Hi nice template, i already bought one. but why my contact form not function? i already change my email accordingly inside contact_me.php..

have a look.
Hi there! If the PHP form isn't working even after updating your email address in the PHP file then it probably has to do with your server configuration. Send us an email using the form on our profile page and we can investigate this issue further. Thanks!
your documentation is wrong, the light outline button should change from:

Great theme, thanks
Thanks for the feedback on the docs. We'll fix that up in the next update!
hi there! if i already have a wordpress website how would i go about adding this theme to my wordpress website.
Since this is an HTML/CSS theme you would have to set up the WordPress hooks on your own. I would check out the theme documentation on the WordPress.org website to start. Hopefully this helps!
Hi There!
This theme looks so great. Quick question though - is it intended to only be a single-page site?

My client would like to be able to have clickable links in the Nav that will take them to other pages using the template.
This is built as a one page site, yes. It is possible to turn it into a multiple page site if you desire though. The navigation bar at the top collapses on scroll, but for a multiple page site that might not be desirable. In that scenario, you could remove the script and classes that collapse the menu bar on scroll, and use the page layout to create other pages for the site. It would require a bit of customization on your end, but if you wanted to create a multiple page site out of this theme it's possible.

Hopefully this answers your question! Thanks for checking out Vitality!
No worries :) thanks. I might take a look.

I just bought your template and I'm very happy with it. However, I cant seem to work out the contact form. I have only changed the enclosed contact_me.php file but with no luck. I get the message that the server is not responding. Any thoughts?

Thank you
Make sure you're on a live server or the form itself won't send. The form needs PHP and a mail server in order to shoot messages.

If you've already uploaded it to a server then it might be a permissions problem with your web host. May web hosts don't allow forms to send to popular email addresses like Gmail or Yahoo accounts. Try using a private domain email address to see if that works.

Thanks for using Vitality! If this doesn't resolve your issues, contact us directly using the form on our profile page here at WrapBootstrap and I'll try to help you out a bit more.
Good template, guys ;) Like it!
Hi again,
Just a quick question with regard to the popups such as on 'http://themes.startbootstrap.com/vitality-v1.3/agency.html#work'

-> will these popups be SEO recognised? So google will see the information on that popup?
The content is contained within modals so the text content will be recognized, but since the content is hidden behind a popup the content will typically have less priority than other content on the page. Hopefully this helps!
Great template, but all the CSS is compresed, so, that's hard to edit things..

A non compressed version of each file would be great :)
This was a bug in version 1.3.1. Version 1.3.2 has just been uploaded to fix this oversight. Thanks for pointing this out. You can replace your CSS with the new, uncompressed CSS included with the theme. Thanks for choosing Vitality! If you have other questions don't hesitate to ask!
Hi there! Is it possible for you to mention which files are updated in the changelog? I now have this theme in a production environment but the latest update just says "minor bugfix". Do I need to update every single CSS and JS file (some of which I have minified myself, so would have to do all that again)? Are there any changes to the core HTML file? If I'm updating everything when an update only contains a change to a single CSS file (for example) then this seems a bit wasteful. Would be really helpful to know which files are updated in the changelog.

Love the theme! Great work! Many thanks.
In the future I will mention what gets updated in the change log. For this past update it was just decompressing the CSS, so there isn't anything you need to change with the 1.3.2 update.

I'll document which files change in the future though, thanks for your input!
does it come with all the demo data? i would like it to be just like the demo
This theme comes with all of the demo information that you see in the preview. Pictures, text, and everything else is included! Before using the demo pictures however, make sure to check the media attribution credits (which is included with the download) to see what you can use freely and what content must be attributed.
Hi, I want to allow the contact form to send attacements (doc, jpg, etc.)
Also maybe a captcha too.

How can I do this please?
Captcha is easy to add, you can just follow the steps with whichever plugin you're using and it should integrate well with the form. To add attachments to a form however, you will need to use a server side language like PHP in order to build the functionality into the form. Send an email on the Start Bootstrap profile page and I can try to help you out with some resources that will get you started on how to build this feature. Thanks for choosing Vitality!
comment faire pour mettre en place un slider automatique ?!!!!
quand je scroll dans IE11 les images tromblent. y'aura t'il une correction pour ce bug ?
For some reason the site isn't adjusting to the right mobile ready version on my phone. Any ideas? It's basically the same exact template.
Hmm. Send an email to me through the Start Bootstrap profile page here on WrapBootstrap and we can look into this further. There shouldn't be any problems with responsiveness with the base template, but if there is anything going on we can figure it out!
Can I use this theme with visual studio?
Since the theme is HTML/CSS based (with LESS generating the CSS, which is optional to use) you should be able to use this template within Visual Studio without a problem! Thanks for checking out Vitality!
How can i auto-slide pictures ? i need that projects slide's automatically. It's possible with this template ?
Where are your trying to auto-slide the images? The carousel's in the template are based off of the Owl Carousel plugin which does allow for auto-play functionality. If you can send me a direct message with the contents of your vitality.js file then I can help you get the sliders auto-playing. Thanks for choosing this theme!
Hello from Switzerland,
Great theme!
- How can i add a "imprint" link at the bottom of the site? or even other links as "terms and conditions"?
We have to declare this in Switzerland - so i need this for shure.

Thanks for feedback!
Hi there!

In order to add another link to the bottom of the page you could put it next to the Copyright information and change the styling around using CSS. That would be an non-intrusive and clean way to implement this sort of thing. Hopefully this helps! If you can't solve the issues just send a message through our profile here on WrapBootstrap and I can suggest some code. Thanks for choosing Vitality! Have a good day!
Hello !

Nice theme but I have a problem when I want to add it on my wordpress, it says : "theme damaged, the stylesheet is missing"
What can I do to make it work ?

Thanks !

Vitality is not a WordPress theme, it is just HTML/CSS with LESS. If you're looking for WordPress themes I would check out the WordPress themes section of WrapBootstrap here: https://wrapbootstrap.com/themes/wordpress
Oh ! :/ so I bought it for nothing :/
There's no way to use it anyway ?
You would need to take the HTML and styles and integrate them into WordPress. If you're not able to do this then I would recommend contacting WrapBootstrap for a refund.

For information on porting HTML/CSS into WordPress I would check out these resources:

Thank you very much !
Hi, I bought your template - the only thing that missing is updated fonts - I mean you download Raleway from google which is in old version (it has only latin letters). It would be nice to use your template on e.g. Polish sites without need to embedd it yourself. Cheers
The Raleway font isn't actually downloaded and included with the template. Instead is served by Google's font API, meaning the font is being served remotely. Google's old version is the one that's there for now, and hopefully they will update in the near future. For the time being however this would be an extension that the end user would need to add rather than having the actual font file included with the base template. Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks for choosing Vitality!

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