It looks great but too many additional components (Ex. PJAX) that make it too hard to customize, (specially if you use angular!)
Hi, congratulations that is a beautiful theme...Just asking...Is there a documentation or just the code and images? (I received only "app" and "dist" folders.
jeffreyz PURCHASED
Nice theme but you should disclose the use of php on the backend. I am having to tear the entire theme apart to get to the bits that we want to use on our frontend.
setil edan....

top top..

It looks great but after I purchased, all files where PHP. I can spend time converting to html But I would never of purchased this if I knew I would have to spend time converting..

Waste of time for me.. (This is a WrapBootStrap mistake)

I thought they where just Demoing the PHP version, but the HTML source would be in the purchased Zip File. as the template is advertised as HTML..
Only the extension, in fact it is html. You just simply copy the part that you need into your project.

But, if you want to cancel your purchase, you can send an email to wrapbootstrap.

Sorry to have made you dissatisfied.

I wanna know what is difference app and dist ?
dist is just minify version
Actually the minify version will not work for the custom changes. all the data is not seperated. all in the js. If i wanna change something on the Datatable I cant find it. I am going to the non minified version, and found it. Dist will not work for me as well as the app version. Because the app version is too huze, its like 70 mb. It cant be work with that. its not the perfect .

there is uncountable JS in the app version, if i will go to the dist, there I cant change what i need. Because all minified.

The table refresh button is not working as well. its saying "Warning! data-url not defined." There is no idea how to define the data url. and if i put the data.json, it directly shows the value. not in the table.

after all i did not like it. I want my refund. so help me out .
So, please send an email to WB Support ;)
hello I like to know if this template can be used to customize a codeigniter dashboard?
Is this template compatible with AngularJS? I find that whenever i use an Angular Directive with any element from this template, it becomes distorted. For example, I wanted using the SelectBoxIt. Once I applied an ng-model to this button, it started showing in a native style of the browser.

Thanks in advance.
why did you switch it to PHP? do you have the original HTML version? I came to get a copy of it to update my project, but now its all in php... also did you combine the bootstrap js with the others? I cant see it separated out.

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  • HTML Template
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Uses Less:No
Uses Sass:No
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Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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