Hi, Stepofweb!

How i can use ckeditor in admin panel?
Hello vuhara,

There is no need for a special integration.
Simply add the scripts and should work.

Ckeditor and more editors will be a added on a future release.
did you support for wordpress in the theme?
Hello ecomdiy,

I am working on wordpress version but unfortunately I don't have an ETA.
The wordpress theme will be released here, on Wrapbootstrap.

Thank you.

I would like to know if I am able to administrate several landing pageswith different domain name with the same smarty admin dashboard?
I would like to integrate an XS landing page in the smarty website admin theme. Is it possible?
thanks for your answer.
Hello Maxlp,

I'm very sorry, I don't know why I couldn't see your previous comment.

I have no idea why this is happening to you - looks like there is a probloem with your computer.
Try again co click on your profile on top (@Maxlp link) and then click again on "Your Purchases" blue button. There should be listed all your downloads.

If it doesn't work, please, write me an email at [email protected] and I will send you a direct link to the archive.

Thank you.
Oh, wrong comment :)

Of course, you can administrate more landing pages using the same admin dashboard (if all landing pages are on the same domain name or using a remote database like Mysql).

But the backend programming will be needed for this job. Smarty is a template, not a complete CMS platform.
Merry christmas to you all!!!!
Thank you very much, Maxlp.

Mery Christmas!
Please, answer also to my question on the post just beforeThanks

we have a couple of problems with our mobile devices. The header is not fixed on mobiles (android and iPhone). The #header has classes: "sticky shadow-after-3 clearfix header-sm" as described below.

<div id="header" class="sticky shadow-after-3 clearfix header-sm">

I tried many combination but without success!!!

Do you have any idea what we can do to fix these issues?

Merry christmas ;)
Hello aminejallouli,

Unfortunately, on mobile version, the sticky header is disabled to avoid few issues (like cart & search when scolling on fixed header).

This will be enabled on next update. I will start working again on Monday (because now it's Christmas) and next week a new update will be released.

Very sorry for this.

Merry Christmas to you and to your family, aminejallouli.
I just bought your template, but when I try to download it I can't open it and after I click on the link where I saved the file disappear...
What I have to do else than click on the link I received by email or on the download button to get my template?

many many thanks
Hello Maxlp,

I'm very sorry, I don't know why I couldn't see your previous comment.

I have no idea why this is happening to you - looks like there is a probloem with your computer.
Try again co click on your profile on top (@Maxlp link) and then click again on "Your Purchases" blue button. There should be listed all your downloads.

If it doesn't work, please, write me an email at [email protected] and I will send you a direct link to the archive.

Thank you.
Hello D,
Thank you for answering my first comment.
I understand that I will have to do some programming that I am not able to do for now (and I never used Mysql), if I want to manage-administrate two websites with different domain names (in that case one for my work and the other one to promote my affiliates links) with the same admin dashboard, but I think it will facilitate my life...lol.
I sent you today an email on the email address you gave me in your previous post.
I hope you will be willing to assist me.
Thanks a lot,
Best regards,
Hello Maxlp,

Very sorry for this delay.

Sure, you can administrate multiple domains from the same admin panel only if all domains are on the same hosting package. This can be achieved by creating a custom platform (you really need a programmer for this job).

Unfortunately, I already answered to all emails but I can't find your email.
Can you please send me again the email?

Thank you.
hello stepofweb,

is it possible to create a vertical 'ProcessStep' with the template?
also there is a problem in rtl mode of some pages like page-login-register-1.html, in these pages when we check a checkbox the whole form disappears.

thank you,
Hello netpro365,

Sure, it is possible but a new CSS code is needed for this job.
In a future update, a vertical process step will be added.

Also, the RTL issue will be fixed on next update.

Thank you.
hello again,
why do you add style="padding-top: 61px;"
to the body tag when we scroll the page ? it cause me some problem when I use "jwplayer" on the page .

thank you,
Hello netpro365,

Very sorry for this delay.

style="padding-top: 61px;" is added dinamicaly by the assets/js/scripts.js to avoid that "jump" when the page is scrolling down.

Can you please send me a link? Would be easier to find a solution.
Thank you.
just forgot to say
Merry Christmas :)

I'm having trouble with nested columns in grid.

I am doing what the BS docs are saying: making a column (say md-6), adding another row inside, and inside the inner row I'm dividing the columns to 12 say 4, 4, 4.

What I'm expecting is the outer column take 50% and the inner columns take 33% of the outer column.
In reality if the outer column is smaller than the sum of inner columns it doesn't display correct.
Hello itamartayer,

Very sorry for this delay.

If I understand corectly, this should be the basic code:

<div class="row">

<div class="col-md-6">
<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-4 nomargin"></div>
<div class="col-md-4 nomargin"></div>
<div class="col-md-4 nomargin"></div>

<div class="col-md-6">


I think you don't want margins on col-md-4 - then add .nomargin class
Smarty uses two additional classes: .nomargin and .nopadding and can be useful in this situations.

Please, let me know if this is correct.
Thank you.
Hi StepOfWeb,

Thanks for you answer. The code works as expected. I was just misusing it at first.
Thank you very much for the great template!

This is the best RTL template (i am from israel) in the all web today (her and in themeforest) :) great job
Q. Do you have LESS or SASS version of this ? (i want to work with vars and ect..like in bootstrap core)?
Hello EzraSiton,

Very sorry for this delay.
Thank you very much, I do really appreciate.

LESS and SASS will be added on a future release

Thank you.
Hi Dorin,

Thank you for your template, good job!

However I have an small issue, when creating a checkbox the bootstrap way. If I use this:
<div class="checkbox">
<input type="checkbox"> Check me out

The checkbox is not rendered properly, seems like there's some problem with this CSS rule:

.radio input, .checkbox input {
position: absolute;
left: -9999px;

Thanks in advance :)
Hello fasouto,

Very sorry for this delay.
Can you please send me a link or a screenshot to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com ?

Thank you.
honey007 PURCHASED
there is a problem in checkboxes and radios in rtl direction when click on it the style gone away please fix it.
Hello honey007,

Thank you very much. I am aware of this RTL issue.
Will be fixed on next update.

Thank you.
Hi - I purchase this template a few weeks ago. Since i have been trying to edit using DW, coffe cup and tried a few others, The editors becomes unresponsive and eventually crashes. This does not happen to other bootstrap templates i have. Kindly advise if this a known issue; i am running late on my deadlines and will appreciate if you could advise. What editor did you use? I am comfortable with DW cause i can see the code and preview the design.

Thanks. Ejay
Hello ejay56,

Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with Dreamwaver. I stoped using it ~5 years ago.
My favourite editor is Notepad++ for HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Mysql, everything.
Notepad++ has no preview, it's just a simple text editor.

I will try to install it but please, tell me which version of Dreamwaver you use and when exactly crashes?
There should be a special case when your DW crash. Editing a file, should be no reason to crash.

Thank you
hello stepofWeb

Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately i am so used to a split screen where i can both see the design and code why coding. Notepad++ or any other code editing tool will require me to edit the code and refresh the result on browser. I am working that way now using sublime text editor, but this is not going to help me to finish on time.

I have learnt that DW crashing/slow/unresponsive with bootstrap 3.0 is a known bug. So it is with many other web design tool. Every change you make on even a small text change will take 10 seconds or more to response. Eventually you get so frustrated and give up. I am still looking for a solution for my problem while time is ticking away.
Hello ejay56,

If the bootstrap is the problem, the only way to fix this is by recompiling the bootstrap using LESS.
Maybe there are specific CSS rules that crash the DW. I can't find an answer on the internet but I will try to investigate this.
Question? Does the 'single license' mean that I can only use this template for 'one' website? What if i have several personal websites to build? Can I use the single license for each of them?
Hello cjcsda,

According to Wrapbootstrap, if you want to use Smarty for multiple instalations (multiple websites), you need "Multiple applications" license.

You can read more here:

Thank you.

Beautiful theme and the RTL solution is awesome (I need it for RTL now but planning on getting a second licence for an English site).

About the RTL - Is it me or the theme that the sidebar on the right side of the shop does not currently support RTL? (I'm trying to implement the following page: http://theme.stepofweb.com/Smarty/v1.1.3/HTML/shop-1col-right.html)

Hello noamflint,

Thank you for the comment.

shop-1col-right.html is OK on RTL to me. Maybe I'm wrong. Can you please be more specific? I see no issue from here.

Thank you.
Hello Stepofweb,
I have a problem with onLoad notifications ( shortcode-notifications.html ), I need to popup more then 1 message on any pages, I tried
_toastr("I am a test message 1","top-right","sucess",false);
_toastr("I am a test message 2","top-right","primary",false);
but only first message is displayed, second throw an error in console "scripts.js:2258 Uncaught ReferenceError: toastr is not defined", how can I fix it ?

Thank You in advance

hello stepofweb,

in "Home One Page" templates can we delete the "Home" menuitem from the top menu ?
whenever I delete that item the whole scrolling functionality doesn't work anymore.

thank you
Hello netpro365,

Sure, you can delete any menu item you want. There should be no reason to not work.
Can you please send me a link of your website? Or your html page to grig.dorin[at]gmail.com ?

Thank you.

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