The grid view on http://themes.rokaux.com/unishop/shop-grid-ls.html doesn't work with the latest version of Edge (Microsoft Edge 38.14393.1066.0). The product cards fail to display unless you mess with the pagination.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll check this out. I'm working on update right now and will add fix.
Check latest update. I included Edge fix. Regards
marcusjm PURCHASED
Great Theme but is there a boxed setting somewhere or can it be wished for?

Thanks for your comment and appreciation of my template. At the moment there is no boxed version. I will think of adding boxed layout in one of the future updates.
Best regards
Great theme! It was exactly what I was looking for. And the code is pretty well organized.
Thank you!
Hi, thank you very much for the feedback! Glad you like it.
Hey, I'm interested in integrating this theme into a django-oscar project. Just wondering whether this is explained in the documentation?
Hi, thank you for your interest in my template. Documentation includes information about how to work with downloaded files and not the integration process with 3rd party software like django-oscar project.
Best regards
Hello. Great theme. Is it possible to also include HTML templates along with PUG?
Oh dang. Ignore that comment. Didn't see they are available inside of /dist directory. Cheers.
You are right:) Cheers
Can we use angular-js with this theme ?
By default it's based on jQuery. But I think there should not be a problem to convert it angular as soon as you are good at angular.
Please those the theme come with a back-end?
Hi, it's front-end template, no back-end included. Regards
Hello, just bought this great template, first of all I would like thank you for great code and theme. I have a question for the dummy images which is currently using on the template. When I visit the http://themes.rokaux.com/unishop/ images clear and no pixelated but after I downloaded the files and run on my local, all images looks pixelated. Why is that and did you do this on purpose, or maybe this is nothing to do with you anyway and it is just me I don't know :)

Thank you for your feedback. Glad you like the template. There is a note at the bottom of Unishop page saying: Please note: most of the images used (except for icons, logos) in Unishop demo are pixelated and their quality reduced in download package due to copyright restrictions.
Unfortunately, I do not have rights to include original images in template. Regrads
Oh my bad, thank you.
This template is very nice, but when I use it with package bootstrap@4.0.0-beta I need convert some variable with px to rem then remove func floor() and ceil().

Can we follow default bootstrap variables config?
ex: $font-size-base: 16px -> 1rem
I normally try not to customize default Bootstrap. Unishop is built on top of BS and is indeed based on px instead of rems. You can try to convert all pixels in rems but make sure default body font size is 16px
So when I run grunt the following are not being regenerated in /dist styles.min.css, modernizr.min.css.

styles.css (Yes)

I completely delete /dist/, run "grunt" and the files do not get made.
Hi, I came across one issue with all input-group s. I am using the same bootstrap version 4.0.0-beta as yours but it seem the css you have is a little bit different from one I got from the Bootstrap website because when I replace mine with one in the unishop it breaks all the input-group. Do you know what is the difference between your bootstrap css file and the one from Bootstrap website?
Please check your inbox. I replied to your email. Thank you.

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