I would like to purchase your template. May I know which platform that you recommend to use for backend code? Is that possible to fully utilize using c# code? Thanks if you could give me help on this.
Personally I prefer coding in PHP for back-end development..
If you are a C# developer you can make it with ASP.net also.

Thanks for asking .. :)
keung725 PURCHASED
One more thing I would like to ask. Can I keep the category menu, price range and color menu closed when I view it in mobile?


Yes you can. Open script.js and find $('.collapseWill').trigger('click'); and remove it.

After that add this script at the bottom of script

$(window).bind('resize load', function() {
if ($(this).width() < 767) {
} else {}

}); // end resize load

Hope it will work. If it doesn't work. Email me i will send you new code.

- Tanim Ahmed
The doc folder in my download is nearly empty - just has doc.css and an img folder with two files - where is the rest of the documentation?

Specifically looking for how to adjust breakpoints
Please go to root HTML folder and find Documentation - TSHOP -V1.3.html.

Like -
File\HTML\Documentation - TSHOP -V1.3.html

Ah, whoops - that was easy! Thanks :-)
I have another issue.... we want to use the static search bar layout

(personal preference, but also there's a fixable glitch - using the default layout, the cursor doesn't automatically focus in the search box, it says "start typing" but you need to click it in there to get that working).

However - with the static search bar, it doesn't work well on iPad - the search box is partly visible, and when you click on it it slides across and becomes more visible but that breaks the navbar.... If you send me a direct message I can show you our test link?

I got your mail. I will replay you soon . Thanks :)

- Tanim Ahmed
which .js files are relation with slide show
i want to change slide show completely

Please find and remove this script from footer -

<!-- include jqueryCycle plugin -->
<script src="assets/js/jquery.cycle2.min.js"></script>

After that Open home.js and find and remove these scripts as well -



Tanim Ahmed
Our customer support will be unavailable for 3 days (January 22 to 25 ).
Does it have RTL Support ? I want to buy it for Persian Language Website.
Currently our template not support for Right-To-Left (RTL) yet. Thanks for asking.
Hello.. I'd like to buy your template but do you have a sample form with jquery validation ?
Your registration or sign in form are not currently validated.
I am sure validation is one of important things in website template.
You can buy it. After that give me an email with your license key.
I will provide provide all necessary docs for validation.

Thank you!

I am going to purchase your theme, but can I change it as I want to and do I have to keep anywhere a copyright "© TSHOP 2014. All right reserved." info?

No problem with that. You can remove it. It's dummy text. :)

Hello there,
I'm gonna to buy this template but I have to tell you something to fix.

In "Product Details" page, images zoom doesn't work good. Can you fix it?
Also, it will be awesome if you add a new "Product Details" page version, with different plugin to view the different images.


Thanks for your comments. I will add a new zoom plugin with our next version.
Please feel free to email me with any ideas or queries you have.
Email: [email protected]

- Tanim AHmed
I see you are selling the same template in themeforest as "Yanky - Responsive Bootstrap Shopping Theme" is that yours or did someone rip yours.
That's not mine. It's against wrap policy. Don't have any themeforest template. I'm contact with wrap team.

Thank you for your notice.

Tanim Ahmed
Nice theme! Somebody is selling your theme elsewhere by the way:

Hello John.

I'm on it. I was in contact with themeforest. It will be removed soon.
I'm waiting for take down notice.

Thanks. :)

- Tanim
Can you provide less or sass files along with the css files?

We did not use any less/scss on this template. But we have a plan for it.
Thanks for your comment.

- Tanim Ahmed
We are interested in your template. But we don't have use Paypal account so much in Holland. Don't you have direct Visa?
Which Gateways does this template work with?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'Gateways'. It is a Static Template. It can adapt to any Gateways/API. You need to make it fictional/dynamic first.

- Tanim
I've a problem with a owl-carousel and responsive behavior.

In this page of the template, the carousel "NEW ARRIVALS" view browser's horizontal scrollbar when the window is resize under 900px width:

How can I fix this issue?

I fixed it. It will be published with next updates.
Send your email at [email protected] I will send my updated HTML :)

Cheers ! :)

- Tanim
I'm trying to use this theme with opencart.... Can you tell me how I can accomplish this. The file structure used in opencart is slightly different than the structure in the provided theme. I have tried to figure this out with no luck.

Thank you in advance!
Hello There,

My file structure is standard and very common. Put assets folder into your open-cart theme folder after that set all css,js path to assets directory. I'm not open cart developer but you can send me your live [email protected] [email protected] i will check and let you know my suggestions. :)


Tanim Ahmed
great template.
I plan to make a multi merchant site like e-shopping mall.
in addition I the wish list will be actually prepare by every store for when the customer comes to the store all is ready for try at the fitting room.
do you think I can make it with your template?
I plan to integrate it to Laravel.
Hi Chris,

I think you can use THSOP. But first you should make a list of pages you may want to add to your site. After that compare with TSHOP all pages. If you need any special features/pages let me know.

Laravel is great. Also you can add some AngularJS stuff . It will make your site 40% faster.

Tanim Ahmed
OK you convinced me, I purchased your template.
Hey DJ,

Thanks. $12 is no big deal. You can try with it. :)

- Tanim

Question 1:
for a beginner with light knowledge in PHP using PHP storm and WAMP.
what would be the major steps you recommend to start from scratch using your template( I bought it).

Question 2:
do you recommend also to purchase an admin template to complement yours?

Thanks in advance for your quick response.

I think everything you have to get started with php.
But If you’re starting from scratch with no experience in eCommerce development...
I think it will be hard for you.

Choose a simple lightweight admin panel.

Let me know for any further help. :)

Tanim Ahmed
Hello, the demo/preview of this theme: http://wrapbootstrap.com/preview/WB002S263 doesn't look responsive on mobile (on opening the link in mobile browser), but works with resizing browser on desktop. Could you please confirm the mobile experience will be the same as resizing the browser?


Remove the wrap iframe. Just click on "Remove this frame »" Then browse.


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