Looks great, easy to customise.

Would be great to see bootstrap datetimepicker integrated in future releases.
Hi Matzo,

Thanks for the feedback, will definitely take add it in a future update
Hello! Awesome template dude! I bought this one and React template, I love your work. Just wondering where can I find the unminify css files.

I just released a new update for Bootstrap 4 beta which includes unminified css files :)
Hi love the theme but how do we get the email forms working ????

I just released a new update with Bootstrap 4 which includes a new Ajax newsletter integration for Mailchimp, where you can use your own campaign list and it's ready to go :)
Hi ericklvz

thanks for getting back I think i haven't ask the right question I mean the contact forms how do we set them up.

Hi incy,

That would depend on what back-end stack or language you're planning to use (php, rails, node, etc), or if you want a fast and easy way to plug some contact form notifications you could use something like https://formspree.io/
angelini PURCHASED
Its possible using 360º panorama image in background ?
Hi angelini,

I believe it should be possible, could you please tell me an example of a 360º image you'd like to use, is it from youtube? and if there's a specific page you'd want to use it in - so I can set out an example for you :)

angelini PURCHASED
Hi erick some like this http://www.thepetedesign.com/demos/panorama_viewer_demo.html but in header image, we working with 360º images and we need one theme to our website, and we luv your theme spacial but to us will be really cool change the building image in backgroud to one interactive streetview or more streetviews in background of our website.
Sure! I'll work on a page variant for 360 images like the demo you linked and also for Google custom street view iframes, the new update should be ready for next week :)
angelini PURCHASED
Cool i´ll wait!
angelini PURCHASED
some news ?
Hey, sorry for the delay! got hit by a storm last week and have been getting back on track these last days, everything's good now so it should be ready in couple of days at most

Hi angelini,

I just uploaded a new update (v2.3) that includes 2 new pages, you can find them in Features -> Covers -> Panorama View & 360º Image.

Panorama View uses panolens.js (https://github.com/pchen66/panolens.js) and 360º Image uses the jQuery panorama viewer from the example you linked
Hi. What about changing colors? Is there a scss variables file for changing global colors?
Hi Thiago,

It does include a scss variables file but it's very simple at the moment, it doesn't include changing colors for all around the theme yet, but that's something I definitely like to add for a future version.
I love your theme and want to purchase but I'm particularly interested in the blog pages. It appears these are setup as a wordpress theme? Any plans to do so for the blog pages? Ever used a converter, such as https://htmltowordpress.io/, to turn these into a wordpress theme?

Also, do you have any modal popup frameworks that you use in here, say for a video popup? If not, any plans for it?

Hi wiknar,

The blog pages aren't enabled as a wordpress theme at the moment, but I'll definitely take a look at the converter, thanks for the link! though I wouldn't know a potential release date for it at the moment.

Regarding the modal popup, the theme has https://github.com/dimsemenov/Magnific-Popup integrated, you can see a working demo for video modals at http://spacialtheme.herokuapp.com/2.2/index-dark.html

Hope this helps,
Awesome, thanks for the quick response! Just purchased!
Hi Erik -

In working with this theme I noticed a bunch of the pages don't keep the images in the section when you view in mobile. For example on this page:
the index-app-features and index-features-user don't drop their images down. I would have expected those images to persist into a mobile viewport. Any quick fix for this?

Hi wiknar,

Thanks for pointing it out, I'll release an update fix regarding the images not showing on mobile; here's a quick fix for index-app.html:

inside the scss/custom/pages folder:
file: _index_app.scss
line: #154

replace it with this:
position: relative;
top: 0;
left: 0;
max-width: 100%;
margin-bottom: 40px;

file: _index_features.scss
line: #327

replace with this:
float: none !important;
margin-bottom: 30px;
max-width: 100%;


Regarding the logo image, just remove the classes 'd-none d-lg-inline' in the <img> tag inside the navbar-brand element

Hope this helps,

Also, when you go mobile the logo doesn't persist in the menu bar?
That is one hell of a template. Looks really good.
I'm really looking forward to buy this. I do have some doubts regarding the template.

Is this purely in HTML & CSS and Bootstrap 4?
Well, We are using Angular 4 to drive our E-commerce Site and if jQuery and Javascript drives a major role in this theme then it would be problematic for us.
Can you clarify this?
Hi karthikrp,

Thanks for the kind words! This is HTML/CSS & Bootstrap 4, jQuery is included because it's still a dependency for bootstrap.js and to enable almost all the JS plugins that are also included, so yeah I would say they're a major role in the theme :/

Hi, Eric.

I purchased your theme a while ago and I really like the slick design.

On the Pricing page with the monthly/annual billing options, when different plans have a varying set of features — some have more, and some have less — the signup buttons don't line up.

Have you noticed this?

Hi Bjorn,

You're right! thanks for pointing it out.

Here's the fix for this, using flexbox:

- The 3 main .chart divs at the moment are <div class="chart>, will become <div class="chart d-flex flex-column">
- Inside .chart, the child div .action <div class="action">, will become <div class="action mt-auto">

I'll be releasing an update with these changes.

Sweet, Eric! I'll give a test and report back.
It worked great! I also removed the min-height: 320px of .pricing-charts .chart .features. The reason I did this was so that when I view the pricing table on smaller screens, the CTA button moves up and isn't pushed down by the min-height. Before I removed the min-height there was a big gap between the feature text and the button.
This is a great theme! However, when on a small screen, the menu doesn't work. It shows the menu icon, but when clicked, the dropdown doesn't show.

That's weird, it does work when browsing from my phone, could you tell me what device/screen are you using?

Thanks for the fast reply Erick! I'm on a screen size of 14.2 x 8. However, when I shrink the browser window the dropdown menu doesn't work, plus the logo doesn't display either. Below is a screenshot.



My website is: https://myhexa.co (It's currently undergoing maintenance. If it says it's offline, use this: https://myhexa.co/index-copy)

I'm very much interested in purchasing this, however I'm wondering about a timeline to add a datetimepicker...

Thank you!
Hi Ben,

I'll definitely add a datetimepicker for the next update, which should be out by next week :)

craig_bcd PURCHASED
I really like this theme, thank you. I was wondering if there is a way to turn the sound on and off for the background video for the homepage?

Hi Craig, glad you liked it!

For sure, on the bottom of the index-video.html page is located the script that initializes the player, you just have to add the option mute: false to it. It would end like this:

fitToBackground: false,
videoId: '9d8wWcJLnFI',
pauseOnScroll: false,
mute: false,
playerVars: {
modestbranding: 0,
autoplay: 1,
controls: 0,
showinfo: 0,
wmode: 'transparent',
branding: 0,
rel: 0,
autohide: 0
Great design, best one I have come across and I am glad I bought it. One question though! On the 'Blog Columns' page, when I use a picture that is too tall for a box, it turns it sideways instead. Is there a way to fix this so it doesn't turn it? Thank you!
Hi, glad you like it!

Hmm, I'm not sure what you mean that it turns it sideways, do you have an example? You can send me an email if you want, my address is inside the README of the theme :)
ehgodson PURCHASED
This is a great theme.
Can we have a price comparison page like the one on your React theme here..


Keep up with the great work guys.

Sure! We'll add a comparison page for the next update

is it possible to make the menu fixed? keep menu fixed scrolling the page.
Hi Luis,

Sure, just add the class 'fixed-top' to the navbar, you can see an example here:

And a variation that starts as transparent and then goes solid on scroll:

Same functionality with the dark navbar
Hi @ericklvz - when you have a fixed header AND single page navigation (anchor tags), whether on mobile or desktop, the fixed header covers content on the area that's scrolled to. I can write CSS to deal with this on desktop - but would be better if you included it as part of the template. Not sure how to deal with on mobile, as the menu will dynamically size to the content.

Is there a non-gulp version of this template? I am looking for a basic html/css template to work with.
In the /dist folder you'll find a theme.css file with the expanded styles (they're not minified), you can use this file in the html files:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="dist/theme.css" />

You could also split this into several css files if it's easier to work with

Hope this helps,

Thanks you, this theme is really great ! How can I make sliders with autoplay ? the .index-slider-header and #spacial-header can't be in autoplay ?
You can make the slider autoplay like this

window.slider_interval = setInterval(function () {
}, 4000)

4000 = time in milliseconds.

You can find an example here:
Will theme be updated when v4 stable is released?
Yes! as soon as the stable version is released I'll work on releasing an update, most likely including new design pages
This theme looks amazing and its perfect for my project! I am interested to buy it but wanted to know if this is going to be updated with the latest stable bootstrap version? In addition to that, could the offcanvas menu as a component?

Thank you.

I'm currently working on the update for the B4 stable version, will release an update as soon as it's finished, and sure I'll add the offcanvas menu as a new component as well :)

Hi, do you can any discount? For example 9$. Thanks.

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