Hi it's me again, the loyal Unify user.

I've been frequently checking back to this item page for a year or so to follow up the development stage of 2.0 and super excited to finally find that we got that 'coming soon' banner for 2.0. Bravo!

So when can we expect 2.0? and what can we expect from 2.0? HTML5 semantic markups? SASS or LESS support? More integrated file structure among different packages? More premium plugins from codeconyan? ........ Please hit us with more trailers!

I've used Unify for many clients already. Really like it since it got lots of customizable components. Pretty much all we need is to put together bunch of components and throw in some custom CSS and there we go. Really convenient. Another reason is that there is actually a secret repository of premium plugins hidden in our Unify theme. Those plugins offer a lot more features than what's being presented in our Unify demo pages so guys you should really dig into them and I'm sure you can benefit a lot more. (some plugins even got offline docs with them, nice!)

Another question, we are planning to offer our own CMS to technical members so that they can also use our CMS to build sites for their clients. Since I am so happy with Unify, I really would like them all to use Unify along with our CMS to build sites for their clients, so we are planning to include Unify as our default theme in the CMS. We are a Chinese tech company so of course I would not only offer technical supports regarding to the CMS to my clients, but also supports on Unify (so they don't necessarily need your direct help since most of them don't speak English). As a matter of fact, the one thing that I don't like about Unify (and any other themes on the market) is that none of these premium themes offer thorough and down-to-details documentation. So we are actually planning to rewrite Unify docs in Chinese and attach it as an appendix to our CMS docs. I'm wondering how licencing works in this case? Do I need to purchase a multisite license for each of my clients? Or I need to purchase a single extended license? Or we could work out a different partnership way to solve this problem?

Come on, hurry up releasing 2.0, can't wait. Meanwhile looking forward to more trailers and feedbacks on my questions above :)

Many thanks for your kind message. We do much appreciate it. First of all, we apologize for the late response.

That's true that our team has been working on Unify v2.0 over a year and we hope It will change the way how developers create new projects with Unify Template. Also, we made a deep research on it and came up with a new methodology for Unify with the combination of popular methodologies like BEM, ITCSS, OOCSS, Atomic CSS and others.

Here are some big changes and new features in short:

- Fully based on Bootstrap 4
- Design enhancement (more fresh colors, designs blocks etc.)
- New UI designs (we have extended and implemented lots of new design components)
- Completely new Javascript and HTML/CSS ecosystem.
- Ultimate control over the Headers
- Lots of custom Javascript addons for the most 3rd party libraries (e.g. google maps, countdowns, fancybox etc.)
- Global Modular Approach (any components can be used in any demos and pages with no extra effort)
- SASS (all components in a separate file, It provides powerful control over CSS)
- HTML5 semantic markups
- Significant enhancement of Documentation (since, we are running out of time with the approximate release date, the documentation will be updated later with more detailed information)
- and much more..

Regarding the license, you need to obtain the extended license for your case. You may also contact to Wrapbotostrap Support team to get more information about the licenses.

Please feel free to contact us If you have more questions and any feature request for future updates. Also, stay tuned for the latest updates on https://twitter.com/htmlstream

Kindest Regards,

1: Just want to make sure if I get 'Global Modular Approach' right:

for example, currently if I want to use the trips carousel component from the Travel tepmlate in Unify Main, or the FEATURED PRODUCTS section from Shop UI, I would have to locate the required CSS/JS carefully and place them all in my pages. In 2.0, does it mean that I don't have to trouble that much in order to use components from Thematic Designs/Shop UI in Unify Main?

2: Approximately how much longer do we need to wait? Like, a few weeks? months? Or maybe another year? If 2.0 turns out to be great (we would of course build a few client projects with it first), I don't think 5k is that much of an investment afterwards :)

Many thanks for your feedback. We do truly appreciate it.

1. Yes, that's completely right! Any UI Components can be used within any pages and demos in v2.0 Unify. For example, you may easily use "Team Block" from Agency Demo in any other demo pages.

2. We were trying to complete it by the end of May but unfortunately, we should postpone it to the end of June. We will do our best to release by the end of next month but please note, since v2.0 Unify is a major update and It's our biggest update ever, our estimate timeframe might not be accurate. We hope for your kind understanding.

Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact us If you have more questions.

Kindest Regards,
Hey, Is there a way I can speak with someone? My company really likes the them and we have a multi-app license. We use Ruby on Rails and we are making a private rails gem for Unify that has rails tasks that make it really easy to integrate Unify into a rails app. I think this could be very useful for other developers but of course I can't release the gem because it has the source code. I am thinking there would be a way for us to work together on this project. I know a lot of people in the rails community and I think they would all want to use the gem if we can figure out how to make sure they purchase the appropriate license from you. If you want to reach out, email james@instantquotetool.com Thanks

Thanks a lot for your message and an offer. We do much appreciate it.

We will consider your offer with our team and get back to you with more details.

Meanwhile, please do let us know If you have any questions.

Kindest Regards,
noamflint PURCHASED

Is it possible to have the cube-portfolio show two items per row in mobile view?
My page is based on the https://htmlstream.com/preview/unify-v1.9.8/portfolio_4_columns_fullwidth.html page.

noamflint PURCHASED
Just wanted to add and clarify...
I have changed the cube-portfolio-4-fw.js file and where it says in the mediaQueries section width: 320 I've set it to 2 instead of 1.

As a result if I resize the screen it works and shows two in a row BUT in mobile devices for some reason it still shows 1 in a row.


Thank you very much for your message.

Could you please drop us an email to support@htmlstream.com the above question and our support team will be back to you within a short time with some solutions?

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindest Regards,
Hi I was wondering if you can help me on https://htmlstream.com/preview/unify-v1.9.8/page_home10.html
1. I would like to make the navigation stick to the top on mobile view.
2. i would like to add a fixed top bar above the navigation area that stays on desktop view and mobile view.


Many thanks for your questions.

1. Unfortunately, this feature by default is not available in v1.9.x Unify. However, currently we are working on the next generation of Unify which is v2.0 and It will include this feature with other tons of new features.

2. Regarding this question, please contact us at support@htmlstream.com and our support team will help you to achieve that.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindest Regards,
rokavsic PURCHASED
i would like to add a animated button to my website.

i added this code:
<button class="btn-u btn-u-default ladda-button" data-style="zoom-in">
<span class="ladda-label">Zoom-in</span>
<span class="ladda-spinner"></span>

and this css/js:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/plugins/ladda-buttons/css/custom-lada-btn.css">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/plugins/hover-effects/css/custom-hover-effects.css">

<script src="assets/plugins/ladda-buttons/js/spin.min.js"></script>
<script src="assets/plugins/ladda-buttons/js/ladda.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="assets/js/plugins/ladda-buttons.js"></script>

i added this code from your website:

Thank you for the awesome template and kind regards

Many thanks for your kind words. We do truly appreciate it.

It seems, we need to check it in details. Could you please send us an email to support@htmlstream.com with the above question and our support team will check it in details?

Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us If you have more questions.

Kindest Regards,
PROBLEM with cart icon (dropdown list) ON MOBILE // SHOP UI:
hi there,
Here´s the video of the problem

In case it´s difficult to understand my pronounciation, here´s the problem:

the cart dropdown menu, in the main menu of SHOP UI, does have an usability problem when opened in mobile.

Problem is: you can open it on click.. but there´s no way to close it, than to stumbling around the small screen in order to find a way to close it. I mean, if you want to just SEE the contents, not to buy, there would be nice a clear, visible way to CLOSE that opened menu.

In the video it´s a simulation on Chrome (sorry I can´t grab a video of the experience on mi Motorola E, but I swear it´s quite similar to what happens with my mobile.

hope it makes sense, and that you can help me.
Hi Mauro,

Many thanks for your message and detailed explanation. We do much appreciate it.

We are completely agree with your point of view, this is a notable usability issue on mobile devices. We will improve this issue as soon as possible and send you the solution. The solution might require some attachment files, in case, could you please drop us an email to support@htmlstream.com with the above question?

Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us If you have more questions.

Kindest Regards,
Hi ... can you tell me how to make the top nav dropdown item clickable? And to work on mobile the navigation menu would need be expanded by default. Thanks! I'm using v 1.9.8
Hi - I was wondering if there was a calendar page included. I looked in the live preview but couldn't find it. If not, is there a plan to include one soon? Thanks.
Hello my name is Akhil,
And i have uploaded an Restaurant template , in my dashboard it is shown in pending how many days would it take to become live.

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