About the wizzard form :
I need to create a wizzard form and I need the final step "Submit" to send me all the informations into my email.
Is your application wizzard san send all the informations ?

No, it doesn't. Wizard has only client side validation. But we will include this feature in new update.


I'm trying to convert your examples to use bower but I'm having problems tracking down the package for gallery.js. Which one is it?

Selfishly, it'd be great if you shipped a dev-environment using bower, gulp etc ;-)

Answered on you ticket on ticksy.com
Guys u need to change in landing2.js:
// Cache selectors
var lastId,
topMenu = $(".main-navi"),
topMenuHeight = topMenu.outerHeight(),
// All list items
menuItems = topMenu.find("a"),
// Anchors corresponding to menu items
scrollItems = menuItems.map(function(){
var item_link = $(this).attr("href");
if (item_link.charAt(0)!="#") return;
var item = $(item_link);
//var item = $($(this).attr("href"));
if (item.length) { return item; }
it is fix errors when u try to cache links like <a href="index/login#password">Sign in</a>
Because ur prev code var item = $($(this).attr("href")); can't find objects at another pages. Sry for my bad English, i hope u take a point, about what i say.
Thank you for the advice. Very much appreciated. Will change with the next update.
sorry guys, add this line too. Summary:
var item_link = $(this).attr("href");
if (item_link == null) return;
if (item_link.charAt(0)!="#") return;
var item = $(item_link);

i check $(this).attr("href") on null, because, i have in top menu, language flags, and current language have <a>Current</a>.
In example(current language ru):
<a>RU</a><a href="site/en">KK</a><a href="site/ua"></a>

hope, it helps.
wohoo, finally release my problem with this href's :D
Here code:
scrollItems = menuItems.map(function(){
var item_link = $(this).attr("href");
if (item_link == null) return;
var filter = new RegExp("("+window.location.pathname+"){0,1}(ru|kk){0,1}#");
if (!filter.test(item_link))return;
item_link = item_link.substr(item_link.indexOf('#'));
var item = $(item_link);
if (item.length) { return item; }
You can add in ur landing.js this:
scrollItems = menuItems.map(function(){
var item_link = $(this).attr("href");
if (item_link == null) return;
var filter = new RegExp("("+window.location.pathname+"){0,1}#");
if (!filter.test(item_link))return;
item_link = item_link.substr(item_link.indexOf('#'));
var item = $(item_link);
if (item.length) { return item; }
just check my current path, and ignore /current-page/, then take #id, but if u are not in the current page, ignore :)
This regexp should be helpful to u guys.
Hi guys,

Great theme. Thanks.

Just wanted to check and see if a WordPress version is in the pipeline for this theme?

Hi Stefanus,

Thank you! Appreciate your comment.

Unfortunately, we won't be making WP version.
Is there a reason for that OR is it more market related?
I would say market related reason. WP on WrapBootstrap isn't that popular. More oriented on bootstrap templates.
am I able to use this template with wordpress?
thank you

No, you are not. This is just HTML template.
How can i change this text
"Please fill in this field."
When I can't fill in text field

Please open a ticket at https://8guild.ticksy.com or send email to [email protected] with you issue. We will be glad to help. Please also provide a bit more details what field do you mena (possible screenshot or live demo).
And thank you for using Ultima!

Hi, there is a styling issue in the wizard. The progress-bar conflicts with the tabs.

Thank you for the comment. Please open a ticket with this issue at http://8guild.ticksy.com/ with more details (possibly screenshot). We would be glad to help.

Best regards,

Saw your ticket :)
font awesome not working probably after updating it

For some reason my IE 11 crashes when browsing the template. Tried it on 2 PCs.

I figured its the Slider that is causing the issue.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Found the problem, its caused by the iframe with the vimeo player

Hi there,

Great theme...but I do have a question. When a user attempts to login using the modal window and does NOT put in valid credentials it just closes the modal/returns to the index page. I see that in the file login.inc.php that there are error messages to cover an incorrect password, etc...but these don't seem to be displaying. How is this supposed to be working? Do I need to turn this display on or similar?


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