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Please, may review the menu navigation as when in sizes small window, because there is no vertical displacement and is not accessible to all items.
Thank you.
Hello gbautist,

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this issue.
Can you please send me a screenshot to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com ?

Thank you very much.
Hello again. Could you please advise on how to keep the footer on the bottom of the window in case there is little content on a page? (I am not referring to that sticky footer that is always present.) So basically, a) if there is a lot of content, you scroll down and the footer is at the bottom / end, but not shown before and b) if there is only little content on a page the footer would still be on the bottom of the window. Thank you.
Hello fseventures,

Unfortunately, you can do this using a javascript only.

The easy way (without javascript) is to add to your CSS:
#wrapper {
Hi Smarty team

Is there any way to add "Gutter" to grids ?

Hello sultanalhazmi241,

Unfortunately, I din't understand exactly where you want to add gutter grids.
Can you, please, be more specific?

Or maybe send me an email with all details to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com

Thank you.
yes, I want to add spaces (padding) between grids ?
There are many examples on Smarty.
Can you please send me a link to inspect your project?
Would be much easier in this way.
I am trying to get the Contact form to work but says:
[SMTP] Error! Internal server error!

I am using your standard "page-contact-1.html" file.
All fields are completed except the File Attachment.
Only settings I have changed are in the config.inc.php file

// SMTP Server Settings
$config['smtp_host'] = 'smtp.gmail.com';
$config['smtp_port'] = 587;
$config['smtp_user'] = '****@gmail.com';
$config['smtp_pass'] = '*****';
$config['smtp_ssl'] = false;

// Who receive all emails?
$config['send_to'] = '*****@gmail.com';

// Email Subject
$config['subject'] = 'Smarty Contact Form';

Any help would be appreciated.
I forgot to mention the website is hosted at 1&1 (and not locally)

Hello lufc,

Very sorry for this delay.
Can you please send me your link to girg.dorin[at]gmail.com ?
There should be no reason to happen this (all my local tests works), you are the second person reporting this and would be nice to investigate this, to fix it for the next update.

Thank you very much.
Hello. I am using your theme and on one page I am getting
Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).popover is not a function
although I have no elements that call for popover.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your support.
Never mind. I found the bug in my code.
Is it possible to change the font of the entire website ?

I sent you an email yesterday.
To change the fonts, use assets/css/_layout-font-rewrite.css

You can rewrite all fonts from Smarty using it.

Thank you.
Is it possible for the Copyright section of the footer to be the fullwidth of the screen ?
Hello lufc,

Unfortunately I don't understand exactly what you mean.
Can you please give me some more details? Oe an example of what you want to achieve?

Thank you.
I would like the "2015 Copyright Company Ltd" on the left edge of the screen and the "Privacy/Terms" links on the right edge of the screen. So it uses the full width of the screen.

If you would like me to send a screenshot let me know.

So you want to have no left/right margins?
Search for copyright class:
<div class="copyright">

The next div is the container:
<div class="container">

Remove class="container".
I hope this is what you want.
Would you please answer my question? (it was asked yesterday)

I sent you an email yesterday.
To change the fonts, use assets/css/_layout-font-rewrite.css

You can rewrite all fonts from Smarty using it.

Thank you.
Thanks a lot, can we change the slider's font from that css ?
The Revolution Slider uses standard fonts but yes, you can change the fonts.
If you don't know exactly what changes you need, please let me know: grig.dorin[at]gmail.com
i purchased this theme

great looking theme, however i have emailed the author 2 times regarding this bug (no response yet)

on mobile displays, the responsive dropdown menu only displays 6 items
see screenshot: http://s22.postimg.org/5ae9tym0h/screenshot.png

It does not display the 7th menu item (in the case of the default template, the 7th menu item should be listed as "Shortcodes" under "Shop")

I guess if youre designing just limit your menu to 6 to be safe.
i inquired about a possible min-height mobile menu fix but no response.

Hello rhwbs,

Unfortunately I have no new emails. I already replied to all emails.
Please, next time, write me to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com - this is my primary email address.

There should be a scroll to see all items.

Please, see layout.css line 3144:
@media only screen and (max-width: 500px) {
#topNav div.nav-main-collapse {

This line limit the menu height for very small resolutions.
If you want, you can change max-height to 290px to show 7 items.
Also, this has been changed for next update.

Thank you.
If you want to send you the CSS update, please write me to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com

is there anyway to keep at least 2 items on the product list page on small devices, currently it has only 1 item displayed.

Thanks in advance
Hello neosol,

Sure, the grid is based on bootstrap so you can do this by adding the class: .col-xs-6

You can read more about the grid system here:

Thank you.
Thanks for your prompt response,

i already tried to put the class 'col-xs-6', but no luck.

where can i put the class, right now, your template use UL and LI for product grid not DIV.

Thanks in advance.
Oh, sorry.
Remove from layout-shop.css line 74:

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {
ul.shop-item-list>li {

Can this template used on wordpress? Do that require me to create a template by myself?


Hello rsong14,

Smarty is a template, not a wordpress theme. Of course, can be used with wordpress but you need a programmer to integrate it (or do it youself).

Thank you.
Do you the psd file?
Hello duoguo,

Unfortunately, the package do not include PSD files, right now.
But in a future update yes, PSD files will be added.
He stepofweb,
First off great template to work with. Nicely document and so many layouts and plugins to work with.
secondly, my small problem:

Our topnav bar is aligned right and has submenus (dropdown-menu has-topBar) however when in boxed layout the dropdown/submenu items of the most right topnav menu are disappearing behind the boxed bg, what would be the best way to resolve this issue, thank you and keep up the great work.
Can the javascript scrolling be disabled so that scrolling is handled solely by the browser? I need to optimize the performance to a relatively insane level and that would help.
Hi stepofweb,

I am a satisfied customer of your "Alkaline" theme. I didn't realize you have recently released this "Smarty" template (I would rather say website building system) and I was handcuffed to my desk when viewing the different pages.
I can say I have never met such a versatile, rich, flexible system for creating websites. I am amazed, no question. :) I surely will buy this, it is impossible to resist. :)
Congratulations and wishing you the highest sales here ever! :)
Warmest regards, ftn
Hello ftn,

Thank you very much for you kind words.
On next update, Smarty will have more features.
I hope that all customers are happy with Smarty :)

Thank you very much, I do really appreciate.
In the navigation part of the portfolio(default skin) , at the top of the pictures, how can we know which item is active now ?

thank you
Hello netpro365,

If I understand corectly,
The portfolio filters has a background when the filter is active.

Please, send me a printscreen if I do not understand corectly: grig.dorin[at]gmail.com

Thank you.
Yes, the portfolio filters I mean.
I don't see any background color in the portfolio filters, their background colors are always white and the problem is that their foreground colors are also always white, no matter which one is selected..

If you need a picture I will send you.

thank you
There is a slightly background color. Maybe you can't see it because of you screen brightness.

Add to your custom CSS (or edit essentials.css line 1725):

section .nav-pills>li>a:hover, section .nav-pills>li>a:focus, section .nav-pills>li.active>a, section .nav-pills>li.active>a:hover, section .nav-pills>li.active>a:focus {
background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.0.5) !important;

Change 0.5 to 1. Now should be visible.
Also, has been changed for the next release from 0.5 to 1.
Oh, sorry, my bad:

from 0.05 to 0.1
thanks a lot
it works great
Hi stepofweb,
Let me have a pre-sales question. Regarding those forms having an attachment uploading feature (some contact forms, carreer form), how does it work? Will the php script send an email to a pre-specified address with the attachment file uploaded by the user? Or the uploaded attachment will be just saved to the webserver somewhere and it has to be moved away later manually or with an independent script written for this purpose?
I need a working contact form with image/pdf uploadng feature "out of the box" working, as I am not skilled enough to make such a script.
Thanks for your reply, best regards, ftn.
Hello ftn,

The php script included on Smarty will upload the file to the webserver and the link will be generated to your email.

Thank you.
Hello stepofweb,
That sounds good and acceptable, I mean I can handle it. Thanks for your reply. Best regards.
Hello stepofweb,

Thanks for all your pre-sales support these days. I am glad to have this item now. Will start studying the rich content during the holidays...when having some free time. :)
All the best for you: ftn
Hello again,

If you have questions, please let me know.
My primary email is grig.dorin[at]gmail.com

Thank you very much.
I emailed two weeks ago regards the "careers" form not sending emails. Apparently somebody else also notified you with the problem. You was going to look into it and get back to me. Has there been any progress ?
Hello lufc,
I apologize for this delay.

Indeed, there are two people reporting this issue.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the issue - all my tests works. Looks that there is a specific case when this issue appear.
I will rewrite the contact PHP script to be sure.
This week, a new update will be released and definitely, the issue should be fixed.

Thank you very much.
Hi again, i need psd files, in my previously comment you said that psd will be included in next releases, but i do not know how much time you need to create new release, in this case can you provide psd files??

I am working on PSD files but unfortunately are not ready yet.
This week will be released a new update but I don't think the PSD files will be included this time.
On a future release, for sure, the PSD files will be added.
Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA yet.

Thank you.
Hello i have a small problem

i tried to create a custom small website using some modules for learning purposes

the issue is that i created a form and it is working fine except for that whenever the page loads

×Thank You! Your message successfully sent!
×[SMTP] Error! Internal server error!
×Sorry! You need to complete all mandatory (*) fields!

those 3 upper alerts are always visible without any interaction with the page

how can i add jave script to solve this problem

Also one more thing, i want to use the attachment feature but instead of adding it to ftp directory i want to add is as an attachment to the same email

Thanks so much :)

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