Any forecast for a ASP.NET MVC Package?
Hi Vns_santin,

Thank you for your comment and suggestion. For this moment we will put on hold on the ASP.NET MVC Version untill we have done the major feature updates for Source Admin.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
PHP compatible ?
Hi Brandyou,

Source Admin is purely build with HTML/jQuery/CSS.
You can use any backend language (PHP/ASP) on top of it.

Best Regards,
I want to know if I need to buy a new license whenever there are updates or can I download the updates from a template already purchased?
Hi Ew,

For your information, if you have purchase the template before, you will receive a new download link via email if the template author have pushed new updates to the wrapbootstrap system.

You also can download the latest version of the template by using the resend download features in wrapbootstrap.

Best Regards,
We love your theme and would like to purchase a multiapp license, but we need a SASS version.
Is this planned for the near future ?
Hi Wuetrs,

Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Unfortunately SASS version is not in our todo list for next version release.

Best Regards,
csmarkus PURCHASED

First off, I absolutely love the theme. Saw you're going to be putting an asp.net mvc package along with it in the future which I can't wait for. Currently porting it into my own mvc project for the time being.

Anyways! I was wondering if the buttons/links staying the hover color/style after being clicked was intended?

Hi Csmarkus,

Thank you for your comment. Yeah, you're right. We have removed the default bootstrap button css styling while button is focused(after click). The main reason we remove the styling is because we think that after some button or link is clicked, there should have some action like loading state or page redirection.

Best Regards,
Is there a way to transform this template to your other template "source admin" ??

I like so much your other template "source admin", but this one have more pages... that why I like this more than the other...

I would like to change the font and the textbox backgroud colors... to thiss "color admin" to be like your other template "source admin"

Is that possible ?
Hi Xtremexploit,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Yeah, you might be able to customise the font and input field background colors.
- Default font that we use is "Nunito"
- Background color that we use is #ebeced

Best Regards,
I've looked all over and looking to find a template that is easy to add the login portion in. I recently purchased another admin panel, but I had issues with connecting the registration template provided to the myphpadmin database with mysqli or even with pdo. Every response I was getting included conflicting html that wouldn't let me add in the template...just want to see if this could be the same issue or do you have an easy list of files/step to add that backend pieces to the admin panel you have here? I really like the functionality. Oh and I am able to get a dbconnect.php file to connect to the database I have set...so I know it's not from the database I set. Any thoughts prior to doing a purchase would help
Hi Stuzzle,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Regarding your question, we can't really tell that there have no conflict to your existing application / system. The main reason is because we are no idea which framework that you are using right now and the method that you are using in order to install our template to your system. But basically our template is purely coded with HTML / angular JS. You may use our HTML version and create a simple form POST to your backend system in order to test the registration issues.

Best Regards,
Hi Sean,
I have a quick question for you - I recently downloaded the theme with the intention of using it in an angular application, but the template_content/template folder is empty. Basically these files listed in the documentation:
├── template/
│ ├── app.html
│ ├── header.html
│ ├── sidebar.html
│ ├── sidebar-right.html
│ ├── top-menu.html
│ └── theme-panel.html
is there any chance of pushing out an update that includes these files?

Hi Nsaamanen,

Thank you for purchasing our template. We have double checked the file that we upload and the files inside the template folder is existed. You may try to use the download resender to re-download the folder.

If the problem still exists, you may send us an email so that we can resend the missing files to you via email.

P.S support email can be found via documentation.

Best Regards,
Hi, I would like to know if the AngularJS version's menu was made with any specific directive that allows dynamic options by using of JSON or something like that? Thanks.
Hi Jgarzonp,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Our AngularJS version menu is made by ui-route directive for route setting and active / non active class setting BUT the current version sidebar menu is not rendered by data from JSON or database data. You might need some customisation in order to render the menu from JSON or other data source.

Best Regards,

I really like your theme, and the Angular app is very clean and easy to understand. I had a minor bug in the demo that I thought I'd point out. If you load the demo Angular app (that defaults to the Dashboard v2 page), notice the full page will scroll happily using the mousewheel, as will the "Recent Activities" and "Chat History" widgets.

If you then navigate to a page without a full scrollbar, like simply "Pages->Login Page", then return to the main dashboard page *use the back button), the full page won't scroll with the mousewheel any longer, although the widgets do still scroll.

To fix this, simply update the jquery-slimscroll plugin to the latest version. The version you ship with the theme is 1.0.6, and after I updated to 1.3.8, the problem went away.


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your report and solution. We will update the fixes in next version release.

Best Regards,
Are you planning to release an Angular 2.0 version? Will it be a free upgrade or new template and any ETA?
Hi Lakshimi,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. New version is still not confirmed yet BUT once you purchase the template, any new updates will be FREE.

Best Regards,
Cool, I am also looking forward to angular 2 version

I really like your theme!! Can you tell me which version of angular and angular-router use?

Best Regards.
Hi Choler,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. We are using v1.4.5 for angular js and v0.2.15 angular ui-route.

Best Regards,

I'm interested in the angular version and have a question concerning the datatables.

Seen in other templates it works fine with static data, but has issues with the ng-repeat directive, especially with the search and pagination options.

So what can you say about this?

Best regards,
Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your comment and feedbac. If you are using the dataTables for angular js, you might need to use the angular js version dataTables.


Best Regards,

I was trying to use switchery for my checkbox and I am not able to get any value for my checkboxes. If I didn't use switchery, I can get the true or false value for the checkbox. Can you help?
Hi Shafeeq,

We have tested with the normal and ajax form post. The switchery checkbox is work normally on our side. Can you share with us how you trigger the true and false value for checkbox? Or you may send us the HTML code that you have write, so that we can help you to debug on our side.

P.S Our support email can be found via documentation page.

Best Regards,
Great template! I'm currently having trouble finding your loading bar that goes across the screen every time you goto a page. I want to disable this - can you point me in the right direction- I looked in app.js, demo.js and demo_wizard....
Hi Kdub5184,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. You just need to comment out the pace plugins from your header in order to disable the pace loading bar.
<script src="assets/plugins/pace/pace.min.js"></script>

Best Regards,
Working with the angular template- I'm trying to load a module I created- It has a a few JS files, html views, and a css file. How and where do I properly inject this? and place the files?

I tried adding the files in the oc load- resolve and DI the module in the angular-app.js file but continue getting modules injection errors

Thanks in advance.
update: got it working but with app files being loaded from index.html.
Hi Kdub5184,

For your information, we are using the index.html page as the default page for angular js version. You can change it to your favourite route / url as long as all the required library / js file has been included.

Best Regards,
Hi, your theme good but I can not buy for paypal in TURKEY, please add theme on themeforest pls ! PayPal does not work here !
Hi Kipnos,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Sorry to say that we are selling all our template exclusively in Wrapbootstrap only.

Best Regards,
Hi, how to show specific columns in responsive datatable and hide others for mobile view?

The below code do the work, but it's I can't choose which column should be viewed...
responsive: true
Hi Ajm,

DataTable responsive plugin can use the css class to show / hide the table column. Here is some example
<th class="all">Name</th>
<th class="min-phone-l">Position</th>
<th class="min-tablet">Office</th>
<th class="never">Start date</th>
<th class="desktop">Salary</th>
<th class="none">Extn.</th>

For more information, you may refer to the following link about hiding or showing the column in tablet / mobile view.

Best Regards,
Hi Sean,

Thanks, I have fixed this with following classes

<tr class="purple">
<th class="col-sm-4 visible-phone">Staff</th>
<th class="col-sm-3 visible-desktop hidden-phone visible-tablet">Start</th>
<th class="col-sm-3 visible-desktop hidden-phone">End</th>
<th class="col-sm-1 visible-desktop hidden-phone">Hours</th>
<th class="col-sm-1 visible-desktop hidden-phone">Room</th>
<th class="col-sm-3 visible-phone text-right-md">Price</th>
<th class="col-sm-3 visible-phone">Client type</th>
<th class="col-sm-1 visible-desktop hidden-phone visible-tablet text-center" data-sorting="disabled">Comment</th>

Thank you,

Best Regards,
Can we use your Theme under the GPL licence if we purchase the Extended Licence version? If not how could that be arranged?


Hi Niklas,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. Sorry to say that we are not licensing expert. But base on our understanding, it should be no problem if you use our theme under the CPL license if you purchase the Extended License Version.

For more information you may refer to Wrapbootstrap license usage page
or contact the Wrapbootstrap support.

Best Regards,
Does the angular version of the theme works in ie.8
I am getting errors in many js files.
Hi Belallshaikh,

For your information, IE8 support has been dropped starting from Angular JS 1.3. If you wish to support the IE8 browser, you might need to use back the Angular 1.2 or older version.


Best Regards,
anavgale PURCHASED
Now most of the components are working in ie-8.
Any idea of how to make the loading bar on the top, work in ie8.
Hi Belallshaikh,

Unfortunately the pace loader v1.0 is no longer support IE8. If you wish to make the loading bar work in IE8, you might need to fallback to v0.5.6.


Best Regards,

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