Has this theme been tested on safari for PC? The left side bar wraps to the bottom. http://themes.rokaux.com/unishop/v2.1/template-1/shop-list-ls.html
It's been tested on Safari. Please specify your Safari and OSX version. Best regards
Are you guys sure? When I look at this page (http://themes.rokaux.com/unishop/v2.2/template-1/index.html) on safari on PC, the clothing shoes and bags are all one separate lines stacked. What is your email address? I will email you screen shots.
Hi, Can we use this template with angular5
This is static HTML/CSS template. With a bit of jQuery based javascript. I don't think there should be a problem to convert it to Angular app as far as you are good at it.
Best regards
I'm having an issue with Photoswipe not working in any version of IE. Your theme is hiding the magnifying glass on the product detail pages for IE, which makes me think that the JS error that I'm seeing just has not been addressed.
You are right. I haven't solved this problem so just hid magnifying glass for now. I'll get back to this issue and will fix it in the next update. Regards
How can make the shop layout - filters top as sticky while scrolling ?
This is possible with the help of plugin like https://abouolia.github.io/sticky-sidebar/ Check it out.

I have the Unishop working since long ago, it is a great template. After some changes I am trying to change the year of copyright at bottom left of the index page and also "All Rights Reserved" tried to change to: "Trademarks and All Rights Reserved ".

I tried to find where to do it and cannot find. I found a line at includes/languages/english.php (#define('FOOTER_TEXT_BODY', 'Copyright ©) but changes there don't reflect on what I am trying to change. Please help me. Thank you.

Kind regards

Hi Linda,
Thank you for using my template. Please let me know you edit PUG or plain HTML files?
Hello, good day
Hello, good day recently bought the theme but don’t know hot to install it in laravel via npm it displays an error while compiling the assets. Do you have an instruction regards to laravel users?
ozburnew PURCHASED
Hey! There is a way to implement this template with Python (Django)?
This is HTML template meaning you can do whatever you need with it. Including Django as soon as are good at it.
ozburnew PURCHASED
Thank you for your support, this is an amazing template, to be honest I love it! :)
Thank you!
Hi, Iam using this template with angular5,
While I use custom-checkbox it shows nothing
Am using "bootstrap": "4.0.0-beta.2",
Hi sorry for the delay. Do you follow html structure correctly? Please make sure https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/forms/#checkboxes-and-radios-1
bgcreddy PURCHASED
If am viewing the page in the wider screens, the top bar and nav bar contents go all the way to edges. This is leaves a gap in the middle of Topbar and Navbar. Can we keep them within 1200px.
What back end program do I need to use this? Which admin template do you recomment I use to be able to run a blog and ecommerce?


It doesn't work with admin panel out of the box. This is just static HTML Template. If you want to run blog and ecommerce with this theme than I recommend to wait my Unishop WordPress version. But I will release it in a 1-1.5 months.

How do you get the account and cart menus to close on mobile? Ideally you should just be able to tap anywhere outside the menu.
Sorry, FYI. I turned these on when you guys were hiding on mobile. Another example is how do you close a menu like the money one here? http://themes.rokaux.com/unishop/v2.2/template-1/index.html

Would you mind to provide link to the live demo of your website in private message, so I can play with it myself. Regards
fabquirino21 PURCHASED
I'd like some sample to use the "search field" with dropdown in this template.

Unishop doesn't have such component out of the box. If you send me example (design mockup) of what you want to achieve, I'll help you with this. My e-mail is [email protected]

Please how i install this theme i dont find the index.html, folder, please when you put on sell version for wordpress , would i have it for free thanks

Index.html file is found inside template-1/dist folder or template-2/dist folder depending on what version you plan to use.

Regarding WordPress version, no, you won't get it for free, because it's different product. It's starting price will be around $40

Best regards
diortsid PURCHASED
Hi, I can't find files with @font-face in sources
diortsid PURCHASED
I found fonts.

And I have a question - you don't plan update this template for latest bootstrap version? Not beta

Please download latest version. It uses latest stable version of Bootstrap (since v.2.1) Please see changelog http://themes.rokaux.com/unishop/v2.2/template-1/docs/changelog.html
Hi, I recently ought this theme and its looking very good. I am trying to pass few parameters to shop-single.html and display on html page from url. e.g. shop-single.html?productname=GB01. But I am not able to display anything on html page. Can you please guide?

I tried something like:
<h1>Single Product - <span id="productname"></span></h1>
document.getElementById("productname").innerHTML = "value from url parameter";
Hello, I need to download the UniShop 1.2 version again.

How can I do it?

I replied to your email. Regards
Hello, does this theme have a full screen options, no white space on the left of right? Also can you have a left and right menu of the same, yet have them as a hidden canvas like already seen when you browser the store? Can the theme support the same type of off canvas for the login, search and cart. Also will this then view cart support a large list 100+ items? Thank you.

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