Get Unify only for $7 before Its next (Unify v2.0) biggest update ever. The new price is $25 for v2.0 Unify.

Coming Soon

Unify is an incredibly beautiful and fully responsive Bootstrap 3 Template for any type of creative professionals. Now Unify Template comes with 6 complete independent packages:

  1. Unify Main : Includes tons of features and design options with more than 250+ template pages. All the components from the this package can be mixed and used with other packages.
  2. One Pages : Package contains over 20 thematic designs such as "Events", "Photographer", "Restaurant", "Accounting", "Charity", "Real Estate", "Travel", "Business", "Wedding", "Courses", "Lawyer", "Gym", "Agency", "Architecture", "Shipping", "Spa", "Mobile App", "Construction", "Music" and others. In addition, the package also includes "Classic" demos based on Unify Main package.
  3. E-Commerce : Contains more than 6 ready to use shop pages, including but not limited to "login/registration", "product list/grid views", checkout page, variety popup options and more.
  4. Blog & Magazine The package includes more than 25 template pages with tons of options such as boxed/wide layouts, 10+ predefined layout colors, dark/light colors, masonry grid options, 5 home page options, subscribe/facebook popups and much more others.
  5. Landing Pages The newest package in Unify Template, currently contains two demos "Wealth" and "Consulting", more demoes will be added in future updates soon.
  6. Email Templates Comes with three design options "Corporate", "Flat", "Modern" and 10 predefined layout colors.

In addition, Unify supports fully RTL (Right To Left). Template has easy to customize clean code and works on all main web browsers, tablets and phones.

We are happy to release continuous long term updates. Current upgraded release is v1.9.9 and much more new amazing features are coming soon in the next updates. Also, you are eligible to free download of all future updates once you purchased Unify!


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We hope you will enjoy using Unify template’s easy to navigate and user-friendly layout and yet developer friendly code. Unify Template already used in thousands of small blogs and websites. It is also used by big Corporations and Universities around the globe. We believe it will save your precious time and gives trendy look to your next web project.

Enjoy using Unify and stay tuned for the latest updates on and

Unify Core Features

  • Bootstrap 3+
  • RTL (Right To Left)
  • Fully Responsive
  • 300+ Template Pages
  • Blog Template
  • E-Commerce Template
  • One Page Template
  • Email Templates
  • Wealth Landing Page
  • Consulting Landing Page
  • Photographer
  • Events Layout
  • Restaurant Layout
  • Music Layout
  • Accounting Layout
  • Charity Layout
  • Real Estate Layout
  • Gym Layout
  • Construction Layout
  • Agency Layout
  • Courses Layout
  • Wedding Layout
  • Business Layout
  • Lawyer Layout
  • Travel Layout
  • Architecture Layout
  • Mobile App Layout
  • Spa Layout
  • Shipping Layout
  • Premium Plugins
  • 20+ Header Options
  • 15+ Footer Options
  • Dark/Light Skins
  • Scalable Shortcodes
  • Left/Right Sidebar Menu
  • Hamburger Icon Sidebar Menu
  • Youtube/HTML5 background videos
  • Mega Menu
  • Transparent Header
  • Fixed Header
  • Static Footer
  • Boxed/Wide Layouts
  • Coming Soon Pages
  • 404 Error Pages
  • Equal Height Columns
  • Portfolio Styles
  • Blog Layouts
  • 4000+ Icons
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Line Icons
  • Exclusive Icons for Unify
  • Social Icons
  • Working PHP Contact Form
  • 10+ Theme Color Options
  • Massive Collection of Pricing Tables
  • 40+ Plugins
  • Google Fonts/Maps
  • AJAX Portfolio
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Image & Content Sliders
  • Popup Examples
  • Counters with Parallax
  • Lightbox Image View
  • On Scroll Animations
  • Developer Friendly & Clean Code
  • Easy to Customize
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Free & Lifetime Updates
  • Stunning Support
  • and many more..

Premium Features - You Save $68

Incredible value with Unify Template purchase. All listed premium features are included in the Unify Template for FREE.

  • Cube Portfolio - value $16
  • Revolution Slider - value $14
  • Master Slider - value $17
  • Layer Slider - value $11
  • Sky Forms Pro - value $10

What's coming in Future Updates (long term)

  • SASS
  • Bootstrap v4
  • Shop UI (Classic)
  • Support/Forum Pages
  • Admin Dashboard Template
  • New Themes (Education, Real Estate, Tourism/Hotels and many others)
  • New Packages (currently Unify includes 6 complete packages)
  • And many more amazing features

PSD Included

  • Logo
  • 100+ Detailed Pages


Some images used on the demo site are for demonstration purposes only and are NOT included in the download package due to licensing rights.

What's coming after version 1.9.9?

Unify v2.0 is on the way!

As you know, we have been working on v2.0 Unify since very long time. Now, It has been more than a year when we started it and finally, we are happy to announce that It will be released at the end of this month. Currently, we are working on the final touches.

It's has been a long journey and a huge challenge for our team to accomplish this major update. We hope once It will be released, you will enjoy with the next generation of Unify Template.

Here is some upcoming major features:

  • Fully based on Bootstrap 4
  • SASS (all components in separate files, It provides powerful control over CSS)
  • Global Modular Approach (any components can be used in any demos and pages with no extra effort)
  • Ultimate control over the Headers (huge functionality options)
  • Lots of custom Javascript addons for the most 3rd party libraries (e.g. google maps, countdowns, fancybox etc.)
  • Design enhancement (more fresh colors, designs blocks etc.)
  • New UI designs (we have extended and implemented lots of new design components)

and much more others...

As always, you are eligible to free download of all future updates once you purchased Unify!

Please feel free to ask If you have any questions and stay tuned on and

Version v1.9.9 - 12 June 2017

  • UPDATE: Revolution Slider v5.4.4
  • UPDATE: Cube Portfolio v4.2.0
  • UPDATE: YTPlayer

Version v1.9.8 - 16 February 2017

  • NEW: Event Layout (HTML/One-Pages/Event/index.html)
  • UPDATE: Cube Portfolio v4.1.0

Version v1.9.7 - 24 December 2016

  • NEW: Photographer Layout (HTML/One-Pages/Photographer/index.html)
  • FIXED: Real Estate promo text, added missed CSS file (HTML/One-Pages/RealEstate/index.html)
  • FIXED: Music demo gallery carousel issue, affected files are index.html and media-gallery.js (HTML/One-Pages/Music/..)
  • FIXED: Background cover of the Coming Soon Page (HTML/page_coming_soon.html)
  • FIXED: RTL issue, added the missed CSS file "bootstrap-rtl.min"
  • FIXED: Minor issue with the Counter plugin (jquery.counterup.js)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated google map to Its latest API (shortcode_maps_google.html and all main Unify contact pages)
  • ADDED: Two portfolio pages for "Our Projects" section in Accounting demo (HTML/One-Pages/Accounting/..)
  • ADDED: Accounting header to Unify Main (HTML/page_misc_one_page_header.html)
  • UPDATE: Font Awesome v4.7.0
  • UPDATE: Cube Portfolio v3.9.0
  • UPDATE: Revolution Slider v5.3.1.6

Version v1.9.6 - 30 August 2016

  • NEW: Music Layout (One-Pages/Music/index.html)
  • NEW: 70+ Revolution Slider Demos (HTML/One-Pages/assets/plugins/revolution-slider/..)
  • NEW: 30+ Master Slider Demos (HTML/assets/plugins/master-slider/slider-templates/..)
  • ADDED: Contact Form to Gym Demo
  • ADDED: Youtube Video Background and Theme Color to Architecture (One-Pages/Architecture/page-youtube-video.html)
  • ADDED: Theme Color to Accounting (One-Pages/Accounting/page-theme-color.html)
  • FIXED: typo error "subsribe" to "subscribe"
  • FIXED: Clients hover effect on touch devices in jobs page
  • IMPROVEMENT: Sub level menu in the default header
  • UPDATE: Bootstrap v3.3.7
  • UPDATE: Revolution Slider v5.2.6
  • UPDATE: Master Slider v2.50.0

Version v1.9.5 - 07 July 2016

  • NEW: Accounting Layout (One-Pages/Accounting/index.html)
  • NEW: Real Estate Layout (One-Pages/RealEstate/index.html)
  • NEW: Charity Layout (One-Pages/Charity/index.html)
  • NEW: Restaurant Layout (One-Pages/Restaurant/index.html)
  • NEW: Gym Layout (One-Pages/Gym/index.html)
  • UPDATE: Layer Slider v5.6.7
  • UPDATE: Cube Portfolio v3.7.1
  • UPDATE: Font Awesome 4.6.3

Version v1.9.4 - 19 April 2016

  • NEW: Construction Layout (One-Pages/Construction/index.html)
  • UPDATED: Font Awesome Icons v4.5.0

Version v1.9.3 - 01 April 2016

  • FIXED: Version name (typo error) in the download package
  • UPDATED: Animate CSS v4.5.1

Version v1.9.2 - 29 March 2016

  • NEW: Courses Layout (One-Pages/Courses/index.html)
  • NEW: Wedding Layout (One-Pages/Wedding/index.html)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Documentation
  • IMPROVEMENT: Business Layout - promo and equal height blocks (One-Pages/Business/..)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Spa Layout - vertical align texts in some blocks (One-Pages/Spa/..)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Equal Height javascript codes (app.js)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Header v8 for iPhones (app.js)
  • FIXED: Google Maps for IE in Thematic Layouts
  • FIXED: Different slips in (blocks.css)
  • FIXED: Equal Height issue on Home Allure (page_home17.html)

Version v1.9.1 - 07 February 2016

  • NEW: Business Layout (One-Pages/Business/index.html)
  • NEW: Wealth Landing Page (Landing-Pages/Wealth/index.html)
  • NEW: Consulting Landing Page (One-Pages/Consulting/index.html)
  • NEW: Login and Registration Page (page_login_and_registration.html)
  • NEW: Login Page Option 2 (page_login2.html)
  • NEW: Registration Page Option 2 (page_registration2.html)
  • NEW: 404 Error Page 4 (page_404_error4.html)
  • NEW: 404 Error Page 5 (page_404_error5.html)
  • NEW: 404 Error Page 6 (page_404_error6.html)
  • NEW: Coming Soon Page v2 (page_coming_soon2.html)
  • NEW: Coming Soon Page v3 (page_coming_soon3.html)
  • NEW: Coming Soon Page v4 (page_coming_soon4.html)
  • NEW: Coming Soon Page v5 (page_coming_soon5.html)
  • NEW: Coming Soon Page v6 (page_coming_soon6.html)
  • NEW: RTL Business
  • NEW: RTL Agency
  • NEW: RTL Travel
  • NEW: RTL Lawyer
  • NEW: RTL Architecture
  • NEW: RTL Mobile App
  • NEW: RTL Spa
  • NEW: RTL Shipping
  • IMPROVEMENT: Older version of Coming Soon, 404 Error pages pages
  • IMPROVEMENT: Equal Height codes in app.js
  • UPDATED: Layer Slider v5.6.0
  • UPDATED: Cube Portfolio v3.5.1
  • FIXED: Links for Breadcrumb options (blocks.css)
  • FIXED: Multiple Progressbar issue (app.css)

Version v1.9 - 31 December 2015

Unify v1.9 includes tons of new designed blocks and they are used in all new thematic demos. All demos are completely new designed from scratch exclusively for Unify Template.

  • NEW: Agency Layout
  • NEW: Lawyer Layout
  • NEW: Travel Layout
  • NEW: Architecture Layout
  • NEW: Mobile App Layout
  • NEW: Spa Layout
  • NEW: Shipping Layout
  • NEW: Hero Fashion
  • NEW: Hero Gym
  • NEW: Hero Photography
  • NEW: Hero Restaurant
  • NEW: Hero Web App Dark
  • NEW: Hero Web App Light
  • NEW: Home Aspire
  • NEW: Home Allure
  • NEW: Animated Titles (demo on promo block in the page: page_home15.html)
  • NEW: CTA - Call to Actions (feature_call_to_actions.html)
  • NEW: full-height statix text image bg slider (page_home2.html)
  • NEW: full-height statix animated texts (page_home4.html)
  • NEW: full-height Youtube video background (page_home5.html)
  • NEW: on click sidebar navigation left and right (page_home17.html and page_home18.html)
  • NEW: Blog Page Layout v4
  • NEW: Modal Popups
  • NEW: 2000+ Pro Line Icons
  • UPDATE: Bootstrap v3.3.6
  • UPDATE: Animate.css - v3.5.0
  • UPDATE: WOW.js - v1.1.2
  • UPDATE: Cube Portfolio v3.4.2
  • UPDATE: Font Awesome 4.5.0
  • UPDATE: Master Slider v2.16.3
  • UPDATE/NEW: Revolution Slider v5+
  • FIXED: One Page focus issue after click and scroll
  • FIXED: Many reported minor bugs
  • IMPROVEMENT: Documentation
  • IMPROVEMENT: Shopping cart for mobile devices
  • IMPROVEMENT: Default fixed header for Safari
  • IMPROVEMENT: Default header language hover issue for iOS devices

Version v1.8 - 3 July 2015

  • NEW: Blog Template
  • NEW: RTL Unify Main
  • NEW: RTL Unify Blog Template
  • NEW: RTL Unify Shop UI Template
  • NEW: RTL Unify One Page Template
  • NEW: 60+ PSD files
  • NEW: Master Slider Examples
  • NEW: Incredible Home Page (page_home14.html)
  • NEW: Feature Icon Blocks (feature_icon_blocks.html)
  • NEW: Feature Team Blocks (feature_team_blocks.html)
  • NEW: Feature Testimonials and Quotes (feature_testimonials_quotes.html)
  • NEW: Feature News Blocks (feature_news_blocks.html)
  • NEW: Centered logo - header v4 (feature_header_v4_logo_centered.html)
  • NEW: Default Header without Topbar (feature_header_default_no_topbar.html)
  • NEW: Default Centered Header (feature_header_default_centered.html)
  • NEW: Header Login/Reg Popup (feature_header_default_login_popup.html)
  • NEW: Header v8 (feature_header_v8.html)
  • NEW: Footer v8 (feature_footer_v8.html)
  • NEW: Static full-screen block in One Page (one_page_home1.html)
  • NEW: Popup login/registration for One Page (one_page_home2.html)
  • NEW: Language bar in One Page (one_page_home3.html)
  • NEW: Blog Home Page (blog/index.html)
  • NEW: Blog Page Layouts v1 (blog_page_layouts1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Page Layouts v2 (blog_page_layouts2.html)
  • NEW: Blog Page Layouts v3 (blog_page_layouts4.html)
  • NEW: Blog Post Layout v1 (blog_post_layouts1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Post Layout v2 (blog_post_layouts2.html)
  • NEW: Blog Post Layout v3 (blog_post_layouts3.html)
  • NEW: Blog Post Layout v4 (blog_post_layouts4.html)
  • NEW: Blog Post Layout v5 (blog_post_layouts5.html)
  • NEW: Blog Post Layout v6 (blog_post_layouts6.html)
  • NEW: Blog Post Layout v7 (blog_post_layouts7.html)
  • NEW: Blog Post Layout v8 (blog_post_layouts8.html)
  • NEW: Blog Post Layout v9 (blog_post_layouts9.html)
  • NEW: Blog Left Sidebar Example (blog_post_layouts_ls.html)
  • NEW: Blog Full Width Example (blog_post_layouts_fw.html)
  • NEW: Blog Grid: 1 Col (blog_grid_1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Grid: 2 Col (blog_grid_2.html)
  • NEW: Blog Grid: 3 Col (blog_grid_3.html)
  • NEW: Blog Grid: 4 Col (blog_grid_4.html)
  • NEW: Blog Grid: Full Width - 4 Col (blog_grid_4_fw.html)
  • NEW: Blog Grid: Right Sidebar - 2 Col (blog_grid_2_rs.html)
  • NEW: Blog Grid: Left Sidebar - 2 Col (blog_grid_2_ls.html)
  • NEW: Blog Single Page (blog_single.html)
  • NEW: Blog Home Boxed Page (blog_home_boxed.html)
  • NEW: Blog Home Boxed Space Page (blog_home_boxed_space.html)
  • UPGRADE: Bootstrap v3.3.5
  • UPGRADE: jQuery v1.11.3
  • UPGRADE: Master Slider v2.15.0
  • UPGRADE: Cube Portfolio v2.3.3
  • DROPPED: Glyphicons Pro (due to lincese changes)
  • FIXED: Navigation alignemtn and search box in page_home6.html page
  • FIXED: Footer logo in page_home9.html page
  • FIXED: Default header z-index issue with FancyBox
  • FIXED: Thumbnail FancyBox in the shorcodes page (Thanks to "Harald Meyer")
  • FIXED: Header v3 spacing issue on hover (Thanks to "Dario")
  • FIXED: Some design issues on dark layout styles
  • FIXED: Header v7 (sidebar header) - content onclick with ajax call issue
  • FIXED: Revolution Slider loading issue
  • IMPROVEMENT: "Timeline v2" tag <time> replaced with <div> and added equal height columns (Thanks to Stefan Kreckwitz)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Header v7 (sidebar header) - added submenu option
  • IMPROVEMENT: One Page navigation - added submenu option
  • IMPROVEMENT: One Page navigation hides on scroll in mobile/tablet devices

Version v1.7 - 8 March 2015

  • UPGRADE: Bootstrap v3.3.2
  • UPGRADE: Countdown for jQuery v2.0.1
  • UPGRADE: jQuery v1.11.2
  • UPGRADE: Font Awesome 4.3.0
  • UPGRADE: Revolution Slider v4.6.4
  • UPGRADE: Sky Forms Pro v2.0.5
  • UPGRADE: Cube Portfolio v2.0.1
  • UPGRADE: Master Slider v2.9.3
  • NEW: Added working contact form to all contact pages
  • NEW: Sticky Footer (page_misc_sticky_footer.html)
  • NEW: Transparent Header with 9 Header Styles (header-v6)
  • NEW: Left/Right Sidebar Headers (header-v7)
  • NEW: WoW.js
  • NEW: Equal Height Columns
  • NEW: Smooth Scrolling "smoothScroll.js" (used in all pages)
  • NEW: Vertical Progress Bars
  • NEW: Animated Progress Bars on scroll
  • NEW: Light version of Parallax Quote
  • NEW: Clients v1 with Owl Carousel
  • NEW: Video iFrame (Modal) with Owl Carousel
  • NEW: Quote v1 with Parallax
  • NEW: Quote v2
  • NEW: News v2 Blocks (News/Blog Post)
  • NEW: News v3 Blocks (News/Blog Post)
  • NEW: Process v1 Section
  • NEW: Headline v2 (Title Heading)
  • NEW: Featured Blog (News Post)
  • NEW: Blog Trending (News/Blog Post)
  • NEW: Social Icons v1
  • NEW: Tags v2 (Sidebar Tags)
  • NEW: Pager v2 (Pagination)
  • NEW: Blog Photostream with Lightbox
  • NEW: Image Hover v1 Effects (Scale on Hover)
  • NEW: Image Hover v2 Effects (Black and White)
  • NEW: Call Action v2 with Parallax
  • NEW: Blog Comments with validation
  • NEW: Blog Comments
  • NEW: Dark/Light Option for default Breadcrumbs
  • NEW: Breadcrumbs v1
  • NEW: Breadcrumbs v3
  • NEW: Testimonials v4
  • NEW: Testimonials v6
  • NEW: Parallax Counter v3
  • NEW: Parallax Counter v4
  • NEW: Service Block v4
  • NEW: Service Block v5
  • NEW: Service Block v6
  • NEW: Service Block v7
  • NEW: Service Block v8
  • NEW: Team v3 Blocks
  • NEW: Team v4 Blocks
  • NEW: Team v5 Blocks
  • NEW: Team v6 Blocks
  • NEW: Team v7 Blocks
  • NEW: Home Page with Left sidebar navigation (page_home12.html)
  • NEW: Home Page with Right sidebar navigation (page_home13.html)
  • NEW: About Us v1 Page (page_about2.html)
  • NEW: About Us v2 Page (page_about3.html)
  • NEW: About Me v1 Page (page_about_me.html)
  • NEW: About Me v2 Page (page_about_me1.html)
  • NEW: About Me v3 Page (page_about_me2.html)
  • NEW: About Our Team v1 Page (page_about_our_team.html)
  • NEW: About Our Team v2 Page (page_about_our_team1.html)
  • NEW: About Our Team v3 Page (page_about_our_team2.html)
  • NEW: Services Page v1 (page_services.html)
  • NEW: Services Page v2 (page_services1.html)
  • NEW: Services Page v3 (page_services2.html)
  • NEW: Services Page v4 (page_services3.html)
  • NEW: Coming Soon Page (page_coming_soon1.html)
  • NEW: Gallery Examples Page (feature_gallery.html)
  • NEW: Animation on Scroll Page (feature_animations.html)
  • NEW: Parallax Counters Page (feature_parallax_counters.html)
  • NEW: Parallax Boxes Page (feature_parallax_blocks.html)
  • NEW: Blog Large Image Right Sidebar Page (blog_large_right_sidebar1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Large Image Left Sidebar Page (blog_large_left_sidebar1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Large Image Full Width Sidebar Page (blog_large_full_width1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Medium Image Right Sidebar Page (blog_medium_right_sidebar1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Medium Image Left Sidebar Page (blog_medium_left_sidebar1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Medium Image Full Width Sidebar Page (blog_medium_full_width1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Item Right Sidebar Page (blog_large_right_sidebar_item1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Item Left Sidebar Page (blog_large_left_sidebar_item1.html)
  • NEW: Blog Item Full Width Page (blog_large_full_width_item1.html)
  • NEW: Portfolio Hover Colors Page (portfolio_hover_colors.html)
  • NEW: Portfolio 2 Columns Full Width No Space Page (portfolio_2_columns_fullwidth_no_space.html)
  • NEW: Portfolio 2 Columns Full Width Grid Page (portfolio_2_columns_fullwidth.html)
  • NEW: Portfolio 2 Columns Full Width Grid With Text Page (portfolio_2_columns_fullwidth_text.html)
  • NEW: Portfolio 3 Columns Full Width No Space Page (portfolio_3_columns_fullwidth_no_space.html)
  • NEW: Portfolio 3 Columns Full Width Grid Page (portfolio_3_columns_fullwidth.html)
  • NEW: Portfolio 3 Columns Full Width Grid With Text Page (portfolio_3_columns_fullwidth_text.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 Transparent (feature_header_v6_transparent.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 Dark Semi Transparent (feature_header_v6_semi_dark_transparent.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 White Semi Transparent (feature_header_v6_semi_white_transparent.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 Transparent Border Bottom (feature_header_v6_border_bottom.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 Classic Dark (feature_header_v6_classic_dark.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 Classic White (feature_header_v6_classic_white.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 Dark Dropdown (feature_header_v6_dark_dropdown.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 Dark Navigation on Scroll (feature_header_v6_dark_scroll.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 Dark Search (feature_header_v6_dark_search.html)
  • NEW: Header v6 Dark Navigation in Responsive mode (feature_header_v6_dark_res_nav.html)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Background images for high resolution screens in (paralalx counters, clients block etc.)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Default Header for large logo images (most wanted feature by users request)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Header CSS code structure (added new comment structure with tabel of content)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Portfolio Pages (all portfolio pages)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Smooth Content Scroller for blocks in Shop UI (header cart) and Profile (notes, events, notification etc.) pages
  • IMPROVEMENT: File structure (all detailed information written in the documentation)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Coming Soon Page (page_coming_soon.html) - added sticky footer, updated countdown jquery plugin and enhanced some code structure.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Redesigned About Us (page_about1.html)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Search Pages
  • IMPROVEMENT: Invoice Page
  • IMPROVEMENT: Documentation (Headers, Footers and Plugin sections)
  • FIXED: Language Bar in Default Header for iOS touch devices
  • FIXED: FancyBox overlay issue
  • FIXED: Scrollspy Reference for One Page Template
  • FIXED: Theme colors of border-bottom in Default Header
  • FIXED: Some theme color issues fixed in Shop UI
  • FIXED: Typo Errors in the Documentation
  • FIXED: PSD download link in the Documentation

Please click here to see full changelog

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