Just purchased it because it's a beautiful, elegant and it's simple (Like my Apple products I love). The code is very well written, and easy to setup - I got it setup and working on Python Django server in less then 20 minutes. This has been one of the best themes I've worked with to date and my first comment on praising a theme.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)
Thank you so much for these kinds words!
Hey Folks, cool tempalte.

I purchased the Vitality template but need guidance for uploading all the assets to Google Blogger.

Thank you :)

The assets included with the theme are all HTML and CSS so if you load your CSS into the custom CSS and then work with the built in HTML elements within the Google Blogger framework you should be set. I am not sure how compatible Blogger is with custom HTML and CSS since I do not have much experience working with Blogger.

You can send me an email via the Start Bootstrap profile page here on WrapBootstrap and we can dive into this further if you'd like! Thanks!
Hey Guys!

Awesome template, very easy to edit.

I've got a problem though: On Mobile Safari (iPhone, iPad) the first section is stretched, no other sections are visible until you click a link in the top menu; the menu is shown not in "mobile mode" as popup but the site is scaled down and shown with small logo and standard menu.
This also happens with the legal theme without edits!

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
Regarding the visibility on mobile, there are on-scroll animations that wont appear until the page is scrolled to a certain spot. On older iPhone and iPad devices, the items wont appear until the touch event has stopped (as you scroll with your finger, the section wont appear until the finger leaves the screen). This might explain the visibility issue. You can always disable WoW.js and animate.css to remove the animations if you wish.

The mobile menu breakpoint is 768px, so any screen larger than that (which includes iPads) will not show the mobile menu.

If the viewport meta tag was modified or removed, then the page will not scale down correctly, so make sure that is still in the HTML in the head just in case you're getting a problem because of that.

If this response doesn't answer you question, please feel free to send an email to me via the Start Bootstrap profile here on WrapBootstrap and we can look into things further. Thanks, and have a great day!
Hey guys,
Great theme!
However the dropdown in the navbar is not possible on mobile devices or on screen sizes with collapsed navigation. Is there already a fix for this?
See my example here:
The language selection dropdown is possible as long as the navbar is not collapsed. However on a small screen size when the navbar is collapsed the language selection dropdown is not possible.
I am really looking forward to your help!
Hi there! I see the issue. I will take a look at the source code and see if I can come up with a fix for this. The theme itself isn't built around having dropdowns in the menu bar since it's a one page theme, but in this rare case it makes sense to have that dropdown. I will take a look and see what I can work out, thanks!
I found the poblem of my previuos issue and have a solution. In vitality.js exclude class dropdown-toggle from closing the navbar menu. Just add
to the existing jquery command.

// Closes the Responsive Menu on Menu Item Click
$('.navbar-collapse ul li a:not(".dropdown-toggle")').click(function() {
Thanks for this contribution! I might add this into the final template in the next release after some testing...
Thanks for a great theme. A quick formstone /youtube question:

I am trying to use a youtube video for the background in a page, and start the video at 30 seconds in. In vitality.js, I have:

// Formstone Wallpaper - Video Background Settings
source: {
video: "//https://www.youtube.com/embed/ipvfwPqh3V4",
poster: "assets/img/bg-mobile-fallback.jpg"
/*mp4: "assets/mp4/camera.mp4"*/
youtubeOptions: {
start: 30

But am having no luck.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Have you downloaded the newest version of the template? I updated a week or so ago and I replaced the Formstone Wallpaper plugin with the new Formstone Background plugin. They changed the name and some of the jQuery, so it would read:


The new docs can be found here: https://formstone.it/components/background/#use
Hello, why it's not support IE8?

please tell me the solution!
Bootstrap dropped support for IE 8, which means this template is no longer supporting IE 8 as well.
moeabdol PURCHASED
First of all the theme looks awesome. Thanks for your efforts!
I wonder if this theme can be integrated into a ruby on rails project? I love the theme and would like to use its main page as a landing page form my web app.

Since the theme is just raw HTML and CSS (with LESS files, some jQuery, and other assets) you shouldn't have a problem chopping up the code and porting it into whatever system you want to use, whether it's Ruby on Rails, or any other system. Hopefully this helps!
moeabdol PURCHASED
Thank you so much +1. Already purchased :)
kevwelch PURCHASED
Love the template, and it's been really easy getting things running so far.

One problem I've had and can't seem to find a solution for is putting a video as a portfolio item. Can I have a Vimeo-hosted video show up in one of the portfolio modals instead of an image? If not an embedded vimeo video, how about one hosted on the local server?

I've tried using the embed link provided by vimeo, but the video option is very small, and doesn't have the responsive sizing that images do. If I can't use their embed code, how would I go about replacing the portfolio image with a video file that resizes int he same responsive way as the images do?

Thanks for your help guys, and keep up the great work!
For the portfolio items, if you're using an embedded video you might want to look into the jQuery plugin called FitVids. You can see more info here: http://fitvidsjs.com/

I would try to drop a Vimeo video within the modal when fitvids is loaded up, that would be a pretty good solution.

You could also use a system like Magnific Popup http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/ for your portfolio videos. They would open just the video in it's own lightbox rather than using the modal that comes with the template.

Hopefully this helps!
kevwelch PURCHASED
Thanks for your help! Fitvid didn't quite work (scaled the width and video content, but not the containers height). HOWEVER, your suggestion got me thinking, and I found that if you put your video content in like this:

<div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9">
<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/VIDEO-ID"></iframe>

bootstrap will automatically scale both the height and width. It all works out nicely.

Thanks guys!
kevwelch PURCHASED
One note:
use the embed-responsive-16by9 for video that's 1080p or 720p. For SD video (720x480) use
Oh! Very nice fix, that is one of Bootstraps newer classes. I may integrate this into the theme as part of the initial download thanks to your suggestion here. Thanks for sharing this!
kevwelch PURCHASED
Not sure what to make of this, but I'm getting something weird on the mobile view. I've been setting Vitality up for a client on their site. However, when I was running it on my test domain it all looks right. When I moved it to run under their domain, the mobile view went all to hell.

Both domain names (my test domain and their business domain) are hosted on the same server and both on my hosting account. The only difference is that my test server has a short domain name, but the client server has a longer domain name. They're 4 characters versus 21 characters long. Would domain name length be something that could throw off the mobile view?
kevwelch PURCHASED
Scratch this. Found out it was a weird domain config on the server side, not Vitality's fault.
Sounds good! I'm glad it was a config file doing this!
I bought this product with the idea that it would be a simple drag and drop way to create a quick landing page. Is there something like this available? I have no programming experience.
Unfortunately this isn't a drag and drop sort of process. In order to use this template (and most of the templates on this site) you will need some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with jQuery. For this template specifically, knowledge of LESS will benefit you if you want to customize things further.

Hopefully this helps!
Hi, for some reason the front video on Vitality is working on my preview, but it won't work live ----? Anybody else have this? Is it a size issue? I grabbed my video from the same place you guys did --- Cheers!
Update** I just saw the upgrade and found i]the link in my email - How much do I need to change everything or just the css plugin? I tried that but still doesn't work - ?
If you updated the jQuery plugin that is handling the video and it still doesn't work then I might have another solution for you. I've run into this problem with a few other buyers, so hopefully this works!

There may be a MIME-Type issue happening that is preventing the video from playing properly off of your web server. If you don't have an .htaccess file if your sites root directory on your server then make one, or add the following to your .htaccess file if you already have one:

AddType video/mp4 .mp4

This assumes that you're using an MP4 as your video type.

Hopefully this helps!
Hi - I tried everything you mentioned but still no love. I swapped my files into the new updated package, I did have an .htaccess file, updated as you mentioned, but nothing has worked --- ??
How big is the video? If the video is too large, it may work locally but when it's on the live web server the video may not be loading (or it might take a very long time to load) which may cause it to appear broken.

If your video is too large, try running it through Handbrake (tutorial is in the docs). Otherwise, contact me on the profile page here on WrapBootstrap and we can look into this even further!
That was it, I managed to get it down in size, still stick but at least it works - good note for docs - I should have checked first thing - thanks for your help!
No problem! Hopefully things work out! If you have other questions feel free to shoot me an email. Thanks again for choosing Vitality!
Hi - is the vitality theme theme available for Joomla?
Unfortunately it is only HTML/CSS, not compatible with Joomla out of the box. If you have experience working with Joomla and creating custom themes then you can use the components from this one and port it into Joomla. Thanks for checking out Vitality!
Was wondering does anyone know how to keep the navigation link expanded the whole time? Not just for when you get to the about section, trying to keep it expanded for the whole page (black showing)
Hi there!

There is a CSS class called .navbar-expanded that is set when the page is not scrolled. After the page scrolls, the class goes away. What you can do is edit the vitality.js file to remove the script that causes the navbar to collapse, and then remove the .navbar-expanded class from the CSS. After that you will have the collapsed navbar showing at all times. Hopefully this helps!
I've bought this template, but just now I saw that it's HTML. Do you have the same for Word Press?

Best regards.
Unfortunately this is just a HTML/CSS responsive theme. It is not a WordPress build out of the box.

I have a question regarding the contact form

If I wish to add checkbox and dropdown options into the form, how do I have to add to the ajax part in contact_me.js?

Thanks !
I am not sure on this one, but you would need to edit the contact_me.js file to include the boxes as well as the contact_me.php file.
Hi again, I cant seem to get an html5 <audio> player to work in vitality - am I missing something?
It should be compatible with html5 audio players. I might see if there are an conflicts happening in the console. Some of the jQuery plugins might be interfering with that. Hopefully this helps!
I am trying to figure out how to change the video in the header to a video from YouTube. Is this possible? Any guidance on how to do it would be greatly appreciated. TIA
Yes you can do this! Check out the docs for the background plugin here: https://formstone.it/components/background/

Scroll down the page and look for the section on how to use a YouTube video. You will need to edit the vitality.js file where the background plugin is used. Hopefully this helps!
I tried working with the docs in the link you provided but could not get it to work. Is there a tutorial anywhere? Thanks for your time.
I don't think there is a tutorial anywhere that I know of, but if you send an email to me through the Start Bootstrap profile page here on WrapBootstrap I will see if I can get you some code samples. Just send me a message using the form on this page: https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/StartBootstrap


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