Many Thanks!!!
Is it possible to add a chapta to the contact form?
Hello Mich,

thank you very much for purchasing our template. Regarding your question we will add this feature in one of the coming updates. You can redownload all future updates, at no extra cost, by visiting this link: https://wrapbootstrap.com/support/download-resender

Many Thanks,
Just bought it and it looks great! Would be amazing to have a "app" page (here is an example: http://azmind.com/wrapbootstrap/jesis/v2-3/)
Hello ashevat,

thank you very much for contacting us and for choosing our product. We will have in mind your suggestion, to add an app page to "The Project".

thank you again!

This is just simply another great template, from HtmlCoder.

They are getting progressively better, with each new template released. 'Worthy' was simple and beautiful, and now 'The Project' is out, and WOW, how many more features could be packed in there for use? There is something for everybody, no matter, "The Project".

I look forward to seeing this being further developed, from it's initial release on WrapBootstrap.


thank you so much for such a wonderful comment.

Many many thanks! :-)
Just bought the theme and I'm loving it!
One quick question though, I do not like having randomized slider animations. Is there a way for me to, for example, change it so that only one animation is used? I would like to use the drop-down animation, but it seems like there isn't way for me to do it as far as I know!

Thanks in advance.
Hello alexlee314,

thank you very much for choosing our template, for technical inquiries please contact our support http://htmlcoder.me/support.

Many Thanks,
Hey guys can I sink this templates to Paypal?
Hello jonathancalix,

thank you very much for contacting us, sorry I didn't understand what are you trying to say can you explain more clearly please?

Many Thanks,
Im sorry I meant "sync" to paypal. I would like to have a paypal cart with this template design.
Thanks for the response jonathancalix, for your information "The Project" is just a static HTML5/CSS3 template, we are not providing any e-commerce or shop functionality within this template.

Many Thanks,
calvinlo PURCHASED
Hi can i use this within angularjs ng-view partial files?
Hello calvinlo,

many thanks for purchasing The Project template, I have already mailed you.

Many Thanks,
Hello!! Please can you create a fix for IE 8. Most users in my region are still using IE 8 and this is a challenge. Thank you.
Hello nuckecy,

thank you very much for purchasing "The Project" template. We will try to add basic IE8 support in one of the coming releases.

Many Thanks,
Do you have Drupal Version of this?
Hi dipankarb,

thank you very much for contacting and for purchasing our product. Regarding your question, no we don't have Drupal version, but we have plans for WP version.

Many Thanks,
How can I get update for this?? May I get email notification for this??
I am Drupal Developer. I am very upset as you don't have Drupal Version.
I purchased this theme for my brother who is Dentist. I have made drupal version for him.
Thanks a lot.
Hello dipankarb,

yes of course when the update will released you will get notified by email. Regarding the Drupal version, we are really sorry that you are get upset.

Is there plans to add an admin dashboard page? If not, do you recommend one to use with your template as well?
Hello drusnac,

thank you very much for contacting and for your question. No, we don't have plans to add admin dashboard page right now, also we cannot recommend an admin template because we have not tested any with our template.

Many Thanks,

First of all, thank you very much. Great theme.

I have 2 questions:

1) When I use "coming soon" page, overlay covers just 50% of screen, How can I change wrapper settings to cover 100% of screen? Use of <br> works, but it's not so convenient. ))

2) Maybe It's stupid question. But how does "newsletter" form work? Where can I find emails after adding or how integrate it with mailchimp lists?

Thank you.
Hello artemwelker,

thank you very much for purchasing The Project. For technical inquiries please contact our support

Many Thanks,
Wow, This is great theme. Does it support RTL languages? Do you think it wouldn't be so hard to make it RTL?
Hi mahdi87_gh,

thank you very much for contacting us. Regarding your question, we have not tested the template with RTL content so we cannot know how many issues may occur. We can provide you basic support, but we cannot reimplement the whole template for RTL content if the issues are many.

Many Thanks,

I'm very unhappy about bying this theme!

On the paper it was a very nice one with a lot of functionalities and a lot of ways to display i give you that, but on the code, the libraries and everything that compose this theme, i'm sorry but it is very unprofessional... And i can tell you that because i'm a senior Web developper on SSII companies using different types of frameworks with different types of Web technologies.

Why ? That's simple and final for me regarding to the weight of a single page -> 6400 ko... (really ???) May i suggest you take a look at Web development standard where average in 2014 is only 1575 ko.

Just a small analysis made me understand such a weight :

- You include a compiled Bootstrap 3 theme and over it another LESS override implementation of Bootrap 3. This framework is heavy enaught not to add it twice...
- You include not 2 or 3 but 4 Webfonts + 2 other files fonts and each of them are very heavy also because you included all the google variants (ex : http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:400,300,300italic,400italic,500,500italic,700,700italic -> wtf, do we really need this ?). And not to mention that you include Bootstrap theme working with Glyphicons, you include Font-awesome and over this Fontello -> 3 fonts doing the exact same thing
- and so on and so on...

=> In total a single page load 3400 ko of CSS and 2300 ko of JS wich makes the client waiting for at least 2 seconds per pages if you have a pretty nice connexion and a pretty nice configured server with a lot a caches.

I'm stopping here and didn't even look more inside the code you delivered but i just wanted to warn other customers before buying it. This theme is a VERY too heavy and not well coded i'm sorry (nice documented though).

As i said at the begining, very unprofessional for me, i'm dissapointed.

ps : you can tell me this is just a sample, but even in the smallest page is too heavy because of your wrong choices of architecture and implementation of Bootrap -> here is the true tip to do it : http://www.helloerik.com/bootstrap-3-less-workflow-tutorial
Hello slebote,

thank you very much for your comment and we are really sorry that you have disappointed from our template. Let us explain you:

First of all this is multipurpose template that includes many features and options. Keep in mind that we don't have to deal with single scenario (a website) and a single language but many different scenarios and languages across the globe. So we have to support as many as we can. We don't build a single website but a template that must suits to the needs of as many clients and scenarios.

To answer to your analysis step by step:

- We have separated the bootstrap files in a single folder and we don't modify this files so that the bootstrap framework can easily updatable. Imagine if modify the core files of bootstrap then the template will lose the ability of update the bootstrap framework.

- We have include more google fonts in order to support as many scenarios and languages as we can. You can easily change or remove the fonts into the variables.less file.

Also on a productive website the css and js files can easily get minified and should get minified in order to solve the performance issue that you have mentioned.

We have use the best practices and the latest technologies in order to make a product that will customized and used easily and widely.

And as I say above we are very sorry that we have disappointed a client, we are trying to do our best.

Many Thanks,
Edit: A clarification we have not included the bootstrap framework twice, this is not true, anyone that has bought this template can verify this. All the bootstrap files are included only once and are located in a separated folder so that the framework can be easily updatable.

Many Thanks,
Hi HtmlCoder,

And thank you too for answering i wasn't expected less ;).

I know it was a full delivered kit and i tried to reduce the implementation to a minimum one including cache and minification -> drupal 7 adaptation on the Bootstrap developed theme for it but it is too big again (a lot more than standards i worked with)... And some font like fontello are mandatory wich causes a lot of trouble or a lot of changed in the LESS / CSS if we don't want to use it.

About Bootrap LESS implementation, i was more talking about including the bootstrap core inside a bootstrap LESS file wich let you the ability to change the core very fast respecting the variable.less file variables changes (wich is a very best practice using Bootstrap LESS framework as i posted yet). Instead of rebuilding more than 50% of Bootstrap code in new LESS files, you could avoid it just with this implementation and then the CSS file generated is half the size (150 ko vs. 320 ko) which is not a small reduction (for a single file of the galaxy of files we need in this theme) and that's why i was talking about including twice the drupal core.

dark-bg and dark doesn't work for table, panel, well and many other bootstrap components.

Awesome theme!

Would be great if you fix the dark theme!
Hello abixalmon,

thank you very much for purchasing our template. Regarding the dark theme, currently only basic elements are supported, as you can see in this page http://htmlcoder.me/preview/the_project/v.1.0/template/features-dark-page.html we will support more elements/components in the coming updates.

Many thanks,
Hi, can you give me RTL support on shop template ? no the basic support...
Hello masoudamidi,

thank you very much for your interest about our product. Regarding the RTL support, we have not tested the template with RTL content so we cannot know how many issues may occur. We can provide you support, but we cannot reimplement it for RTL content if the issues are many.

Many Thanks,

do you have psd files of the pages in the package?

Hi Aybuke,

thank you for contacting us, I have already emailed you.

Many Thanks,
Hi, HtmlCoder

Your template has grate design but I run into difficulties.
First – font Raleway which is used in template does not support cyrillic(and many other languages). I found modification of this font with cyrillic symbols and solved my issue.

Now I need to localized messages in JS scripts(like that in form validation) and I didn't find any resources files. May be I'm wrong... Is there a good way how I can translate messages in template.js file? Thanks.
Sorry misprint
*great design
Hello zettabyte,

thank you very much for contacting and for purchasing our template. For technical inquiries please contact our support http://htmlcoder.me/support.

Many Thanks,
Hi Support,

I like your theme but wanted to know before I purchase is
1) Can I get the psd
2) I have checked by view source of the code and it seems that there are lot of js and css minified version present on the page so do I get the unminified version of these.

Can you please suggest.

Hi chitsrahul,

thank you very much for contacting us. Regarding your questions:

1) Unfortunately the psd files are not available for sale.
2) Yes of course, in the downloaded package all the files are unminified.

If you have further questions or queries you can always contact us http://htmlcoder.me/contact.

Many Thanks,
codesnap PURCHASED
Really like this theme. So many layouts and options. Everything you could ever need.

Quick question though. How can I make the top navigation fixed, but sticky? I can't seem to turn off the animation that occurs when you scroll down. I'd like the navigation area to stay in position, but without that little jump it does once you start scrolling down (scrolls up when you do, but moves back into position).
Hello codesnap,

thank you for contacting and for choosing the Project. I have already emailed you.


Could you send me too PSD files of the pages in the package, please ?


thank you very much for contacting and for choosing The Project template. Regarding your request, unfortunately the psd files are not distributable.

If you need any assistance, you can always contact our support http://htmlcoder.me/support.

Many Thanks,

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