voidburn PURCHASED
Also: to remove the native <select> arrow on FF (which looks horrible and overlays on top of yours):

Hi Voidburn,

I've manage to hide the select appearance but not with the latest Firefox update. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll consider this on my next update.
voidburn PURCHASED
Check this out: http://jsbin.com/pozomu/4/edit

It looks like a working temporary work-around. The bug in FF will be delivered in FF 35 hopefully.
This is great. Thank you for the codes. I will add this
Hello, can anyone point me to a simple example of how I can get a chart updating in realtime from data on my server ? I'm relatively new to JS frameworks and would like to know how I can get this theme rolling with some real data from my server.

Great software!!
Hi Lewma,

You need to pass your database values to an array first. Please check this thread
Good afternoon, today I have a problem of browser compatibility. I am using Firefox and Chrome 14.0.1 36.0.1985.143. Specifically the following happens: In the section where the profile picture appears when you give click displays the menu of the user, when you do it in firefox works perfectly, but when you do the chorme options <li> appear as if they are disabled. I appreciate your attention and cooperation. Thanks.
Hi Reiku,

Thank you for pointing out the issue. I think its due to the latest Bootstrap update where its adds a backdrop when dropdown is opened. To fix this issue, kindly disable the dropdown backdrop by adding the following CSS codes;

.dropdown-backdrop { display: none !important; }
Hi, it's soloved. I am very grateful for your time, your attention and cooperation. Have nice day.

I'm trying to use UI-ROUTER with the template but I've found some strange behaviours when UI-VIEW directive is used, for example in the login.html page, the checkbox square picture has disappeared. Even thought in Firefox, i've got the same problem as reiku29. I've added the CSS code .dropdown-backdrop { display: none !important; } as recommended but it does't work.
Do you think that i can use UI-ROUTER xith the template ?
If yes, do you have some sample code please ?

Hello Rushenn,

Does this theme support DataTables 1.10.1 along with the updated extensions like ColReorder, ColVis, Responsive and TableTools?

Very nice work by the way!

Hi Vher,

This theme is in HTML so its supported for any external plugins including the one you're looking. Only thing you need to follow is the template colorscheme in order to keep going with template standards.

Good luck.
Hi Rushenn,

Thanks for the reply, but what I meant is, will you support on scheming DataTables built-in extensions?

Thank You,
Hi Rushenn,

Can you answer me please if I can use the template with UI-ROUTER ?
Any advices or sample would be appreciated
Hi Tkp,

Sorry for the late response. I'm not good very good at Angular but I'm sure you can use UI Router as Superadmin is just HTML.
Hello Rushenn,
First let me say I'm very impressed with the super admin! Great Job!!

I am having an issue however, in Safari, 5.1.7 on windows, the hover over on the left menu does not appear to be working - although the icons highlight, the menu items and headings do not appear. These would be the menus that normally say things like "Typography", "Widgets", "Tables", etc. This appears to work fine in Firefox,

Any help would be very greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,
Hi Briley,

Firstly thank you for pointing out the issue.

I've managed to find the issue and that's happened because of the transition property. It seems like Safari in windows does not supported the 'all' in transition. To fix this please,

Open the style.css and search for '.side-menu .menu-item' under @media (min-width: 780px).

Replace the following property,

-webkit-transition: all 230ms;
-webkit-transition: left 230ms;

And if you found any similar issues like this in Safari in windows, kindly set the exact transition type instead of 'all'.

Let me know if you need any assist.


I'm trying to use an asp.net update panel with a modal which does a partial postback to the server. The problem is when the modal appears, all of the radio button and/or checkboxes styling is missing and leaves me with a black word with no box to check. Can you please explain to me how you did your styling and replaced the default boxes with your stylish ones?

I either need to remove the styling so they default every time or call the script that does the styling.

Thanks in advance!

You have to recall jquery functions when the server is successfully responding, like in Ajax success funtion.

In the live preview, when I open the File Manager page, then a error comes. "Invalid backend response.
Data is not JSON." Please fix it as I am want to purchase the theme and my main requirement is file manager.

That's because of an issue in my server. Please upload your files to your server and see.

you have an example of the Sidebar Calendar with dates ?

You can see that the calendar itself marking the current date with a darker background color. In order to display the date in a date-format, you need to work on. Sorry I don't have a demo at the moment.

I just downloaded your template, congrats for the awesome final result. But hey, it seems that the 'change skin' button and modal disappeared. What happened?
That's only for the demo. If you want them back, just send me a private message, I will mail the codes to your inbox
Hello. I thinking about to purchase your great template. But I'd like to know, is it possible to have the regular sidebar menu with captions and expandable sub-menus instead of the narrow bar with icons only? Do you have such version of layout?
Sorry, at the moment there is no option. i may consider this on future updates. I cant confirma date for now but you can make it by tweaking the CSS
Hello All,

Just purchased the super responsive template. Any advice for using the template within an MVC 5 application Visual Studio 2013?

I've created a vanilla MVC project and tried to add the files for the template in the correct places but struggling a little.

Any tips?


I'm currently designing a stock web tool, and I was curious if there is any documentation to integrate my own database, as well as stream live stock quotes into the tool. Thanks.
This is a HTML template so there is no way to directly integrate the database. You may consider to skin your project using the views of this template.
Hi. I bought the theme yesterday.

I saw the theme change menu in live view.
I didn't see the theme change menu in download demo.

Do I wrong operation?

please help me.!! thanks.
Hi, Thank you for your purchase.

I have added the theme change function only on demo. Please put me a message in my profile so I can send you the codes to your email

How can I connect the file manager? What steps should I proceed?
Please upload your downloaded template to a server or a localhost. It will work
Great Theme
This is such a slick theme and totally a breeze to use. Great job on the many demo pages.
Thank you very much for the kind words.
I have a question..
I want to add a fontawesome icon to left side menu.
How add the icon?

I am waiting your ask... thanks.
Hi, You can try by adding an <i> tag, something like

<a class="" href="index.html">
<i class="fa fa-home"></i>
<span class="menu-item">Dashboard</span>

and adding css style for the newly added <i>

#sidebar .side-menu > li > a > .fa {
font-size: 20px;
line-height: 40px;
thanks a lot.!!
You're welcome
Hi Rushenn,

I would like to add more transparency icons in left vertical menu bar or in dashboard shorcuts.
Can you tell me that you created them by yourself or they are from a provider (ie glyphicons) ?


Some of are created by me and some of from http://icons8.com/. You can download similar icons in this site. Check for IOS7 icons there.
Hi Rushenn

Is there any configuration in the editor which existed in your template? For example the url path of the function of insert images.

I have tested in localhost. When I insert an image in the editor and store into my database, in my front-end, I echo the contents that I stored and it works perfectly (the images shown).

Which mean I don't have to do any configuration on image url path, right? No matter what images I inserted, it will works not only in localhost but also in my server? But the question is, where are the location of those images?

Images are stored in Data URI format

eg: .........

If you wanna make it programmatically by uploading the images in to server, please follow this link



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