Hello HtmlCoder,

Great theme !
Maybe a bug here : on an iphone 5S, the search button in the menu seems not working.
Could you verify it ?

Same problem on my Android Smartphone. After pressing the search button, the search field appears, but when I try to focus it, it disappears :(
Hi guys,

thank you very much for reporting this issue, it is a bug and it will be fixed in the next release. A quick fix for this is to replace the:

"$('.main-navigation [data-toggle=dropdown]....."

in line 51 of js/template.js file with:

"$('.header [data-toggle=dropdown]......"

Please, give it a try and let me know if is working now, if you need further assistance please contact support http://htmlcoder.me/support

Many Thanks,
Yeah, it seems to work, thanx !
Works for me as well, see live on me page:
That's great, thank you so much for your feedback!

rusamgr8 PURCHASED
Hello HtmlCoder,

I am having an issue. When I am using template's html page as my index.html page I am able to see the output properly. But when I am it in angular project having ui-router, where I am using ui-router for routing. LESS is not working.


Thank you.
rusamgr8 PURCHASED
Hello HtmlCoder,

Why is CSS not showing up when using UI-Router in angularjs..

Please help me out with this.
Hello rusamgr8,

thank you very much for contacting me and for purchasing the Project template. Regarding the issue with angular js, please contact support http://htmlcoder.me/support .

Many Thanks,
Hi HtmlCoder!

I purchased this theme a while ago, but haven´t come to use it yet.

However in my current project I am considering using it, but I am wondering whether there is a way to just use some components of the theme like e.g. the pricing table page without having to add the whole stylesheets etc
(Hard requirement for the project is a fast webpage with as few data transferred as possible)
Hello Admiral18,

thank you very much for contacting me and for purchasing the Project template. Regarding your question, please contact support http://htmlcoder.me/support in order to get assistance.

Also please accept my apologies for the delayed response, but for some reason I did not get a notification for this comment.

Many Thanks,
Adding a calendar component should be great to pick-up a date !
Hello Thommen,

thank you very much for contacting me and for purchasing the Project template. Regarding your suggestion, a calendar form component will added in the next release.

Many Thanks,
jimmylam PURCHASED
Any plan to add Admin template?
Hello jimmylam,

thank you very much for contacting. Regarding your question, currently I'm not planning to add an admin template, maybe in the future.

Many Thanks,
Hi HtmlCoder,
I want to use Carousel with Thumbnail in product page. http://htmlcoder.me/preview/the_project/v.1.2/template/shop-product.html

Please advise me.
Hello rainya,

thank you very much for contacting and for choosing the Project template. Regarding your request, I think you achieve it by using a boxed slider revolution with thumbs as navigation. FYI an alternative product page with a carousel with thumbs will included in the next version. If you need further assistance on this please contact support http://htmlcoder.me/support .

Many Thanks,
gravelld PURCHASED
Hi, great theme. I can see there's a custom.js for adding custom scripts and to avoid changing the theme's files. However what if I want to change the way the slider, say, works by default? I would have to change template.js for that. Is there a recommended way to make this change?
Hello gravelld,

thank you very much for purchasing the Project template and for your nice words. Regarding your question, yes of course there is a way, can you please contact support http://htmlcoder.me/support.


Which plugins are used for the sliders? Revolution-Slider or Owl-Carousel? And if Revolution-Slider -- then do I use /plugins/rs-plugin or /plugins/rs-plugin-5?

Thank you
Nevermind. I see in the source code that you can use either/or. It's a bit confusing though in my opinion. Not sure why the old ones were not removed. Thanks.
Hi htmlCoder, I just purchase the project yesterday, please provide how to install on my web, Thank you
Hello 7esmla,

thank you very much for contacting and for purchasing the Project template. The Project is static HTML5 template, so all you have to do is to upload the files to your server. FYI the template includes detailed documentation, also in case that you will need extra assistance, just contact us via http://htmlcoder.me/support.

Many Thanks,
Thank you for your respond but please more detail how upload to FYI and what is FYI server, why not included inside document how install html template?

Thank you in advance
I have email you on http://htmlcoder.me/support. please check
Hello 7esmla,

thank you for your message, I have already emailed you.

Many Thanks,
Hi! Hey great theme!

I'm having a little trouble, I'm trying to use the theme on a webforms aspnet app, on the front page, i was building the page without any trouble, but misteriusly I stoped seeing the slider and other sections. I have no errors on the console and I'm getting kind of desperate.. does it sound any familiar to you in such a way you can point me the right direction.

Thanks in advance
Hello g3org3rdz,

thank you very much for contacting and for choosing the Project template. Regarding the issue that you have faced, can you please contact support http://htmlcoder.me/support and send the url of your website, so that we can check it?

Many Thanks,
Hello htmlcoder, this template looks very very complete and I'm looking forward to purchasing it. Congratulations! However, I read previous comments and one of them talks about how heavy it is. I've seen the isotope filters used in the portfolio take long to load, so the whole page is visible except the different portfolio entries.

Two questions on this:
1. Is it possible to add any of the page loader options you offer, but at section level? Thus, the loader icon would apply only to the isotope items. Ie: You would see the whole page already there, and a loading message while the portfolio entries load.
2. If not possible, is there any isotope related event or method to detect once all portfolio entries are loaded, to hide a "loading" message by adding the hidden class when detected?

Any other alternative will be appreciated. I'm concerned on loading times and not providing any input to the user, as the portfolio grows over time. Thanks in advance!
Hello alourbanos,

thank you very much for interesting about the Project template, also about your good words.

Regarding your questions:

1) I'm not 100% sure (have to research) but I think yes, also it's a good idea to include this in the next update ;-)
2) As I looked here http://isotope.metafizzy.co/methods.html and here http://isotope.metafizzy.co/events.html no, but I think we can do this with jquery.

Regarding the Project template it is a multipurpose template and it contains third party plugins in order to support various features, so it's not heavy but it is big :-) like any other multipurpose template out there. We have always in mind the high performance and we try to keep things as minimal as possible. So just as with our 3800+ sales (customers), we believe that you will also be happy with your purchase.

Regarding the loading time of a website, it can depends at many things like: Server and configurations, used media (images, videos) files and practices, code etc. We can guarantee that the code will not be an issue.

If you have further questions or queries you can contact me directly via http://htmlcoder.me/contact

Many Thanks,
The Project - Multipurpose Template - Is this still wordpress?
Hello JediMobi,

thank you very much for your message. Regarding your question, the Project template is a static HTML5 template, not a Wordpress theme.

Many Thanks,
Hi Support,

Great theme, very clean structure and I loved the documentation :)

One query, can you please share the purchase links for images used in the demos ?

Zeeshan Malik
Hello voiceplus,

thank you very much for purchasing the Project template and for your good words. Regarding your request, yes of course, please contact support http://htmlcoder.me/support. Also please include info about the images you want to buy on your message to us, e.g. first slide of index.html or the images of page-about-2.html page etc so that we can send you the purchase links.

Many Thanks,
Hi htmlCoder,

Thanks for getting back to us :)

I will share image details that made it to our final copy for purchase links. We are still brainstorming different ideas and it will take a week or so for our finalized website.

I have sent some questions via http://htmlcoder.me/support.

Reply please

Hello avin092,

thank you very much for contacting and for choosing the Project template. I have replied to your emails.

Many Thanks,
Hello HtmlCoder,

Just a quick note of praise and gratitude for creating such a beautifully organized and easy to understand template. Your comments on the pages, along with the codes tidy appearance, are a pleasure to read.

Thank you!
Hello Califdml45,

thank you very much for your positive feedback, we are very pleased to read comments like this.

Thanks a bunch! :-)

Hi, on the filterable portfolio, can you tell me what CSS I can add to make the container not go full width and have margins on the left and right?


BTW, we have purchased this theme, just don't have the login for it right now. Let me know if that is required for this type of assistance please.

Hello ephost,

thank you very much for contacting me and for purchasing the Project template. You have done very good job, on your site, congratulations. As I notice, you have figure out how to add fixed width container to the filters of portfolio.

If you have further questions or if you need further assistance please contact support http://www.htmlcoder.me/support.

Many Thanks,
Hello HtmlCoder

I have purchased your template « The Project , » and have found the structure to be quite easy to use, the different layouts are also well designed.
Perhaps you could answer my question- Have you planned on including a Google Recaptcha under the “Contact” layout in your next update?

Thanking you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,
Hello Mourges_jeff,

thank you very much for contacting and for purchasing the Project template.

Regarding reCAPTCHA, first, you need an API key https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin then you need to add some snippets for including it on your website, you can find more info here https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/index.html.

Regarding your question, yes, we will add an example in the next update.

If you have further questions or if you need any assistance please contact support http://htmlcoder.me/support.

Many Thanks,
Dear HTMLCoder
Can I use the Project Template with Word Press?
Hello francisandre,

thank you very much for contacting and for your interest about the Project. Regarding your question the Project template is a static HTML5 template not a WP theme.

Many Thanks,

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