Hello, love the theme, been using it for a few years now. I just noticed an error in the console that I never notice before, I will paste it below.

mixitup.min.js:16 Uncaught Error: [MixItUp] An invalid selector or element reference was passed to the mixitup factory function
at e (mixitup.min.js:16)
at vitality-mixitup.js:3

How would I go about fixing this?
It looks like your ID or class names on the portfolio have change and they are colliding with the plugin jQuery in the vitality JS file. Check the class names and ID's in the vitality.js script that activates mixitup and then look at your portfolio grid and make sure everything matches. If you aren't using the portfolio grid at all, then you can go into the vitality.js file and delete the activation script for that plugin. Hopefully this helps!
Is there a version of this template compatible with bootstrap 3?
Unfortunately it is not since the update to Bootstrap 4. I do recommend using Bootstrap 4 going on from here though, regardless of template, since it is a more updated framework and in it's stable release version (no longer in beta). Thanks for using Vitality!
Hi! Love the theme!! However, I am having some issues with the contact form. Everytime I try to submit something I am getting a 403 Error referencing jquery.min.js:4 . Do you have any idea of what the issue with this could be? Thanks so much!
First you want to make sure that the page is being tested on a server that supports PHP, otherwise the form won't send. If you're on a live server and it's still not sending there are a few possible issues, one of which is that the server does not have or has a very old version of PHP. If PHP is running on your server, then I would check with your server administrator to see if there are any permissions or security features preventing a form from sending - this is the most common issue which requires some configuration on the side of the web host. Hopefully this helps!
We are still improving our site with the theme. Do you have any plans to migrate to OwlCarousel2? There are some nifty features I would like to use from this version, but migrating to OwlCarousel2 does affect the theme a lot. Can't get it to work properly. So really looking forward to this. Thanks!
The issue with Owl Carousel 2 is the CSS transitions that they use versus the ones in version 1. If you did want to update to Owl Carousel 2 on your end you would need to edit the jQuery options in the vitality.js file, and possible change a bit of the markup.

The transition on the testimonials and portfolio items would be most effected by the carousel - and the navigation arrow may go out of whack a bit if updated since they use some different markup for those nav elements in 2 I believe.

To answer the question about updated to version 2, I had tried it in the past but was unhappy with the transitions so I stayed with 1, but I can revisit it, or possibly even choose a new carousel plugin for these features in the long run.

Hopefully this helps!

Do you add any GDPR compliant tool that allows the web site visitor to accept some terms and conditions about cokoies and IP address but also for newsletters?

It will be in force on 25th May and I am certainly late! :D

An answer would be appreciated.
I do not have anything set up for this yet, but it is something that could be easily created with a Bootstrap modal!
Easily <-- Surely for you ;-)))

Could you give me a bit more of a tip how I could do that. What modal could I use or where could I find it?
The website visitor would need to agree to the terms and conditions so he would have to click on something. I am not sure how this is done.
You could just drop in a dismissable alert somewhere on the page.


Check those out. It wouldn't need to pop up or anything, but you could keep it in a fixed position at the bottom of the page.

I have a second question: Does Vitality create any cookies on a users computer when it visits the website?
No it doesn't. No information is stored by the files in the theme. If you add things like Google Analytics or an email signup form or any sort of user portal where users register with your site and give you their information, then that is done outside of the theme itself.

if you scroll down to 'Software Categories' and click on an item in the mixitup list (e.g Payroll) you will notice that all the items disappear. It only seems to happen when 'All' is selected. When any other category is select the items do not disappear. Any ideas on how I can stop the categories from disappearing? It also happens when you click on the 'View Details' button in the section just above ('The Software').
It looks like something is going on to where all categories are becoming unselected when the modal is opened up. The .mixitup-control-active class gets removed when the modal is toggled opened. I am thinking that this is a conflict between the Bootstrap default modal behavior and the plugin. I also see that clicking on the portfolio item adds the .mixitup-control-active class to the portfolio item, but it's not a control item. I'm not completely sure how to solve this though. I will do some digging. This is what is physically happening though!
Thanks for the information and the great template. I eagerly await the results of your 'digging'
Go into your vitality-mixitup.js file replace the content with:

// Mixitup Settings
var containerEl = document.querySelector('#portfolioList');
var mixer = mixitup(containerEl, {
selectors: {
control: '[data-mixitup-control]'

Then add the data attribute data-mixitup-control to each of your control buttons, so for example:

<button type="button" class="control btn btn-secondary btn-sm mx-2 mb-4" data-filter=".financial">Financial</button>

Changes to

<button type="button" class="control btn btn-secondary btn-sm mx-2 mb-4" data-mixitup-control data-filter=".financial">Financial</button>

Let me know if this works. I did some testing on my end and it was working locally. If it doesn't I might need to get a copy of your HTML file so I can test it using the code before it gets rendered.
Genius! Thank you so much.

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