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I have an issue with product detail Ajax at single-product-modal.html

when I use dynamic url for several product ex in thee category-list.html there are lots of products with
href="ajax/product.html" data-target="#productSetailsModalAjax"
when I use dynamic url for each product say href="ajax/product.html?p=x"
I dicovered that the modal will load the external page once and all other product will also load the same page the first to be clicked loaded, I cannot figure out how to fix this.
i also discovered tht this js file is missing
<script type="text/javascript" src="assets/js/product-details.js"></script>

HINT: what I mean by "all other product will also load the same page" if you have two products a and b if you click on b first, it will load the modal for the b product url and if you later click on a it will load the same data loaded before for b.
Hello there,

I got your point. Just use this script into script.js after // Modal Event

$('#productSetailsModalAjax').on('shown.bs.modal', function () {

Everything else remain same. I had same issue with some other clients its works for them.

I use bootstrap remote modal funtion. No additional script. You can find all details about remote modal here - http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#modals

But I recommend to use jQuery.load function for advance usages.

And yes i forgot to remove assets/js/product-details.js . You can remove this script whenever you find. No problem with that.

Please let me know if you need any further help. [email protected]

Hi, I did purchase the T-SHOP template and sent a request to change the logo from 125x27 to something bigger like 57 height
U said I have to increase the header nav size. Could you help me with the classes? I sent my request on Octuber 10th!


Yes I remember, some I missed that email. Sorry about that.
Please send me the email again I will take care about that tomorrow. No problem.

Tanim Ahmed
thanks, I just sent you inbox
tammlabor PURCHASED
very nice, Im using it right now and i have managed to change some settings but can not see hove to make filtering products. I have read docs and find some links you suggested but did not find any working demo to see how to do it. Im sure it my fault but is there any chance to show how to do?
What i need is simple:
for example category 2 page
there are a lots of products but i need filtering them by subcategories with checkbox or radiobutton its does not matter.
if i check a box it shoud show just the proper products
I have a deadline so please help

Sorry about delay.

Our filter option is static. It doesn't work until you make it functional.
If you are planning to make a static website then i will suggest you to use http://isotope.metafizzy.co/ filter or other jquery plugins. If you need multiple attributes/option for filter then you have to use some advance jquery scripts.

Please email me [email protected] for more conversations.

How can I change the footer start at the end of the product list?
I have many product and now the footer start in the middle of this list not at the end.

Could be simple solution i guess. There is no limit in product List.
And footer should be at the bottom of the page.

But i am not 100% clear about your problem. Please elaborate bit more and send it to my email.
If necessary, attach your screenshot with your email.

Thanks :)

i'm going to build my site on wordpress. can i use the TSHOP tamplet although it based on bootstrap?
can i lowd the files of the tamplet into wordpress site without problems?

waiting for your reply,


Sorry for delay replay.

You can use THOP in any platform. Its a static template.
You need to make it functional or convent this template into a WordPress theme.

For details please check this link http://templatecycle.com/support/kb/faq.php?id=9

Let me know if you any other questions.


I was testing my website using your product details.html on a mobile version and I found there´s some issues when opening the gallery. I can´t open the large images either with a responsive zoom or with a pop up. There´s a msg on my console:
jquery-migrate-1.2.1.js:41 JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated
Could you fix this html ? I have done all the work based on this page.

You already have an inbox

thank you!!!!!
Hello. We have the same problem too.

Could you fix this?
Mobile version is very important!


I somehow missed this original comments.

In our package index.html there is no console error. I need a screenshot of it.
I'm not sure where you found it. But anyway please send me email to [email protected]
I will fixed that.

Tanim AHmed
lostlian PURCHASED

im intereseted in purchasing the theme. But the description says you dont use SASS or LESS. So the styling is static css?

Even I have the same query... need to know asap...

Sorry about delay.

At the beginning we didn't use less or sass. So we don't have style.less for style.css. But after some update (after v1.3) i start using less for new pages like home page v7, product-details-5.html+ and other pages. All files are separately available in less folder. As an example you can edit product-details-5.less and compiled to assets/css/product-details-5.css and this css file is already added into product-details-5.html. You can generate color theme using skin.less.

This is a big projects around 80+ pages so i did't take risk to convert all css into less.
But in future i will try to make it fill less compatible. :)

Tanim Ahmed
@lostlian please send an email with PURCHASED licence no for updated version of TSHOP
purchased license* no
Hi I'm having an issue with safari mobile browsers and desktop browsers see how it looks the template?.
There is any solution or suggestion to solve this issue?.
If you scroll then the page is fixed I think is an issue with the plugin match height

I checked in my safari mobile browser. Its looks fine in my browser.
I guess it could be some some loading issue.. But you can send me email [email protected]
If its really a bug then we can fix that. No prb.

I'm using your template I bought already, but I face a problem with the mega menu: in the "Shop" dropdown menu, I added categories with pictures. So, it's a quite long menu. It looks nice on mobile, I can scroll down til the bottom of the menu. But on desktop, the bottom of the menu is trunked to the height of the screen. I mean, I can't scroll down, height is limited to screen's height.
Is it possible to fix that?
Thank you for help!

Probably you missed img-resonsive class. May be your image overlapped dropdown max-height. .
Please send me an email with screenshot your issue. It will be fix . NP.

thank you for your help, "problem" is solved, both mobile and desktop version are working great! :)
hi my friend, this template works with paypal?
this template have all the files to connect the shop process?
i need a template for online shop in bootstrap, with shopping cart work with paypal, and login for users, if i buy this template, i will do all this things?
you can make me a template like a need and how much it cost please my friend?

Basically this is static template. This is not a
CMS or wordpress theme.

For more info please check this link http://templatecycle.com/support/kb/faq.php?id=9
Hope it will help you.

Let me know if you have any questions after that.

Our customer support/comments reply will be unavailable for a 2 weeks (February 4th to 18). But you can send me mail for any inquiries or questions to [email protected] I will respond to your email on my return.

Thanks :)
I noticed that the cart sidebar is not responsive. Loading it in small viewports it does not show the cart contents at all.
I'm using your template I bought already, but I face a problem with the category menu.(TSHOP : category2.html).
In the Explorer browser, some list of products appears to be moved back. (there is a blank space).
I checked it, Original source have the same symptoms.
I want to send a picture for an accurate understanding.
Please let me know how.
mmjnovin PURCHASED
I'm having trouble when I compress css files into one file in root folder. And the styles are not applied well. When I deactivate compression, I find that less files are loaded but they are not loaded when compressing is active.
Where are less files loaded?
Respond by email
mmjnovin PURCHASED
Thanks for your support
The problem was not from theme and it was from my minifying system.
how I can put in product details two or more products slider (<div id = "SimilarProductSlider">) <div id = "Other1ProductSlider"> <div id = "Other2ProductSlider"> Thanks

Sorry i didn't get your request. Do you want to use separate product details modal for different products ?

Please send me details to my email [email protected]

How can I reload the quick view ajax/products.html after I click the quickView button? I tried to make it dynamic, but I keep the same images as I first time clicked?

I have just replied to your email. Please check :)

Great support received from the seller. Instantly solved my problem within 10 mins. Deeply appreciated:)

Best Wishes,
Hello Tanim ,
It's me again, I have a problem about pace.js. I know it could be issues from something else but the progress bar shows it take a long time to load the page. Sometime the progress bar run backward( from right to left). And the body class always be in pace-running, need 1 or 2 minutes to be pace-done. At this moment, the product quick view ajax will not work. There is light box shows up but no product detail page.
Could you show me how to fix it?

Best Wishes,

I think the problem is website loading, not pace.js plugin.
I described in the details by email. Please check your email.

- Tanim
tem: TSHOP - Responsive E-Commerce Template (Single Application License) Item#: WB002S263 License: Single Application License License ID: c46a7dde-f27b-4b40-b206-da5265f676e3 In the above template, the Personal Information form get disabled when opened on iPad resolution or device with less resolution.Please help

I need more information about your issue.
I replied your email. Please check

Hope soluation would be easy if i get proper information

I did download theme. Quickview is running living theme. But html files in not run.

I used bootstrap remote modal.
Simply run that html on localhost or ar any web server.
You will see the modal
jmar6482 PURCHASED
Where can I alter the Fade Speed of the Drop Down Menu on top?
jmar6482 PURCHASED
Thank you Tanim, (developer), for your help. It works great!

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