Hi -- first web project ever trying out Vitality. Have copied it into my .NET project and can everything to work except the video --

In Chrome I get a:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Formstone is not defined -- for both transition.js and background.js
Uncaught TypeError: $(...).background is not a function -- for vitality.js

Any idea where I should be looking or what I am missing... ?

Simple mistake -- forgot to ref core.js
I am glad you found the error, thank you for sharing the solution just in case others may come across the same problem!

I'm just looking to use the header (with the large background image, spot for my logo, and brand name) and apply it to another theme I'm using.

Could you help me do this?
I would just need to know what part of the CSS/JS I would need.
In the HTML it's everything in the <header> element, in the CSS, it's everything pertaining to the header, and the JS there is nothing special unless you're using the video background. If you're using the video background, you'll need the Formstone Background plugin along with it's activating scripts in the vitality.js file.
Thanks, just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything from this theme.

Congrats on the success of it by the way! Fantastic job! :)
No problem, and thank you! If you run into other questions feel free to let me know!
Hey man, sorry to bug you again but I can't seem to get the portfolio section to work, it breaks what I shrink it to mobile size.

I copied and referenced the CSS plugins folder and the JS folder as well but no luck.

Do you have any suggestions?
this is what it looks like


loads fine in fullscreen, all the pictures are there as well
It looks like the CSS isn't loading for some reason in the mobile view. Check the files paths maybe? Let me know if this works, thanks!

I recently purchased this template and I am very much a novice. Not sure what to do after I download. I have a Mac computer. Is there a certain software or program I should get to get me going? Is there a software that I can edit the template without have to go through all the code (Like, squarespace)?

Thanks in advance.
You will need a code editor in order to start editing the files. I would recommend looking at something like Sublime Text which is free to download and use. Once you have a code editor, you can open up the HTML files within the code editor and start changing the content of the theme around as you wish. You can also go to site like Code Academy to get some tutorials on how to start working with HTML and CSS. If you want to adjust specific styles and the look and feel of things, you will need to learn some CSS, and then adjust the CSS files that come with the template.

Hopefully this helps!
Hi, awesome theme, bought on Friday, only found one issue which bugged the hell out of me.

Thankfully SO to the rescue, just to let you know, the nav bar classes weren't changing on scroll due to classList being null. Simple fix of declaring a variable to either global or including it in another file. (Code and link below).


The below works:

function scrollPage() {
var sy = scrollY(),
header = document.querySelector( '.navbar-fixed-top' );
if ( sy >= changeHeaderOn ) {
classie.add(header, 'navbar-shrink' );
else {
classie.remove(header, 'navbar-shrink' );
didScroll = false;
Thanks for the fix here! Much appreciated!
php files

What do I need to do so that whenever a client clicks Send Message in the contact form, I get the form sent to my email?
There is some information on this in the documentation. Make sure your site is hosted on a server with a mail server so the form can send. If you're trying to test it locally then it's not going to work unless you have a local mail server set up. If you're on a live web server with a mail server and it's still not working then I would try contacting the web host to see if there are any security features activated that are preventing the form from sending. Hopefully this helps!
This template is also available on Koffeeion ??? And it cost $5 and you sell this template $10 ? why my friend ..

I do not sell the template on that site, and they are infringing on the copyright that comes with this template. That template should not be purchased as it is not the official template, and it will not receive regular updates or anything official put out by Start Bootstrap. It looks like that site is a copycat site that takes premium content from other sources and sells it as their own. I would not purchase any themes from that marketplace.
Does the template support RTL?
At the moment this template does not have RTL support. I will look into it for a future version however, thanks for the comment!

I purchased the Vitality theme and love it, want to consider it for additional sites. However, I have spend HOURS trying to get the contact form to work, and it's very frustrating. I'm using a 1and1 hosting server, and I know that their PHP mail function is working.

I know this because I tested both the mail.php file and the contact.php file noted on this support page. Both files delivered emails to my personal email address just fine:


In addition, per your contact_me.php file, I changed Line 19 to my personal email address. I did not change anything else and I did not change anything in your contact_me.js file (because your documentation does not say to change anything in this file).

So, can you please post actual code that will work? For both files, if necessary? I presume that with the info provided regarding 1and1's PHP mail function, you can do so. Because the problem is not with the server.

Thank you very much in advance.
Hi there, see the comment below on your second post. If you don't reach an answer just email me again and we can try something else!
Hi , great job, congratulations. It is possible to make automatic slider http://wrapbootstrap.com/preview/WB02K3KK3 as for example TESTIMONIALS and COLLECTION and want it to be automatic. Thank you
Hi there! I got your email and I have sent you a code sample that enables this feature. If anyone else it looking to solve this problem you just add some autoplay activation jQuery code to the JavaScript file that comes with the theme.

Will you please address my question first? I wrote Saturday night regarding the PHP contact form, and the problem is the only thing preventing us from going live.

Thank you,
Hi there!

Typically if there is a problem with the form it can come down to a few things. The most common troubleshooting that solves the problem is that the files aren't linked up correctly in the HTML, but assuming that you have done that then we can move on from there. Second would be other Javascript errors that result from custom code being written post-purchase - some Javascript errors may make the contact_me.js file not run properly. The third common problem is that some hosting companies either 1. don't have a mail server or 2. have security or permissions features that are blocking the form from sending.

Last, but not least, make sure you're testing the form on a live server with a mail server enabled, some servers don't have a mail server enabled and it's not common to have a local mail server set up. Hopefully some of this helps!

I love the theme! I have two questions. Would you happen to know why my video will work locally but not when I publish? And how would I go about making those awesome stacked example application pictures as you guys have in the portfolio section?

Thank you!
Locally your video will load quickly because it's a local file, but if it's on a server it needs to load from a server. Try cutting your videos size down a bit and run it through a compression program like Handbrake and see if you can get the file size down to a smaller size. If you wait a long time the video will start to play, but you want to get the file size as small as possible to make sure the video runs smoothly!
Still waiting...

Thank you,
See above comments, thanks!

How would I go about making those awesome stacked application pictures as you guys have in the portfolio section? Is there a certain program and features you guys use to achieve this?

Those were created using a PSD layout that is free resource from Pixeden. If you go into the Media Attribution Credits PDF that comes with the theme, look for the /portfolio credits and look for the mobile-screens.png and tablet-screens.png items and they are followed with some links to Pixeden. Just download the files there and you can create the same style of mockups that you see in the theme!

This is 'peebz.'

Your canned answer was not helpful at all.

First, I told you expressly that I'm using a live server.

Second, I gave you documentation showing that the live server's PHP mail function is working.

Third, I gave you documentation showing that the live server's PHP mail function security is not blocking delivery. In other words, THEIR code worked and it delivered PHP mail to my email address.

So let me ask you to please post a Vitality demo in which the contact form posts submitted email addresses to a php page that we can view. Just provide the demo link and the new 'Email List Page" which shows the posted email addresses.

I'm sorry to be persistent, but I really want to use your template, so please show that your contact form works. Anything else is not helpful.

Thank you.
If the mail server is working and you've correctly entered the email address in the contact_me.php file then the form should be working. I've not heard anyone having problems getting the form to work with GoDaddy hosting, and I am not sure on Linux Shared Hosting.

Send a message to me here https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/StartBootstrap and we can start an email correspondence where we can trade some code back and forth to get to the root of the issue. That way I can see what you have up on your server and we can troubleshoot the issue a bit more in depth. Thanks!
PS from 'peebz':

I want to be reasonable so let me ask you this: does your contact form work on GoDaddy? On their Linux Shared Hosting plans?

I've not heard of problems with GoDaddy or Linux Shared Hosting from other users. Usually when I have someone contact me regarding the form not working it is because they are testing it locally (which we ruled out), their web host has security or permissions settings that prevent the form from sending (which you ruled out when you contacted your web host), their site is hosted on a web server with no mail server (like GitHub Pages for example, but we can double check this with your current host), or that custom changes to the template after purchase were made that are resulting in some JS errors that are preventing the form from sending (which we haven't ruled out). Send a direct message and we can rule out JS errors and troubleshoot some more, thanks!
Well, your contact form doesn't work and your support is not helpful.

So much for the extended license.

The contact form typically works for the vast majority of users. It seems your case is a bit different however, and I do apologize for the inconvenience! We'll get to the bottom of it, thanks!
Having trouble getting the ESC key working to close the portfolio modals.

WORKS: Open modal - click background - ESC closes modal

DOESN"T WORK: Open modal - ESC doesn't close

All the modals DIVS have tabindex="-1" set. I've also confirmed the problem exists with a fresh, unedited install of Vitality.

Any idea what's wrong here?
Hmm, I am not sure on this one. I am going to have to play with it and test it out to see if I can come up with a solution. It might have something to do with the z-index? If you find a solution let me know, but I have a feeling that the tabindex might be a culprit of the problem!
Hello, thanks for answering . Look at the web as this being . http://www.consensosyestudios.com/web-new/
Now I want you at home is as automatic slider , but the problem is that when descuadra tablet or mobile , as I do that help me
please answer me. look at the web www.consensosyestudios.com
in the home should be slider but not well help me
You can make the same adjustment in the JavaScript for the slider to auto-play, just like you did for the other carousel. Let me know if this helps!

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