How can I get the background image to change when the user scrolls or clicks to a new section?

I can get it to change when the user goes to Carousel, but that's it. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi banjoski,

Sorry for the late reply. By default the template's background images are set to change when the user scrolls or clicks on menu items.

Kindly contact us through the contact form on our profile page, providing us with a link from where we can access your site.

Thank you
wolfe677 PURCHASED
where can I find documentation on acceptable types for the data-validation-type field used in the contact form?
Hi wolfe677,

Thank you for buying a TWILLI template, and apologies for the late reply.

The contact form field can have these data-validation-types:
- "string"
- "phone"
- "email"

More validation types can be added to the "validate_fields" function in functions.js. Javascript knowledge is recommended before editing this.
I just downloaded this. However, when I plug it into my .NET MVC 5 app, it is having troubles loading a few .js files & this results in not being able to load the background image. Any help appreciated
Hi smesh,

Thanks for your purchase.

Unfortunately we don't provide support for .NET MVC.

Please make sure that:
- The styles.css stylesheet is properly included and loaded in the <head> section.
- The html structure of the website is kept the same as in the original template files, most importantly the #outer-background-container <div> and the background data-attributes, and the section containers inside the page.
- The following Javascript files are properly included at the bottom of the page (keeping the same order):
--- jquery.backstretch.min.js
--- functions.js
--- initialise-functions.js

We hope you find this helpful.
Hi. I want to add static menu at mobile. I Think the menu always on top at mobile version is easiest. How can i do this?
Hi wy_borowy,

Thank you for buying our template.

Kindly submit your request through the contact form on our profile page.


The carousel is not showing the arrows in some browsers, is there anything i have to change to make sure the arrows will be shown?

Hi dfirka,

Thanks for buying a TWILLI template.

Kindly contact us through the contact form on our profile page, providing us with more details, so the we can help you with your issue.

I can't seem to purchase this, as I get a page saying that there is no valid certificate. What does this mean?
Hi vk1141,

We're sorry but this was an issue beyond our control, which has been fixed.

Thank you for buying our template.
I've purchased your theme a while ago and made an amazing new cool website with your template. I want to reuse the template now to build another website. Is this allowed or do I have to buy the theme again?


We have replied to your question via email. Kindly refer to the WrapBootstrap license information at: http://support.wrapbootstrap.com/knowledge_base/topics/usage-licenses for more information.

Thank you
Hello team,

I am in Tanzania, East Africa.. I want to buy this template but I dont have a paypal account.. I usually buy things online by using my card directly.. I have a master card.. So can you provide me with a link to buy using my bank card direct?

Hi shukuru101,

Unfortunately, the only way to buy this template on WrapBootstrap is through Paypal. Please note that a Master Card can also be linked to a new PayPal account.

Thank you

Not sure why my purchased item doesnt show up in my account but you can see that I made a purchase 2 weeks ago using my email listed here.

I have a few questions:
- how do I change the background images? (which area/file would I find this)
- how can I change the case of the items in the menu? (text, casoursel etc)
- where do I find the gradient/shadow used on the menu? (If I want to remove or change it)


Hi Jay,

We have replied to your questions via email.
A really nice template for modern browsers and newer mobiles. On iPhones 4S Safari it's barely not usable, the java script reacts very slow. From time to time the page is reloaded because of a crash. Whats's the easiest way to make it reachable on "aged" mobiles?
Best regards
Hi manu37,

Thank you for buying TWILLI Air.

Kindly can you please contact us through the form on our profile page, and provide us with more details, including a link from where we can test the website on mobile devices?

Thank you
First of all, great template!

The email template is not working. it continues to error.
Hi zcrossland,

Thank you for buying our template.

Kindly can you please provide us with more details about the error that you're getting by contacting us through the form on our profile page? If possible please send us a link from where we can access the form.

Thank you
Hi, thank you for kindly responding,

I'm getting the following error after I click Submit. "an error occurred. Please try again later'"

http://www.luciditycloud.com: The site is hosted on Azure.

Thanks for the reply.

If you have properly edited the first lines of mail.php (as mentioned in the documentation, "Contact Form" section) and you're still getting this error, then most probably it is an issue with some server configuration.
Please make sure that PHP mailing functions are properly enabled on your server. We recommend you contact your server's hosts regarding server configuration.

Hope you find this helpful.

Since I modified my server to force ssl, it seems I have a strange bug with the carousel.

On the initial page load (desktop) each frame is positioned at the bottom of the screen. If I resize the browser and then maximise again the placement is fixed.

Am I able to discuss this with you so I can share examples etc?

Hi tbdx,

Sure, kindly contact us through the contact form on our profile page. If possible please send us a link to your page.

Thank you
1 month and no response to users -- really awful support / customer service.
Hi Jay,

We replied to your questions via email.

Thank you
Thank you!

I received your email. I really appreciate the help.
I'd like to buy this theme but I use wordpress, is it going to work?
Hi Emanuela,

TWILLI Air is an HTML template, as described in the Details page, so it will not work in Wordpress.

However, you can use it as the base to build your custom Wordpress theme.

Thank you.

Thank you for such an elegant theme. Is there any way to change carousel slides size? We want it to be bigger, maybe not to show so many on a first click (for example 4 is enough), but make it bigger.. Any answer will be appreciated.

Hi nasliunas,

Thanks for your buying a TWILLI template.

Kindly contact us through the contact form on our profile page, so that we can send you some CSS help to change the size of the carousel slides.

Thank you
Hi, I have a problem when I go to install the theme.

The mesage is: "Could not decompress the packet. The issue has style.css style sheet.

Failure to install the theme.

Can you helpme please?
Hi salopezna,

TWILLI Air is an HTML template rather than a Wordpress theme, as described in the Details page and mentioned above.

However, you can use it as the base to build your custom Wordpress theme.

Thank you.
Could you please send me instructions on how to implement Google's reCaptcha v2 instead of the captcha installed?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for buying our template.

We have replied to your query via email.

kgaconti PURCHASED
Hello Team,

The Twilli Air theme I bought for my WordPress site doesn't work properly on mobile phones - the background images don't change as they do on desktops and laptops. The background comes up as black throughout. My site address is http://webcases.co.uk. Could you check this on those devices and get it sorted out for me.

Many thanks in advance.
Hi kgaconti,

Thanks for buying a TWILLI template.

Please note that by default, the background change is disabled on mobile devices, to optimise performance. However, it is easy to enable it. Instructions to do so are listed in the included documentation file (section "Enable/Disable Background Change").

Please note that when background change is disabled on mobile devices, the "data-default-background-img" attribute of <body> is used instead. We have checked your site, and it seems that the image included in this attribute does not exist on your server.

If you still require further help on this, kindly contact us through the contact form on our profile page.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you.
kgaconti PURCHASED
The background image change is sorted. But individual pages (sections) are not wrapping up fully on mobile phones. In other words, a section and a half are displaying at a time on mobile phones
Hi kgaconti,

By design, the sections are not intended to wrap up fully on mobile viewports.

For custom customisations like this, kindly contact us through the contact form on our page.

Thank you

I'm thinking about using TWILLI Air for several pages in one website, the same domain, such as mydomain.com/page1, mydomain.com/page2 etc. I don't want a structured menu, sidebars etc, but instead I prefer the immersion experience of a landing page for each of my products, with minimal linkage among those pages.

Do I need to buy the Multiple Application license? (The terms "installation" and "application" are not well explained by WrapBootStrap.)

If I do have to pay the Multiple Application license, can I purchase first the Single Application for a test, than pay the difference ($30) to get the Multiple Application license? Or would I have to pay $10 for the Single plus $40 for the Multiple?

Hi CB,

Thanks for your interest in our template.

Unfortunately, issuing of licenses is beyond our control. We suggest you contact the WrapBootstrap Support at https://wrapbootstrap.com/support, as they can answer your question.

Thank you
Hello! I just purchased the Twilli Air theme and it looks awesome! I am able to customize most of the details to my needs (menu, backgrounds, contact form, footer, etc.) but am running into trouble when I try to remove sections. Specifically, although they look great and I may use them at a later time, I don't have a current need for the Carousel, Featured, or Tabs sections. When I try to remove a section by commenting out the section wrapper ( <article> through </article> ) of one of these sections and then take a look at the result in my browser (desktop Safari), the page layout is jumbled - bits of the Contact section overlays on itself, and some parts of the other sections end up on top of each other and into the menu. I have also tried to leave the section wrapper (article) but just comment out the content wrapper but get the same result. It's been a while since I worked with HTML/CSS so the misunderstanding is certainly on my end. Can you point me in a direction to figure out what else I need to change to maintain the page formatting? Thank you! Love the theme!!

Thank you for buying our template.

We have replied to your question via email.


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