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Unify is an incredibly beautiful and fully responsive Bootstrap 4 Template for any type of creative professionals, startups and established business. It allows you built any size of high quality web products, thanks to massive 250+ shortcode pages which includes over 1750 reusable UI Components where they can be easily used. Unify 2 saves your development time and cost - less QA and more results. Achieve maximum productivity with minimum effort with Unify 2 and create robust limitless products by using Extensive Reusable Components.

We are happy to release continuous long term updates. Current updated release is v2.6.0 which offers several new features, improvements and much more. Our updates do not stop there as many more new amazing features are surely coming soon in the next updates.

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Unify v2.0 Item Page

Need Unify Template customization?

We offer affordable, professional and trendy customized design solutions, solely for your own projects! Unify Template can be easily customized with its cutting-edge components and features. However, if you feel you need any further customization please drop us a message at [email protected] and our dedicated team will assist you with your inquiries.

We hope you will enjoy using Unify template’s easy to navigate and user-friendly layout and yet developer friendly code. Unify Template already used in thousands of small blogs and websites. It is also used by large Organizations and Universities around the globe. We believe it will save your precious time and gives trendy look to your next web project.

Currently Unify v2.6.0 comes with 6 complete packages and soon will be added more packages and demos:

  1. Unify Main is a core package of whole Unify Template and comes with over 1610 Reusable UI Components where they can be easily used in any pages and packages.
  2. Multipage Designed with terrific attention to details, flexibility to feel UX experience. Each demo comes with its inner pages.
  3. One Pages package currently includes 20 Thematic Design pages. You may easily create unlimited type of One Pages for your project with Unify Main package. Current included thematic designs: "Consulting", "Corporate", "Events", "Photographer", "Restaurant", "Accounting", "Charity", "Real Estate", "Travel", "Business", "Wedding", "Courses", "Lawyer", "Gym", "Agency", "Architecture", "Shipping", "Spa", "Mobile App", "Construction", "Music" and are coming soon.
  4. E-Commerce : Contains more than 40 ready to use shop pages, including but not limited to "login/registration", "product list/grid views", checkout page and more.
  5. Blog & Magazine package currently includes 5 Home demos and an Article page. You may easily create your own unique blog and magazine pages with Unify Main package.
  6. Admin Template package includes over 40 pages and comes with prebuilt 4 dashboard pages. Experience Frontend design within Dashboard.

Enjoy using Unify and stay tuned for the latest updates on and

Unify Themes

  • Blog and Magazine Template
  • E-Commerce Template
  • One Pages
  • Consulting
  • Corporate
  • Events Layout
  • Restaurant Layout
  • Music Layout
  • Accounting Layout
  • Charity Layout
  • Real Estate Layout
  • Gym Layout
  • Construction Layout
  • Agency Layout
  • Courses Layout
  • Wedding Layout
  • Business Layout
  • Lawyer Layout
  • Travel Layout
  • Architecture Layout
  • Mobile App Layout
  • Spa Layout
  • Shipping Layout
  • More are coming soon..

Unify Core Features

  • 100% Responsive
  • Based on Bootstrap 4
  • Full Built in SASS
  • 600+ Pre-made HTML5 Pages
  • 1750+ Reusable UI Components
  • 200+ Slider Demos
  • 85+ Header Options
  • 30+ Beautiful Promo Blocks
  • 40+ Footer Options
  • 40+ Extensive Blog Layouts
  • 45+ Carefully Customized Libraries
  • 45+ Crafted Portfolio Layouts
  • 40+ Ready to Start Templates
  • and many more..

Unify Other Features

  • 100% Customizable
  • Bootstrap Flexbox Grid
  • Premium Plugins & Libraries
  • Youtube, Vimeo & HTML5 Background Videos
  • Google Maps - over 10 functional examples including theming options
  • 4000+ Font Icons (Font Awesome, Simple Line Icons etc.)
  • Massive Collection of Pricing Tables and Demos
  • Smooth Parallax Scrolling
  • Image & Content Sliders
  • Over 30 Counters options including pie chart options
  • Over 30 Popup Functionalities
  • Lightbox Image View - comes with huge functional options
  • Extensive Galleries Options
  • Countdown Variations
  • Sticky Blocks - make any blocks "sticky" in your content, perfect for sidebars
  • Animated Typing Words
  • Huge Collection of Form Options
  • Background Overlays - put any colors on top of video and image backgrounds
  • Drop Zone File Upload
  • Google Fonts - over 800 font options to use
  • On Scroll Animations
  • Masonry Grid Layouts
  • Pie Charts
  • Over 30 Product Designs - use for any type of e-commerce, events and listing pages
  • Timeline Designs
  • Over 10 User Design Blocks - perfect for profile/admin pages
  • Over 20 Login & Sign Up Pages
  • 15 Ready to Start Unique Home Pages
  • Profile Pages
  • Search Result Pages
  • Job Pages
  • Coming Soon Page
  • 404 Error Pages
  • Developer Friendly & Clean Code
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Free & Lifetime Updates
  • Easy to Customize
  • Stunning Support
  • and many more..

Premium Features - You Save $125

Incredible value with Unify Template purchase. All listed premium features are included in the Unify Template for FREE and can be used within Unify Template.

  • Cube Portfolio - value $16
  • Revolution Slider - value $14
  • Master Slider - value $17
  • Parallaxer - value $10
  • 2800+ Simple Font Icons - value $68


  • Main Logo
  • Some PSD sources from v1.x Unify


Some images used on the demo site are for demonstration purposes only and are NOT included in the download package due to licensing rights.


We are happy to release continuous long term updates. Current updated release is v2.5 Unify. Our updates do not stop there as many more new amazing features are surely coming soon in the next updates.

You are eligible to free download of all future updates once you purchased Unify! If you have already obtained Unify Template, you may download the latest version anytime from here:


If you have any support related questions, please feel free to contact us with any query via [email protected]

We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. It might take a bit longer, but we try hard not to keep you waiting longer than 48 hours.

You may also leave a message through our social pages: and

Version v2.6.0 - 15 August, 2018

Unify v2.6.0 update is focused on new RTL package for One Pages, E-Commerce and Multi Pages demos (RTL package for Unify Main and Admin Template demos will be added later), new components for Admin Template package, vendors (libraries and frameworks) updates, improvements and some minor bug fixes.

  • NEW: RTL version for E-Commerce, OnePages & Multipages
  • NEW: Advanced Form Slider Controls (Admin Template)
  • NEW: Summernote WYSIWYG Editor (Admin Template)
  • NEW: Datatables Examples (Admin Template)
  • ENHANCED/FIXED: Overall minor fixes and improvements
  • UPDATED: Bootstrap 4.1.3
  • UPDATED: Cube Portfolio 4.4
  • UPDATED: Revolution Slider 5.4.8

Version v2.5.1 - 24 February, 2018

Unify v2.5.1 update is focused on vendors (libraries and frameworks) updates, improvements and some minor bug fixes. The major update includes Bootstrap 4 production version switching from Bootstrap 4 Beta version.

  • ENHANCED: Shortcode Accordions
  • ENHANCED: Shortcode Layout Forms
  • ENHANCED: Google Map on Lightbox
  • ENHANCED: Charts in Admin Dashboard for instant change viewport
  • ENHANCED: Complex Tables view in Admin Dashboard on the mobile resolution
  • FIXED: Datepicker date range
  • FIXED: Activity Sidebar for mobile devices in Admin Dashboard
  • UPDATED: Bootstrap 4.0.0
  • UPDATED: Cube Portfolio 4.3.1
  • UPDATED: Revolution Slider

Version v2.5 - 07 February, 2018

Unify v2.5 does not include any major changes. This update is focused on a new package "Unify Admin Template" and some minor bug fixes.

  • NEW: Introducing brand new Package - Admin Template. This package includes over 50 pages.
  • NEW: Admin Template html/admin-template/..
  • dashboard-v1.html
  • dashboard-v2.html
  • dashboard-v3.html
  • dashboard-v4.html
  • header-static.html
  • sidebar-hide.html (on click to humberger menu)
  • layout-light.html
  • layout-dark-body-v2.html
  • layout-light-body-v2.html
  • app-profile.html
  • app-profile-biography.html
  • app-profile-interests.html
  • app-profile-mobile.html
  • app-profile-photos-and-videos.html
  • app-profile-payment-methods.html
  • app-profile-transactions.html
  • app-profile-security.html
  • app-profile-upgrade-plan.html
  • app-profile-invite.html
  • app-profile-connected-accounts.html
  • app-projects.html
  • app-chat.html
  • app-file-manager.html
  • app-contacts.html
  • forms-elemets-text-inputs.html
  • forms-elemets-textareas.html
  • forms-elemets-selects.html
  • forms-elemets-advanced-selects.html
  • forms-elemets-checkboxes-radios.html
  • forms-elemets-toggles.html
  • forms-elemets-file-inputs.html
  • forms-elemets-sliders.html
  • forms-elemets-tags.html
  • forms-elemets-ratings.html
  • forms-elemets-datepickers.html
  • forms-elemets-quantities.html
  • forms-validation-states.html
  • tables-basic.html
  • tables-complex.html
  • panel-variations.html
  • panel-options.html
  • notifications-colorful.html
  • notifications-light.html
  • notifications-dark.html
  • notifications-builder.html
  • metrics.html
  • ui-icons.html
  • pages-timeline.html
  • packages.html
  • NEW: Chartist JS - examples are using in Admin Dashboard Pages
  • NEW: Variety Widget Blocks (Comments, Calendar, Tickets, Activity etc.) - examples are used in Admin Dashboard Pages
  • NEW: Select Forms html/admin-template/forms/forms-elemets-selects.html
  • NEW: Advanced Select Forms html/admin-template/forms/forms-elemets-advanced-selects.html
  • NEW: Text Inputs with Tags html/admin-template/forms/forms-elemets-tags.html
  • NEW: Datepicker html/admin-template/forms/forms-elemets-datepickers.html
  • NEW: Quantities Design html/admin-template/forms/forms-elemets-quantities.html
  • NEW: Validations Designs html/admin-template/forms/forms-validation-states.html
  • NEW: Table Designs html/admin-template/tables/tables-basic.html
  • NEW: Complex Tables (Data Tables) html/admin-template/tables/tables-complex.html
  • NEW: 12 Panel Variations html/admin-template/panels/panel-variations.html
  • NEW: 8 Panel's Options html/admin-template/panels/panel-options.html
  • NEW: Colorful Notification html/admin-template/notifications/notifications-colorful.html
  • NEW: Light Notification html/admin-template/notifications/notifications-light.html
  • NEW: Dark Notification html/admin-template/notifications/notifications-dark.html
  • NEW: Notification's Builder html/admin-template/notifications/notifications-builder.html
  • NEW: Timeline Design html/admin-template/pages/pages-timeline.html
  • ENHANCED: Sticky Block in less content
  • ENHANCED: Slick Carousel - added preloader
  • ENHANCED: Missing animate.css into show/copy code
  • FIXED: Header - Megamenu 5 columns in IE browsers
  • FIXED: Vertical center block in Login-7 page in IE browsers

Version v2.4 - 5 December, 2017

  • NEW: Introducing brand new Multi Page Package in Unify Template and now Unify includes 6 complete packages. This package includes beautiful demos with its inner pages. Currently, it comes with two new demos.
  • NEW: University - Education Multi Page Demo html/multipage/education/..
  • home-page-1.html
  • page-programs-1.html
  • page-apply-1.html
  • page-future-students-1.html
  • page-current-students-1.html
  • page-faculty-and-staff-1.html
  • page-events-1.html
  • page-alumni-1.html
  • page-campus-life-1.html
  • page-research-1.html
  • page-help-1.html
  • page-contacts-1.html
  • page-signin-1.html
  • NEW: 7 new Promo Block (demo 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44) html/unify-main/shortcodes/promo/..
  • NEW: Clients (demo 13) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-clients.html
  • NEW: Testimonials Advanced (demo 17, demo 19) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-testimonials-advanced.html
  • NEW: 3 new Hero Contents (demo 17, 18, and 19) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-hero-content.html
  • NEW: Heading (demo 28) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-base-headings.html
  • NEW: 2 new Full Width Call To Action (CTA) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-cta-full-width.html
  • NEW: 6 News Blocks (35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40 demos) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-news.html
  • NEW: 3 Image Overlay News Blocks (21, 22, and 23 demos) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-news-image.html
  • NEW: List News Block demo 8 html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-news-no-images.html
  • NEW: 2 Interactive Icon Blocks (demo 22 and 23) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-icons-interactive.html
  • NEW: 2 Icon Apps Blocks (demo 9 and 10) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-icons-app.html
  • ENHANCED: Clients (demo 13) moved to Testimonials Advanced as (demo 18) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-testimonials-advanced.html
  • ENHANCED: Fancybox Plugin
  • ENHANCED: Added some additional functionality to HS go-to plugin.
  • ENHANCED: Youtube Video Background (improved background video for heigh resolutions)
  • ENHANCED: Disable the scroll animation for mobile devices
  • FIXED: Header - Mobile Sidebar Overlay (some issues are fixed on mobile resolution)
  • UPDATED: jQuery v3.2.1
  • DROPPED: jQuery Easing (jquery.easing.js)

Version v2.3 - 14 November, 2017

  • NEW: Introducing brand new Multi Page Package in Unify Template and now Unify includes 6 complete packages. This package includes beautiful demos with its inner pages. Currently, it comes with two new demos.
  • NEW: Real Estate Multi Page Demo html/multipage/real-estate/..
  • home-page-1.html
  • page-list-view-1.html
  • page-grid-view-1.html
  • page-single-item-1.html
  • page-agents-list-view-1.html
  • page-agents-grid-view-1.html
  • page-agents-single-page-1.html
  • page-share-1.html
  • page-help-1.html
  • page-contacts-1.html
  • page-login-1.html
  • page-register-1.html
  • page-forgot-password-1.html
  • NEW: Marketing Multi Page Demo html/multipage/marketing/..
  • home-page-1.html
  • page-about-1.html
  • page-services-1.html
  • page-consultants-1.html
  • page-works-1.html
  • page-hire-us-1.html
  • page-careers-1.html
  • page-help-1.html
  • page-pricing-1.html
  • page-contacts-1.html
  • NEW: Material Icons html/unify-main/shortcodes/icons/shortcode-base-icon-material.html
  • NEW: Clients (demo 13) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-clients.html
  • NEW: Testimonials Advanced (demo 16) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-testimonials-advanced.html
  • NEW: 4 new Hero Info Sections html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-hero-info.html
  • NEW: 4 new Hero Contents (demo 13, 14, 15 and 16) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-hero-content.html
  • NEW: Heading (demo 27) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-base-headings.html
  • NEW: 3 new Promo Block (demo 35, 36 and 37) html/unify-main/shortcodes/promo/shortcode-blocks-promo-demo-35.html
  • NEW: 2 new Footers (demo 15 and 16) html/unify-main/shortcodes/footers/shortcode-blocks-footer-classic.html
  • ENHANCED: SASS files
  • ENHANCED: Improved UX in shortcodes sidebar's panel, now it has a brand new look.
  • ENHANCED: Minor improvements in gMap (Google Map)
  • ENHANCED: Slick Carousel: added a new data attribute for responsive modes
  • ENHANCED: Some minor improvements in One Pages (Accounting, Agency, Architecture, Business, Charity, Consulting, Courses, Construction, Event, Gym, Lawyer, App, Music), E-Commerce and Blog & Magazine packages.
  • FIXED: Dropdowns onload appearance in topbars
  • FIXED: Cubeportfolio minor fixes
  • FIXED: Tabs minor fixes
  • FIXED: package.json file
  • FIXED: Onload scrolling
  • FIXED: Thumbnail issue on Slick Carousel
  • FIXED: Misc pages (tether.js to popper.js)
  • UPDATED: Bootstrap - v4.0.0-beta-2
  • UPDATED: Animate CSS - v3.5.2

Version v2.2 - 08 September, 2017

  • NEW: Style Switcher (Beta) - choose unlimited colors, change layout styles (wide, boxed, semi-boxed), select predefined Google Fonts and outer spaces then instantly download your custom styles right froStyle Switcher.
  • NEW: Nunjucks templating language (Beta)
  • NEW: Promo Block (demo 34) html/unify-main/shortcodes/promo/shortcode-blocks-promo-demo-34.html
  • NEW: 4 Blog & Magazine Home Pages html/blog-magazine/classic/..
    • bm-classic-home-page-2.html
    • bm-classic-home-page-3.html
    • bm-classic-home-page-4.html
    • bm-classic-home-page-5.html
  • NEW: Over 35 Shop Pages html/e-commerce/..
    • home-page-2.html
    • home-page-3.html
    • page-addresses-1.html
    • page-cancelled-orders-1.html
    • page-category-left-sidebar-1.html
    • page-category-no-sidebar-1.html
    • page-category-no-sidebar-2.html
    • page-category-no-sidebar-3.html
    • page-category-no-sidebar-4.html
    • page-category-right-sidebar-1.html
    • page-checkout-1.html
    • page-coming-soon-1.html
    • page-contact-1.html
    • page-empty-cart-1.html
    • page-grid-filter-left-sidebar-1.html
    • page-grid-filter-no-sidebar-1.html
    • page-grid-filter-no-sidebar-2.html
    • page-grid-filter-no-sidebar-3.html
    • page-grid-filter-no-sidebar-4.html
    • page-grid-filter-right-sidebar-1.html
    • page-help-1.html
    • page-list-filter-left-sidebar-1.html
    • page-list-filter-no-sidebar-1.html
    • page-list-filter-no-sidebar-2.html
    • page-list-filter-no-sidebar-3.html
    • page-list-filter-no-sidebar-4.html
    • page-list-filter-right-sidebar-1.html
    • page-login-1.html
    • page-login-security-1.html
    • page-notifications-1.html
    • page-open-orders-1.html
    • page-order-completed-1.html
    • page-orders-1.html
    • page-our-stores-1.html
    • page-password-recovery-1.html
    • page-payment-options-1.html
    • page-signup-1.html
    • page-single-product-1.html
    • page-single-product-2.html
    • page-single-product-3.html
    • page-wallet-1.html
    • page-wishlist-1.html
  • ENHANCED: Documentation
  • ENHANCED: Shortcodes sidebar's search panel - type and press enter to search components
  • ENHANCED: SASS file structure
  • ENHANCED: Google Maps - added multiple markers
  • ENHANCED: E-commerce - design of the header has been improved.
  • ENHANCED: Blog & Magazine - design of the header has been improved.
  • ENHANCED: Show/Copy Code in shortcodes pages
  • ENHANCED: Promo block of the Jobs Page - changed the form layout page-jobs-1.html
  • ENHANCED: Promo block demo #1 - improved the form layout shortcode-blocks-promo-demo-1.html, home-page-8.html
  • FIXED: Custombox (modals) - newspaper and hashlink demos
  • UPDATED: Bootstrap - v4.0.0-beta
  • UPDATED: Custombox - v4.0.3

Version v2.1 - 03 August, 2017

  • NEW: Brand new Shorcodes Pages, now easily find any shorcodes with search bar and filtering navigation from side panel menu (sidebar). unify-main/shortcodes/index.html
  • NEW: GulpJS - automate all your work (SASS compiling, concatenate, minify etc.)
  • NEW: Go to Top (Back to Top) in-house plugin developed by Htmlstream Team, comes various design options are added across all Unify pages. There are 3 styles which canbe controlled via class name u-go-to-v (can be any number e.g. u-go-to-v1, u-go-to-v2, u-go-to-v3 etc.).
  • NEW: Consulting One Page Demo html/one-pages/consulting/index.html
  • NEW: Corporate One Page Demo html/one-pages/corporate/index.html
  • NEW: Misc pages; Boxed Layout, Dark Theme, Blank Page etc html/unify-main/misc/..
  • NEW: 90+ Revolution Slider demos html/revolution-slider/index.html Please check it out README.txt file inside the html/revolution-slider/.. folder. The file includes a separate download link with protected password for Revolution Slider demos. The total size of the slider demos is huge (around 320 MB) and for that reason it is included as a separate download link. If you would like to use the slider demos, you should just need to unzip the inside html/revolution-slider/.. after downloading it and all demos will work same as live demo pages. There is no need for any other manual work, only needs to be downloaded and unzipped inside the correct path (place).
  • NEW: 100+ Master Slider demos html/master-slider/index.html The Master Slider demos also includes README.txt file as Revolution Slider folder which includes a download link with protected password for Master Slider. Please just follow the above (Revolution Slider) instructions.
  • NEW: Promo Block (demo 32) html/unify-main/shortcodes/promo/shortcode-blocks-promo-demo-32.html
  • NEW: Promo Block (demo 33) html/unify-main/shortcodes/promo/shortcode-blocks-promo-demo-33.html
  • NEW: Hero Content (demo 12) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-hero-content.html
  • NEW: Pricing Plans (demo 15) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-pricing-plans.html
  • NEW: Icon Blocks Interactive (demo 18) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-icons-interactive.html
  • NEW: Static Process Blocks (demo 05) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-hero-content.html
  • NEW: Counters (demo 32) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-counters.html
  • NEW: Classic Footers (demo 14) html/unify-main/shortcodes/footers/shortcode-blocks-footer-classic.html
  • NEW: Footer Contact Forms (demo 13) html/unify-main/shortcodes/footers/shortcode-blocks-footer-contact-forms.html
  • NEW: Team Blocks (demo 15) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-team.html
  • NEW: Team Advanced (demo 09) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-team-advanced.html
  • NEW: Testimonials (demo 25) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-testimonials.html
  • NEW: Testimonials Advanced (demo 14) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-testimonials-advanced.html
  • NEW: Testimonials Advanced (demo 15) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-testimonials-advanced.html
  • NEW: News Blocks (demo 34) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-news.html
  • NEW: Clients (demo 12) html/unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-blocks-clients.html
  • ENHANCED: Documentation - added started template section, detailed gulp instructions for converting SASS (SCSS) to CSS etc.
  • ENHANCED: SCSS stylesheet are refactored (it is a disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior)
  • ENHANCED: Show/Copy Code in shorcode pages and added show/copy code feature to missed components
  • ENHANCED: All Headers pages (added active style)
  • ENHANCED: Slick Carousel (added ondemand option and various minor improvements)
  • ENHANCED: Added jquery-migrate.min.js to all Unify Pages
  • ENHANCED: Added subnavigation to the Accounting One Page demo dev/one-pages/accounting/example-with-submenu.html
  • ENHANCED: Added custom.js file across all HTML pages
  • ENHANCED: Sticky Block (added secondary navigation option)
  • FIXED: Mega Menus tabs on Mobile resolutions
  • FIXED: Various IE11 fixes including headers, slick carousel, parallax etc.

Version v2.0 - 05 July 2017

Unify v2.0 has been fully re-written from scratch and changelog includes only the most important implementations, improvements and features.

Overall, what's new in Unify v2.0? Unify v2.0 comes with the latest Bootstrap 4 alpha version and now any component can be used within the any packages (demos, pages, sections etc.). Also, Unify v2.0 is fully based on SASS.

In addition, Unify v2.0 comes with over 400 pages including 250 shortcode pages which is twice more than v1.9.x Unify and all components in each shortcode pages are massively extended.

  • NEW: Bootstrap 4 (Unify v2.0 fully compatible with the latest version of Bootstrap 4)
  • NEW: Full SASS (SCSS) support (all components in separate files, It provides powerful control over CSS)
  • NEW: Ultimate control over the Headers (Unify v2.0 includes over 80 header options)
    • Positions (static, absolute top, absolute bottom, absolute. 2nd screen, sticky top, sticky bottom)
    • On Scroll Behaviors (show/hide header, change logo, change appearance, toggle header, hide top bar)
    • Navigation's mobile behavior (default - "top", push- "sidebar", overlay - "sidebar")
    • Submenu & Megamenu (onHover method, onClick method, inline submenu, megamenu column - "2, 3, etc.", megamenu horizontal/vertical tab etc.)
    • CSS Animated Hamburgers Icons (slider, squeeze, arrow etc.)
    • For more detailed demos, please check out the shortcode header page - unify-main/shortcodes/headers/index.html or click here
  • NEW: More than 30 Promo Blocks example page
  • NEW: Over 500 new Shortcode Components
    • Alerts
    • Dividers
    • Icons
    • Badges
    • Accordions
    • Tabs
    • Badges
    • Paginations
    • Google Maps
    • List Groups
    • Product Blocks
    • Testimonial Blocks
    • Beautiful Galleries Options
    • Icon Blocks
    • News Blocks
    • Countdowns Blocks
    • Table Demos
    • News Blocks
    • Clients Blocks
    • Counters Blocks
    • User Blocks
    • and many others..
  • NEW: Popup Modals unify-main/shortcodes/shortcode-base-modals.html
  • NEW: Smooth Parallax
  • NEW: Home Pages (all home pages are re-designed and extended with new design page)
  • NEW: Blog Pages (all block pages are re-designed and now comes with over 40 pages)
  • NEW: Search Pages (all search pages are re-designed and added other options)
  • NEW: Jobs Page (currently comes with two new design pages main and inner)
  • NEW: Profile Pages (all profile pages are re-designed and added with more options)
  • NEW: Contact Pages (all contact pages are re-designed and added other new pages)
  • NEW: Other New Pages (Unify v2.0 includes lots of other new page designs such as login, register, pricing, portfolios, faq etc.)
  • DROPPED: Landing Pages Package (they will be added back to the One Pages package in our next updates but currently all the components can be used and included in v2.0 Unify.)
  • DROPPED: Sky Forms Pro (all forms are completely rewritten from scratch)
  • DROPPED: Layer Slider (since Unify already includes other premium sliders (Revolution and Master Slider), we have decided to drop it as included premium slider already includes same functionality)
  • DROPPED: Other Plugins/Libraries (however, most of them are replaced with more efficient plugins/libraries. For example, Owl Carousel has been replaced with Slick Carousel.)

Coming Soon in our next updates.

  • RTL Version
  • PSD Sources
  • Classic One Page Demos
  • Coming Soon Pages
  • Error Pages
  • Email Templates
  • Other missed features which Unify v1.x included

If you are looking the old changelog for Unify v1.x Please click here to see full changelog.

Our updates do not stop here as many more new amazing features are surely coming soon in future updates.

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Single application $39
  • HTML Template
Bootstrap: Compatible with 4.x
  • Responsive
  • IE 11
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Edge
  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Safari
Uses Less:No
Uses Sass:Yes
Topic: General
Labels: blog, bootstrap 4, business, corporate, css3, e commerce, html5, magazine, sass
Released:5 years ago
Updated:3 months ago
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Signed up 5 years ago

Need an admin template?

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels – designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Use it as a complete kit or use it to start something more complex.

Unlike other front-end toolkits, Bootstrap was designed first and foremost as a styleguide to document not only its features, but best practices and living, coded examples.

Built to support new HTML5 elements and syntax with progressively enhanced components.

Browser support

Bootstrap is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Safari
  • Latest Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10/11
  • Latest Opera

Features & includes

Bootstrap provides an unparalleled array of features and reusable components that let you hit the ground running:

  • Responsive 12-column grid
  • 12 custom, modular jQuery plugins
  • CSS styles for forms, navigation & more
  • Dozens of reusable components
  • Components are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices
  • Built with Sass (CSS included)
  • Complete styleguide documentation