Hi, this theme is for wordpress???

TWILLI Air is an HTML template, as described in the Details page.
You can use it as the base to build your custom Wordpress theme.

Thank you.
Is it right that the background doesn't change on mobile?
I noticed this as well. It's my only reason for not purchasing it...

Thanks for your purchase.

The background switching feature can be turned on as well on mobile. It was turned off by default in order for the site to load faster and minimize the data being transferred.

In the file /assets/js/initialise-functions.js, search for the "ON WINDOW SCROLL", and remove the following exact text: "&& !jQuery.browser.mobile"

Good, thanks!
HI! I already purchased the theme and I notice that background doesn't change when I scroll down the web in small resolutions, like mobile.

And when I click on menu, the background doesn't change.

Is this a bug?

Is there any solution?


Thanks for your buying our template.

As explained above, the background switching feature was turned off by default on mobile viewport in order for the site to load faster and minimize the data being transferred.

In the file /assets/js/initialise-functions.js, search for the "ON WINDOW SCROLL", and remove the following exact text: "&& !jQuery.browser.mobile".


hi again. is it possible to align the sections background to the left instead that to the right without entering the JS files?

Do you mean aligning the sections' content (ex: text) to left instead to the right?
If so, you need to:
- index.html: replace the "pull-right" classes to "pull-left" (inside the .content-wrapper divs).
- style.css: search for " #main-content .section-wrapper .content-wrapper { }" and replace the "text-align: right" rule to "left".
I wanted to add a static banner 175px tall at the top. I am a little confused on adjusting the scroll to accommodate that. Can you point me in the right direction? This is really a great template!
Hi msmilonich,
Thanks for buying our template!

Can you please use the contact form on our profile page, or send us an email on [email protected], explaining further your question, in particular:
- You want the static banner to remain fixed at the top of the page, or in one section only?
If possible, can you please send a screenshot/sketch of what you're referring to?

jeremyby PURCHASED
Hi there, I purchased the beautiful theme and was trying to customize it for my own project's homepage. However, I have this problem that has been killing me.

I changed some of the bg images and sections, as well as their ids and corresponding anchors, etc. It was all working well, had all functions working when scrolling or clicking on menu items. But, as I use Rails 4, which is built in with a feature called Turbolinks. What it does is to load and change only the body of the pages between visits using javascript. It only loads those JS defined in the header once and then triggers the $(document).ready event after loading the body of new pages.

I was hoping it work well with Twilli Air, but when I leave the home(Twilli Air) page and then return to it, either using the browser's back button or click a '/' link from other pages, the home page will break. The homepage is positioned at top but the bg image of the first section, same as the default bg image, is not shown, instead it is all black. As I scroll down, the bg image of the first section appears as the black bg slided up. And the bg image of each later section flashes in and disappears immediately while the first bg image stayed all the way down.

I suspect it has something to do with Turbolinks. I found out that after return to homepage, $(document).ready() was triggered but not $(window).load(). I tried to look into your JS, but didn't find problem. Do you have any clues or suggestions from here, please?
Hi jeremyby,

Thanks for purchasing our template.

Could you please contact us on [email protected] or from the contact form on our profile page?

Thank you
csantala PURCHASED
A brief 'type-over' event occurs when using the contact form fields - the placeholder remains briefly in the field when the user types which looks bad. Please fix.

Safari and Chrome only, works properly in Firefox.

Thank you for buying TWILLI Air.

The type-over event that you mentioned is related to how browsers handle placeholders. Some browsers clear placeholders as soon as the user starts to type, others on focus of the input field.

If you want all browsers to handle placeholders the same way, you can add the following script at the bottom of index.html or inside the "document ready" section in initialise-functions.js:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
$('input, textarea').on('focus',function() {
if ($(this).attr('placeholder')) {
$(this).data('placeholder', $(this).attr('placeholder')).removeAttr('placeholder');
}).on('blur', function() {
if ($(this).data('placeholder')) {
$(this).attr('placeholder', $(this).data('placeholder')).removeData('placeholder');

If you require any more assistance with this, please email us on [email protected], or from the contact form on our WB profile page.

Hi there, I purchased this great template, however it seems that the "main-menu" seems to align left the moment it is on mobile view. I have not changes anything on the template I bought. Even then I stretch my browser back to tablet or pc view it seems that the main-menu text still displays on the left.

Is there something I can adjust in CSS?

Please advice.
Hi dawier,

Thanks for buying TWILLI SKY, and apologies for the late reply.

Thanks also for pointing out this problem, which, after some investigation, seems to be related with the v.1.11.1 upgrade of jQuery. This situation is happening randomly, mostly on Chrome browsers.

To fix it, please add "width:100%" to the following CSS rule in assets/css/styles.css:

#left-sidebar #main-menu {
list-style: none;
font-family: 'open_sanslight', sans-serif;
text-transform: lowercase;
background: rgba(0,0,0,0.1);

Hope this helps!
Thank you it is working now :)
csantala PURCHASED
Thank You for providing the placeholder typeover workaround - it works perfectly.
Absolutely great template! I originally purchased the single use license, but after my initial success with that project I purchased the multiple use license. That said, do I need to re-download the template now that I have a different license key for it, or is that license key just a formality?
Hi cbarilone,

Thanks for your comment and for buying our template.

You don't need to re-download the template. The new multiple license grants you permission to use the template in multiple installations, as indicated on: http://support.wrapbootstrap.com/knowledge_base/topics/usage-licenses

However it is recommended to re-download the template when there are new updates available.
Hi there, thanks for the great template. Is it possible for me to change the "feature-fonts" to another font? Can I use any other font? And how would I change the size of the font?

Many thanks
Hi adrigrove,

Thank you for buying our template.

Please send us an email on [email protected] or from the contact form on our profile page, and we'll send you instructions.

Thank you
marble68 PURCHASED
I bought this template for a project. It's great - but don't expect older mobile browsers to gracefully handle it. I have an iPod Touch 4th gen running iOS 6 and the browser dies about 30% of the time.

So- just an FYI...
Hi marble68,

Thank you for informing us of this issue. We are currently looking into it. Kindly send us more details on [email protected], so we can replicate the reported issues.


Lovely theme! I'm a relatively new developer, who primarily works in WordPress- in setting up a page for a client who has purchased this theme, the background image transitions have been broken somehow (he set them up before transferring the site to me to work on). They change when navigating via the menu, but do not do so when scrolling. Any ideas what may be causing this? Since I work primarily in WordPress, I'm a total Java novice, and I'm assuming that's where the problem lies.
Hi Cantilever,

Thank you for buying our template.

Please send us an email on [email protected], including the corresponding files so that we can help you rectify the reported issue.
Hi, great template! One question, what is the easiest way (css) to fix the navigation (with the logo) also for smaller resolutions (iphone, ipad..). Thanks in advance for your help, Kind Regards DT
Hi Domaintrader,

Thank you for buying TWILLI Air.

Could you kindly provide us with more details on [email protected]? Thanks.
i tired to install twilli theme in wordpress and the error is:
Scompattamento del pacchetto…

Installazione del tema…

Il pacchetto non può essere installato. Il tema manca del foglio di stile style.css.

Installazione tema non riuscita.

in english it says that there is no stile.css file in the zip but this is not true. the file exist.
help me please
Hi Lucamazzu,

TWILLI Air is an HTML template, as described in the Details page. It is not a Wordpress theme, hence the error that you're getting.

You can use this template as the base to build your custom Wordpress theme.

Thank you.

How can I turn off the CAPTCHA? I've tried just uncommenting it but then the form breaks?
Hi joust,

Thanks for buying TWILLI Air.

Please send us an email on [email protected] or via the contact form on our profile page, and we'll send you instructions to disable CAPTCHA.

Thank you
Can I use the images and icons on my website for free? Or is there a license I can buy? Do I have to name the artists on my website?
Thanks for clarification.
Hi britbee,

Thank you for buying TWILLI Air.

The images are from morgueFile.com. You can use the them for free, under certain conditions, which can be found on: http://www.morguefile.com/license/morguefile

The icons are from Font Awesome, which is open source, and hence can be used also for free (http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/license/)

I'm trying to install the TWILLI theme, but I keep receiving an "installation failed" / missing style.css style sheet - I've also unzipped the file to try and locate the theme, but to no avail?
Hi BradleySlinger,

As described in this template's Details page, TWILLI Air is an HTML template. It is not a Wordpress theme, hence the error.

As mentioned in the previous comments, you can use this template as the base to build your custom Wordpress theme.
marble68 PURCHASED
Quick question: I wish to use vide for a video background with Twilli air - but it seems the logo scrolls when I do.

JQuery Video Background library Vide: http://vodkabears.github.io/vide/

Any ideas why it might be doing this?

marble68 PURCHASED
I have emailed you directly, as well.

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