It looks a great template but found one of nav bar issues.
The nav menu is not active or selected when you view in mobile view.
For example, BLOG should be active if you are looking at BLOG section.
Is it possible to fix this problem?
If you're resizing the template in the browser then you will have to reload the page for the active classes to show up correctly. I will check into this though and see if there are any further issues. Thanks for using Spectrum!
I just looked into it - you are right that there are no active classes set to the menu bar on mobile views. We'll be fixing this in the next update. Thank you for the feedback!
Is there any way I can edit to center-align three photos in the team section (in sample-09-app-landing-page)?

Yes, by only using 3 photos the carousel plugin should adapt to center align those three. If you're looking for something more specific, some custom CSS should do the trick!

In the Option 5: Full Page mp4, webm, or ogg Video Background

Poster is not working on Mobiles.
I will check into this. The Formstone Wallpaper plugin might need an update. Also, make sure your image file path is correct if it isn't appearing.
s4astliv PURCHASED
Found an issue. Open Spectrum Sample 01, scroll down to Features. Now change the color using the button at the left. Icons disappear. How to fix it?
Hmm, I will have to look into this and fix it in the next update. Thanks!
hi, I really like your design and thinking about buying it. I am just wondering that what do I need to do with the template to make it IE8 compatible ?
It's a bit difficult to make Bootstrap 3 templates IE8 compatible. The best way to do it is to create a conditional, IE8 CSS file and make IE8 only changes within that CSS to adapt the theme to IE8. Hopefully this helps!
I am running into two issues that I need help with. Here are the two screen shots using half image parallax. 1. http://prntscr.com/666flz - Taken with scrollbar at very top 2. http://prntscr.com/666foy - Scrollbar slightly moved.

The two issues are:
1. I don't plan to use a logo for now, and so when I use text, it is not aligned with the menu items.
2. When the user is at the very top with no scroll, the menu items are overlapping with the header section below. There is also a gray background for the navbar which looks very odd.

Also, I don't plan to use a image for the header section either, so for now I have removed the background image style from header.

Let me know if you need more info.
Hi there! Thanks for choosing Spectrum! When using text instead of an image for the logo, you will need to adjust the padding of the .navbar-brand class. If you can send some code samples over to me at [email protected] I can see if we can get to the bottom of the gray happening when you're working on that navbar.
Appreciate your prompt response. I just sent you an email with details as well as the html. Let me know if you need additional info.
I haven't yet received a response to my email that I sent a couple of days back. In the meanwhile, I was able to solve the gray background issue as well as text logo being mis-alinged with the nav menu items.

I sent you another email about issue with modal window. My app, which had modal windows before integrating your template, is now broken. Can you take a look?
Hi there! Sorry about the delay in the request. Things are moving pretty fast at the moment and the queue is quite long. I will try to look into this issue with the modal window as soon as possible. Thanks!
How can I generate rectangular social icons?
For the social icons, you can target the class and remove the border-radius: 100% and change it to border-radius: 0 in your CSS. For more details I can follow up with you on this in your previous email. Thanks!
I can't get the contact form to work :( www.michaelelliott.info
Hi there! Thanks for choosing Spectrum! If the form isn't working then it may be a problem with the web host. I would contact your web host to see if there is an issue with their mail server, an incompatible version of PHP running on the server, or if the server is blocking forms from sending messages out from domains. Hopefully this helps!
Hello! I like so much this theme, but I have seen that when you press a miniature of portfolio and description is open, the page moves and resize when you close the window. This problem have solution? thanks!
This behavior with the modal is a Bootstrap specific problem that's been addressed a lot lately. I am hoping that in Bootstrap 4 that the modal system will be reworked to allow for more smooth transitioning modals rather than having the screen shift in the menu bar occur.

At the moment there isn't a fix for this problem, but I am hoping that it will be fixed as soon as Bootstrap 4 hits.

Thanks for choosing Spectrum!
Hi StartBootstrap,

very nice the Theme, but it is less simple to modify the css script when all the 11 sample in the packet are together in one css. I wanted only the sample 1 and now I have 11 sample. That is ok.
By the way, I have googled looking for how to change the font type of an entire Bootstrap Theme without luck. I have the font file only in my pc as .ttf. It is not in google web fonts. It is on a license. Where and what script should I modify to change the font type, please?!.
I tried the css manual, and what they say in stackoverflow, but they are so succinct, that are hermetic for people who purchase a Theme, as me. It is for specialist and I dont understand sometime them completly.
Do you know any manual? Because in w3schools and in Bootstrap it is not explained my case! Believe or not.
Thanks for your time,
Kind regards,
Hi there!

To change the font, you can do so in the CSS file. You will need to upload your own font, and then reference it in the CSS depending on what you want to use.

Here is a good reference point for custom font usage: http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_font-face_rule.asp

Google fonts is a great resource for custom fonts, and it's a bit easier to you. You can read about that here: https://developers.google.com/fonts/docs/getting_started

Hopefully this helps!! Thanks for choosing Spectrum!
Thanks a lot for this nice theme.
I can see that when I download your files, the template 11 (with video portfolio) is not working. Popups are broken because the videos are not playing (Vimeo and Youtube). i got the message : Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND and GET file://player.vimeo.com/video/87701971?autoplay=1 net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

<a href="#VIMEO-YOUTUBE" class="portfolio-item popup-youtube">

Thanks for your comment,.
Thanks for reporting this. The sample video we're using may have been taken down and we'll have to find a replacement.
Hum I am surprised that I am not a purchaser any more! I bought this theme and now it's not even in my download section... how come? :)
I am not sure about this one. I would try to contact WrapBootstrap support immediately. You can reach them here: https://wrapbootstrap.com/support

Hopefully this helps!
Would be great to be able to use JW Player instead of Yiutbe or Vimeo.

How can we do this?

What is the correct HTML code?


I am not certain on this one since I don't have experience with that plugin. I would try to check the JW Player docs to see if you can find a custom solution to this problem.
currently the portfolio section simply displays modal dialog divs that are hard-coded at the bottom of the file.

How can I change the behavior so that the content of the modal dialog are read from a database on the fly instead of bloating the file size of the page itself?

simply put ... instead of having the modal window HTML code in the main file ... I'd like to simply pass an id value to an external file and have that file dynamically display database data. This could also be a feature for the templet set itself as being able to load content from an external file would be a nice option

Thanks for using Spectrum!

As it stands, I do not have too much experience with these sorts of issues since I am mostly just a front-end, design focused developer. However, I would look into front-end frameworks (something like Angular JS) to see if you can set this sort of thing up. I am sure that you could accomplish this with a front-end JS framework! Hopefully this helps!
Hi, I bought and downloaded the spectrum theme, and tried to upload this on wordpress after making into zip. I got this failure message :

"Installing Theme from uploaded file: spectrum-v1.2.0.zip
Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet."

Do you know how can I solve this? Thanks!

Theme install failed."
Unfortunately this is not a WordPress theme. It is just HTML/CSS!
Hi I have three questions:

1.) I'm using the intro-6-video-bg-youtube template/section on my site - is there a way to pause or mute the video? I want the music ON but would like the option to turn it off while viewing if needed.
2.) When using the mobile version, the video does not show up - view http://www.ClassicNashvilleRoadshow.com on your mobile to see what I mean.

Great template! It's really fantastic.
I would check out the documentation for the jQuery Tubular plugin which is handling the YouTube background video for that section. They allow you to unmute the video, and add some pause features. Hopefully this helps!
Hello, this template works in wordpress??
Unfortunately this is not a WordPress template, just HTML/CSS!
I want to duplicate the filter like poftforlio-1 in another section. How do I get filter working ? Should I make any changes in spectrum.js and .css file. Thanks.
Hi there! I think I just responded via email to this one. Hopefully the solution works! If not just email me back and we'll keep working on it.
I would like to make the portfolio images smaller so I can have 4 or 5 images in a row instead of 3. When I make my images smaller, the space between them stays the same. How do I change that?
If you're making the images smaller you'll need to adjust the CSS width of the columns within the portfolio. Hopefully this helps!
hi, i'm trying to make a gallery slider that open from a button,
like the one on the page sample-10-photography-portfolio.html
Portfolio Option 2: Hover Grid with Image Gallery

but on the page no thumbnails are visible, only one button which open up the gallery

and the images of the gallery fullscreen, no text or descriptions

how can i do this?
You can modify the functioning of the magnific popup plugin to get this effect, if you need more help send us an email and we can look into it more!

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