Most important Smarty features you get:

  • ADMIN INCLUDED (unique feature)
  • RTL INCLUDED (for both: website & admin)
  • 550+ HTML files website template
  • 50+ HTML files admin template
  • and will grow - we'll never stop making the best template ever!
  • 75+ Home Layouts
  • 74+ Predefined Page Layouts
  • 135+ Features
  • 105+ Portfolio Layouts
  • 37+ Blog Layouts
  • 21+ Shop Layouts
  • 40+ Shortcodes
  • 35+ plugins loaded dynamically ONLY if needed (unique feature that makes Smarty so lightweight and fast)
  • 6 side menus layouts ("side headers")
  • 8 different sliders + 39 different slider variations
  • 34 header layouts + 10 header menu layouts
  • 8 footer layouts
  • 15 page title layouts
  • 6 different page submenus
  • 6 preset page global colors
  • 5 different search layouts
  • 6 different side panels
  • php files included
  • revolution slider included ($14)
  • layer slider included ($11)
  • working forms: contact, newsletter, careers
  • ajax & php forms from scratch
  • jquery form validation integrated
  • very well documented (documentation + inline html documented)

Smarty = Swiss Army Knife of Templates
Total Freedom To Create Any Design Style


Lightweight template - as you can see inspecting the source file, there are only two script loaded at the bottom: jquery and scripts.js All plugin files are loaded dinamicaly ONLY if needed on a specific page. If no plugin is needed, then no plugin is loaded and you don't need to include them manualy using the old way! Example: countdown plugin is loaded only when scripts.js detect .countdown class. Everything covered in the documentation!

Smarty use a very smart and unique way to send forms. You don't need to create php files to create a new form - everything is automated. Just create your html form and will work instantly! This is very unique! You can even upload files using the same technique you can see on contact or careers templates. No php coding needed!


Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive


Script Credits

jQuery Easing
jQuery Cookies
Google Fonts
Font Awsome
Glyph Icons
Weather Icons
Bootstrap 3
Appear plugin
Owl Carousel
Magnific Popup
PhpMailer - contact form
Mediaelement JS
Revolution Slider
Layer Slider
Flex Slider
Full List on documentation


Images Credits

Each photo credit added to the documentation



Smarty comes with a detailed documentation. If you have any further questions, please email us at: <stepofweb@gmail.com>

Version 1.2.1
Tuesday, February 28, 2017

* New: Music Homepage     
* New: Music Page     
* New: LESS (beta)     
* New: Header Social Icons     
* Update: added main menu border top color     
* Update: .label-absolute inside .img-hover     
* Update: redesign of start.html page     
* Update: added credits to onepage navigation plugin     
* Update: bullet navigation default distange     
* Fix: Youtube media embeds     
* Fix: Email HTML tags when use_smtp is set to false in config.inc.php     
* Fix: Menu dropdown alignment     
* Fix: z-index to 100 for bullet navigation     
* Fix: revolution slider demo     
* Removed: 'circle counters' from the demo     
* Removed: parallax delay effect

Version 1.2.0
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

* New Layer Slider (LS) Plugin V6.1.0    
* New: 7 Layer Slider Examples (changes: start.html)    
* New: LS Page - Origami 1 (added: ls-1.html)    
* New: LS Page - Origami 2 (added: ls-2.html)    
* New: LS Page - Autumn Experiment (added: ls-3.html)    
* New: LS Page - Parallax (added: ls-4.html)    
* New: LS Page - Furniture Slider (added: ls-5.html)    
* New: LS Page - Room Experiment (added: ls-6.html)    
* New: LS Page - Headphones (added: ls-7.html)    
* New: Sticky header enabled on mobile    
* New: Menu Bullet Navigation    
* Update: Layer Slider Documentation     
* Update: Layer Slider V6    
* Update: External SMTP Info    
* Fix: Smoothscoll force disable on mac to avoid fast scrolling    
* Fix: Revolution Slider     
* Fix: Section background color on revolution slider scroll    
* Fix: Various youtube broken links in .html files    
* Fix: Top Nav Menu background    
* Fix: google map

Version 1.1.5
Tuesday, January 03, 2017

* Update: Bootstrap to v3.3.7
* Update: newsletter - send subscribers to email
* Update: Fontawesome to v4.7.0
* Update: Revolution Slider to v5.3.1.6

Version 1.1.4
Saturday, July 2, 2016

* New: RS Page - Agency Slider    
* New: RS Page - Restaurant Slider    
* New: RS Page - Team Slider    
* New: RS Page - 4K Youtube Slider    
* New: RS Page - White Board    
* New: RS Page - Photo Gallery    
* New: RS Page - New Gallery    
* New: RS Page - Sleek Landing    
* New: RS Page - Coming Soon    
* New: RS Page - App Landing Page    
* New: RS Page - Fullscreen Menu    
* New: RS Page - Creative Frontpage    
* New: RS Page - Car Dealer    
* New: Added image hover class    
* New: Revolution Slider Visual Editor Addon    
* Update: Revolution Slider to v5.2.6    
* Update: Revolution Slider Documentation    
* Update: Layer Slider to v5.6.7    
* Update: Layer SLider Documentation    
* Update: jQuery to v2.2.3    
* Update: Magnific Popup to v1.1.0    
* Update: Contact Form required length in PHP    
* Update: Documentation    
* Update: gmaps plugin to v0.4.24    
* Update: Fontawesome to v4.6.3    
* Update: Animate to v3.5.1    
* Fix: Google Maps Key    
* Fix: jQuery Vectorial Map .js extension missing    
* Fix: Broken Magnific Popup Youtube Videos

Version 1.1.3
Tuesday, January 12, 2016

* New: RS Page - Concept Slider    
* New: RS Page - Creative Freedom    
* New: RS Page - Fullscreen Toggle    
* New: RS Page - Parallax Scene    
* New: RS Page - Wow Factor    
* New: RS Page - 3D Web Product    
* New: RS Page - Premium eCommerce    
* New: Hosting theme    
* New: Hosting one page    
* New: Lawyer theme    
* New: Lawyer one page    
* New: Vectorial Maps    
* Update: Bootstrap to v3.3.6    
* Update: Revolution Slider to v5.1    
* Update: Revolution Slider 5 minor changes    
* Update: Main menu default height on small screens changed to see all 7 items    
* Fix: Removed main menu line separator    
* Fix: RTL vertical menu    
* Fix: RTL Login Page    
* Fix: Main menu link is now clickable if # is replaced with a valid link    
* Fix: Page Header Dark Layout    
* Fix: Various Dark Elements

Version 1.1.2
Sunday, September 20, 2015

* New: Flot Charts    
* Fix: Various small fixes

Version 1.1.1
Friday, September 18, 2015

* New: Corporate Page 7 (index-corporate-7.html)
* Update: Documentation - Revolution Slider 5 Local File
* Fix: Admin left menu after browser resize
* Fix: Admin content resize
* Fix: Revolution Slider v5 arrows bottom position

Version 1.1.0
Monday, September 14, 2015

* New: Revolution Slider Plugin V5.0.8 (V4.x still available)    
* New: 32 Revolution Slider Examples    
* New: Page - Carousel Highlight (added: rs-1.html)    
* New: Page - Carousel Instagram (added: rs-2.html)    
* New: Page - Carousel Media (added: rs-3.html)    
* New: Page - Carousel Classic(added: rs-4.html)    
* New: Page - Carousel Showcase (added: rs-5.html)    
* New: Page - Carousel Photography (added: rs-6.html)    
* New: Page - Rotating Words (added: rs-7.html)    
* New: Page - Big Bold (added: rs-8.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Fashion (added: rs-9.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Gym (added: rs-10.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Restaurant (added: rs-11.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Product Dark (added: rs-12.html)    
* New: Page - SliderProduct Light (added: rs-13.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Classic (added: rs-14.html)    
* New: Page - Gallery Light (added: rs-15.html)    
* New: Page - Gallery Dark (added: rs-16.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Fancy Text (added: rs-17.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Highlight (added: rs-18.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Media (added: rs-19.html)    
* New: Page - Slider News (added: rs-20.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Vimeo (added: rs-21.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Youtube (added: rs-22.html)    
* New: Page - Slider Travel (added: rs-23.html)    
* New: Page - Hero Image (added: rs-24.html)    
* New: Page - Hero News (added: rs-25.html)    
* New: Page - Hero Newsletter (added: rs-26.html)    
* New: Page - Hero Search (added: rs-27.html)    
* New: Page - Hero Sports (added: rs-28.html)    
* New: Page - Hero Vimeo (added: rs-29.html)    
* New: Page - Hero Youtube (added: rs-30.html)    
* New: Page - Premium Content Zoom (added: rs-31.html)    
* New: Page - Premium Food Carousel (added: rs-32.html)    
* New: Hover Buttons [shortcode-buttons-2.html]
* Update: Fontawesome to V4.4.0

Version 1.0.2
Monday, September 07, 2015

* New: About Us - Layout 5    
* New: Documentation more info    
* New: optional css file to rewite the default fonts
* New: Parallax enabled by default on mobile devices    
* Fix: RTL Sliders/Carousels    
* Fix: header-side container width for less than 1600px resolution

Version 1.0.1
Thursday, September 03, 2015

* Added: Documentation more info    
* Added: admin fullcalendar language example    
* Update: Layer Slider to 5.6.0    
* Fix: newsletter php code    
* Fix: transparent header color on mobile    
* Fix: education template - mobile menu color    
* Fix: Various small fixes

Version 1.0.0
Tuesday, August 25, 2015

* Initial Release

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Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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