this delay.
Unfortunately, there is no such feature (yet) - javascript changes are needed.
But I added to the list for the next update.

Thank you.
There is some way to place the menu on the left by default colapse,
and when to expand it; avoid changing the size of the content; instead, it would be better to put the menu over the content; It does not matter if the content is not visible temporarily.

Hello arcanisgk,

Sorry for this delay.
Unfortunately, the admin panel does not have this feature (yet).
But I am working to it for the next version (using Bootstrap 4).

Thank you.

I was wondering if you have gotten around to work out a sticky sidebar feature. I know many people have requested it but a few updates later still no sticky sidebar.

Is this feature considered at all or should I just add my own?

Thanks for the info.
Hello abramt,

Was already added for the next update :)
Please, send me an email to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com - I can't attach here the files.

Thank you.

How can i do href clickable in nav sidebar same as in nav menu?

Or dropdown-toggle clikclable only on carpet so that href can working.


This was changed for the next update.
Please, download and replace assets/js/scripts.js on your project:

If you have a valid url instead of href="#" , then will be clickable.

Thank you,
Thanks for reply.

I get error. It is old.
function _initMainNav() {

// remove overlay first, no matter what

// open menu
jQuery("#header nav.main-nav").addClass('min-nav-active');

// add overlay
jQuery('body').append('<div id="main-nav-overlay"></div>');

// Mobile menu open|close on click
jQuery('#header button.nav-toggle-close').bind("click", function() {
jQuery("#header nav.main-nav").removeClass('min-nav-active');

// Close menu on hover
jQuery("#main-nav-overlay, #header").mouseover(function() {




of must be new
function _initMainNav() {

// remove overlay first, no matter what
jQuery('button', this).bind("click", function() {
Hello nikolaysm,

I'm not sure I understand.
You have error... where?

The scripts.js from the link si for Bootstrap 4.
Is Bootstrap 3 is what you need?
Still line 1226 also error
PLease, be more specific. Error... WHY?
First error line 1063.
function _initMainNav .
PLease, be more specific. Error... WHY?

I can't help you if you don't give me more details.
As you can see on the demo - there is no error as you described.

Sorry for my strange questions. I didn't replace the file "scripts.js" correctly.

Template is excellent. Thank you for your great work!!!

There is a possibility to href in mobile menu remains clickable and dropdown toggle open with caret (only area around caret )?

Does admin support bs4 ?
Hello cvb255,

Curently is Bootstrap 3 but I am already woking for the next version to convert it to Boostrap 4.

Thank you.

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