turkish support ?
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

I add several languages for demo purpose.

If you need to support turkish, while you can, I am afraid you have to add it on your own.

Hope this helps :)
Great work with template.

When you click the bar side in 'mobile' screen (width: < 480px) the expected behavior should be hide the sidebar, but the sidebar is show and the user must close it manually.

Can you guys to develop a couple more of color schemes?

Thank you.
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Yeah, Transform admin doesn't support auto close on mobile, I may add this functionality if more buyers want it.

About the color schemes, I don't have plan for this for now, hope you understand.
Transform Datepicker popup not getting adjusted with div. bottom portion getting cut during display.
I see similar issue raised against ui-bootstrapper.

#2572 opened on Aug 13 by agdevView all issues opened by agdev

is this fixed? if yes where can I get latest version of transform.

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

Are you using the latest version? That is v1.4?

If you are using the latest version and still have this bug, then it's the problem with Angular Bootstrap

Sorry about it.
Hi, thanks for your feedback.

Are you using the latest version? That is v1.4?

If you are using the latest version and still have this bug, then it's the problem with Angular Bootstrap

Sorry about it.

I have the same issue discribe 2 months ago:
Errno::ENOENT on line ["33"] of /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.0.0/gems/compass-1.0.1/lib/compass/exec/global_options_parser.rb: No such file or directory - /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/transform/transform/client/bower_components

Bower is installed. I use v1.4.

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

From the info you provided, it seems that you haven't install all the Bower components.

Have you run "bower install" to install them? If so, you should see a "bower_components" folder inside client/ folder

Hope this helps :)
Helped. Thank you very much! Felt in love with grunt and bower ;-)

I know, that it's not part of the package, but a template for retrieving and storing data with $http would be great. I googled a lot but struggled with the coffeescript syntax and a '$http is not defined' error.

mrfelton PURCHASED
Good theme. You should write some unit tests for the Angular version though.
Hi, thanks for your advice :)
Hello -

I can't figure out how to create the "dist" folder contents. Would you explain it?

Thank you,
Hi, thanks for your interest.

It seems that you haven’t purchased the item, the service is buyers only, hope you understand, thanks.
Very good job I congratulate you. the only thing is that I can not figure out how to create the files in the /dist folder. How can I do it?
Sorry for the late replay.

Simply run "grunt server:dist", and GruntJS will take care of everything :)
你好,我在使用 “Transform” 过程中发现,如果页面默认 “Menu Style” 设置为 “Horizontal” 那么“Chart” 的间距是有问题的。不会自动适应,在最新的 “VERSION 1.4.0” 里也是这样的。请问怎么解决这个问题?

Hello, I found in the use of "Transform" in the process, if the page is the default "Menu Style" is set to"Horizontal" then "Chart" space is a problem. Do not automatically adapt to, in the new "VERSION1.4.0" is like this. Could you tell me how to solve this problem?
Hi, thanks for your interest.

Flot.js charts work perfectly in this case, you can use that if you are a in a hurry.

Chart.js however, has to been manually called to resize to adapt to container width change.

Hope this helps :)
How would I be able to change the default language?

I changes the scope.lang variable in the shared/localize.coffee file. But it keeps loading English as default.
Sorry it doesn't support that for now, you'll need to change the code to achieve what you want.

However I will probably will add it in the future updates
Fantastic theme, I love it!

Since we have to support IE 8, is this capable to downgrade to angularjs 1.2.x? How much effort do you think it will take? The key components we will use include sidebar navigation, drag and drop in nested list, tasks, mail inbox, compose mail, rich text editor, timeline.
Hi, it is using 1.2.x.

However I didn't add any support to IE8, and I am afraid it'll be a bit time consuming.
Hello i've been having a problem with the transform template where i try to run it in google chrome by opening the index.html file and it shows me a blank page, while with the other templates it works fine. Later I open some style files an run them through a validator and it gave me a syntax error. Am I doing somethign wrong?

Thanks in advance
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Do you run it on a server? Because you'll need to run it on a server to make it work.

You can read "How to run it" section in the documentation to get up and running.

Feel free to contact me if anything goes wrong

Hope this helps :)
Hi, Would like to purchase your template but I was wondering if you had any custom DLLs included...seems that some on this site do.

Hi, thanks for your interest.

The admin template is front end only, there's no back end included.

Let me know if I have misunderstood you, thanks :)
Could you use dropzonejs as file uploader? I really believe that it would make "transform" even better
Hi, thanks for the feedback

The admin templates is front end only, and file uploader needs back end support, as a result, I just have style for it for now, hope you understand.

You can replace it with dropzonejs if you like :)

Thanx for your effort. I have bought your theme however I am trying to customize it and got some questions.

The header - nav-left is used to group top components, however I need to shift part of them to right side of the navbar. I have split subgroup as <ul class=nav-right list-unstyled>, unfortunately, it did not work, the group collapsed at the edge of the left one.

What would be your advice?

It seems that you haven’t purchased the item, the service is buyers only, hope you understand.

Let me know if I am wrong, thanks :)

By the way, for better support you can contact me though my profile page: https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/arousing
1. I am a newbie and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to customize the theme to my requirement (upon purchasing the theme, of course).
For example, I may want to design a dashboard myself, containing few more charts.

2. How do I hook up the theme to my MySQL database (or other). I want the graphs to pick up data from MySQL. I don't mind coding a bit to retrieve data from the database and then pass it on to your theme in the form of arrays, if required.

Hi, thanks for your interest.

Q1: 1. I am a newbie and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to customize the theme to my requirement...
Q1: Do you familiar with AngularJS? The admin template is easy to customize if you do.

Q2: How do I hook up the theme to my MySQL database (or other)...
A2: The admin template is front end only, and you can use whatever back end you like. To get date from the back end, you can use AngularJS service like [$http](https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/service/$http), [$resource](https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ngResource/service/$resource)

Hope this helps :)
Hi, I bought Transform template few days ago, but I have some problem:

After unpack transform, then ran lessBuild:
- bower_components directory not exists,
- vendor.js file is empty,
- ui.js file is not equal with dist directory from the package.

Can you help me with this?
Hi, it seems you haven't attach the order to your account.

By the way, you should install bower packages before running Grunt tasks, you can read the documentation to find more information

Hope this helps :)
Yeah, thats right I'm sorry for stupid question.

Anyway, the template was bought by my supervisor, on his account.
No worries.

Thanks for letting me know :)
I am trying to build left navigation menu by calling a web service.

But the directive "collapseNav" is not invoked after the REST API call. Can you help me with that?
Hi, thank for purchasing.

So you fetch the menu list dynamically right?

I think that's what cause the problem, maybe a promise is need in this case, that is only attach the collapseNav events when the menu data is fetched.

AngularJS uses [$q](https://docs.angularjs.org/api/ng/service/$q) for this.
this template support 4 level menu entry?

Hi, thanks for your interest.

I am sorry that Transform admin doesn't support that for now

Wanted to build a quick pdt prototype for demo and need reusable angular controls.
Is there a list of angular elements?

Hi, thanks for your interest.

I am not sure if I understand the question, could you give me more details? Thanks
Is there a code sample if I would like to request a JSON resource ?
Hi, thanks for purchasing.

I am sorry there isn't a code sample on requesting a JSON resource.

However, as the admin template is a typical AngularJS App, there's lots of resource online on this topic, and I think it will also work for this.

Hope this helps :)

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