In the category list view, there is a filter by brand or color... or etc. When checkboxed is clicked why the <input type="checkbox"> is not set as checked. When is clicked i have to send some data to server bet it is not checked. How to fix this

It should work as normal jquery scripts. You have to use your jquery scripts at the end of your page. After script.js

Please check this support answers - http://templatecycle.com/support/kb/faq.php?id=4


Basally i used icheck plugins for input elements.
Full documentation here - https://github.com/fronteed/icheck

You can do it with simple jquery script like example -

$('input#newAddress').on('ifChanged', function (event) {
//alert(event.type + ' callback');

If anything doesn't help you out please open a ticket. http://templatecycle.com/support/open.php
I will take care of that.

Thanks :)
Hello again, my favorit e-coomerce theme developer.
I didn't found how to continue discussion, so i started a new post.

There is a nice plugin in your theme, which makes div height equal to each others.

It is called in script.js, like this:

$(function () {
$('.categoryProduct > .item').responsiveEqualHeightGrid()

and in category all products constructed just as in script ( I mean parent div has "categoryProduct" class, child has "item" etc.
But when i tried to add some text in "item" div it becomes higher then his brothers.

I've checked class names, checked calling of the script, checked documentation of the script - and i cannot find how to fix it, or how to make it works.
PS. i placed a grid.js call also, before the script.js.

Due the code formating, it seems that it must already work by default because you've activated the script and classes names.

Maybe you can give me the direction where to dig?)))

http://take.ms/DF0pu - page
http://take.ms/1kpTa scripts call
Hello There,

Alright I will fix that. NP.

http://take.ms/DF0pu i need this original link to check.
Also i recommended to open a ticket here http://templatecycle.com/support/open.php.
So we can talk more about this issues.

Thanks & Regards
Tanim Ahmed
Hi, im already purchased this template, but im forget to login before purchase (buy as guest).
im forget the link given, how can i download this theme againt? i have the transaction paypal ID
lol, sorry. this theme already on my account
thanks for ur great template
Good to hear that :)


Can you fix bug on category.html.

Text moves and dislocates. Happens on iPhone (Safari and Chrome) when switching from Portrait to landscape view and vice versa.


It's not a bug, it's a responsive issue.
I fixed that. Hope you got my css file :)
Hi there, I'm a full-stack javascript developer but have never built an e-commerce site. Looking to build a small e-commerce website for a client who want's something more unique than shopify template and hopefully cheaper. Don't mind using an Saas or API's, I was wondering what backend tech people have found that works well with this template?

WordPress‎ (WooCommerce ) or open-cart both are ready made eCommerce platform. WordPress/open-cart developers are available in freelance market. Not sure about cost. But i recommended WooCommerce if need a small online store.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Thanks & Regards
Tanim Ahmed
semsocal PURCHASED
Hi, I am having an issue with product detail page (modal) on mobile devices. I can scroll down (swipe down) the product detail page (higher then screen size) on Android phone, but not on the iPhone (iOS 9). Anyone else has this issue? Thanks.

I haven't got any complaint about that. But i will check and fix that. No Problem.
Can I have your email address please? I will create a ticket for you.
So we will be in touch about that.

Do your template works without a CMS?
Hello Team,
Your template is simply awesome.
Now Actually when i ran it in preview mode , Product's Quick view Feature using Ajax works fine.
But Now after purchasing it, when i'm clicking on Quick View it doesn't work out.
Kindly guide me on this.

Did you try localhost:8888/ or localhost/yoursite/
Also there are non ajax modal available on this page single-product-modal.html
Try with localhost or any other live server and let me know for any other questions.

Thanks For Using TSHOP
Hi, on the page product-details.html one can zoom in on a product by providing a low res and a high res picture. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is possible due to smoothproduct.js and css.
Is it possible to have this working on a touch enabled devices. On touch enabled one only sees the corner of the zoomed in picture but it is not possible to move around, like on desktop. Thus rendering the zoom in function useless on touch enabled devices.
What should I do?

Yes you were right about zoom. I used two zoom plugins on product details page.
I have noticed that it does not work correctly on touch device as like desktop.
We have some limitation and decency on third party plugins.

We have solutions :). I'm working on it. You can email me directly - [email protected]
I will try to give you my best solutions for that. And hope I will release it with my next version.

Thanks for using THSOP !

Hello gtanim,

I would like to change the font color, search icon color, and shopping cart icon color within the top and bottom navbar. The default is white for all of these. So far, I have only been able to change the main navbar font to black as followed:

.navbar-nav > li > a {
color: #000000;
font-size: 14px;
font-weight: 600;
text-transform: uppercase;

What else must I do to change the navbar (both top and bottom) to a black font and icon theme? Thanks!
Under Features it says "Detailed Documentation" is included.

Where is it? I'm trying to make changes to the cycle2 slider.

Hi. Why navbar not show color in Microsoft EDGE

*Sorry for late replay.

Alright We will check and let you know the updates.
If it's urgent then i request you to open a ticket here http://templatecycle.com/support/

If you don't get any response please email me directly [email protected]

Thanks & Regards
Tanim Ahmed
If we buy your template we could get the codes for editing and customizing?

This is a static template. After purchased you will get all static file include 60+ HTML file, CSS, JS, 1 Psd file for logo and documentation as well.

After purchased you can customize this template as per your requirement.

Thanks :)
veenu018 PURCHASED

I purchased the template yesterday but quick view on home images doesn't work. it looks like it trying to open and screen fade but content doesn't appear.

Please advise ASAP.


It should work. Please try with local host.
I use bootstrap Ajax modal. AJAX require local sever.


First and foremost I would like to say that I'am very happy with this theme it is everything and more than I expected. However I ran in to a small issue I'am using index 2 I tried using different hrefs for quick-view, I simply copied and modified the file in /ajax/product.html and made several files as the following product2.html.....etc. However when I press the quick view button and click on another button the first product.html still shows up on the quick-view pop up how can I fix it so that every button as a set quick-view file? I changed the href in the index2.html file and the images on the ajax/product.html

Thanks for using TSHOP.

Its very simple. You will need to change ajax url. Thats it.

<a data-toggle="modal" class="btn btn-xs btn-quickview" href="ajax/product2.html"
data-target="#productSetailsModalAjax">Quick View 2 </a>

Here i change href="ajax/product2.html" and everything else remains the same as we have now.
And run this page with localhost. It should work :) that works for me

If you need my file i can send you. Open a ticket (http://templatecycle.com/support/open.php) or email([email protected]) me. I will send it.

I purchased the theme. After downloading the archive and extracting the files, when I click on the [[Quick View]] button on the product images, it doesn't show the product preview like it did in the theme hosted by Wrappbootstrap. Why? Shouldn't the behaviour be the same?
Also, how can I change the theme? I want to use the nice Black & Grey one instead of the default Green Theme. I don't see the menu for changing color that was present in the Wrapboostrap preview, neither can I find a .html index file that uses these colors.

Globally we use bootstrap remote (ajax) modal functionality for more advance way to display product dynamically. Sometimes ajax need Server/localhost . Please try to open your HTML file with localhost or any other host , quick view should work. Also if you don't wanna use ajax modal then open single-product-modal.html. there are two types of modal you will see. With ajax and without ajax.

For changing theme and color please follow our documentation. Its simple. :)

Thanks and let me know if have any other questions.
mmjnovin PURCHASED
I cant Change Theme's Logo.
When I Change Theme's Logo , The logo will be hidden In Hover.

You can change the logo or header image.. You need to replace your logo with TSHOP logo.png .

<a class="navbar-brand " href="index.html">
<img src="images/logo.png" alt="TSHOP">

Change src path to your logo src="images/logo.png"


I'm not clear about your last questions. You already changed your logo now you want to change hover effect ?

Please elaborate bit more about this part. I'm looking forward to help.

mmjnovin PURCHASED
How can I add link to slider image? (index2)

You can add a link to image but we have overly div with 100% height width.
So you need to add a <a> link inside the sliderInfo div. and use the css in style.css or somewhere else.
It will work.

Example -

<div class="sliderInfo">
<!-- your image link below -->
<a href="" class="slider-img-link"> </a>

<div class="container">

a.slider-img-link {
height: 100%;
position: absolute;
width: 100%;
z-index: 1;

Tanim Ahmed
I've a problem with the smoothproducts plugin.

When you open a page from a smartphone/tablet with touch control, if the finger touch/click on the image the effect zoom not works and image become not visible (too large and is necessary touch/click another time on the image to restore it).

As example see your demo page from a smartphone (touch on the woman's image and see the effect):

Do you have any suggest to improve the effect on the mobile?
Alternatively, is it possibile disable the zoom effect for touch devices?
Hello Michele,

Yes I have noticed that.
On mobile devices I use image pop-up instead of zoom. This is a fallback solution for smoothzoom.

If you don't have it on your current version then let me know. I will send it tonight.

But we have 5 variations of product details.
On next version we will remove smoothzoom and use an alternative plugins or solutions for better user experience.


Tanim Ahmed
mmjnovin PURCHASED
Can you change this project to RTL?

Sorry about delay!

This is a big projects. Almost 70+ HTML files.
So we don't have any plan to make it RTL at this moment.

We currently busy with our next updates.
May be after that i will work on it.

Thanks you !


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