Before anything I must say this theme is hella awesome and incredible. Words can't express how much satisfied I am.

That said, I have a little doubt about one thing.

I'll use the Agency theme as example, ok?

When you open it (on Chrome at least), click on "Work" and click on "View Details" you'll notice the Items and Pictures of the Portfolio Grid just disappear. All out of the blue. Ofcourse, if you click in any of it like "all" or "identity" they'll appear again but I really wish they wouldn't disappear in first place.

How can I change that?

I want them displayed at all times. Like whenever the user pass through the "portfolio" part, it will show the pics as it was showing before they click on the "View Details" button.

Hope to get an answer soon, about to finish a site and just missing this detail.

Thank you a lot for your aid and support. Again, awesome work you got here and totally worth the price.

Cheers from Brazil o/
Oi, tudo bom?

I loaded the site on Chrome a few times, and I noticed the issue was only happening every once in a while. I am unsure of what is causing the bug right now, so I will have to investigate further and update the theme once I figure it out. It looks like something is keeping that section from rendering properly, perhaps something to do with the mixitup plugin. I will try to update that and see what happens.

Thanks for choosing Vitality!

Before anything, thank you for the quick answer and I know it doesn't give a huge impact now but I really wanted to make sure you'd know about this is a bug. I'd rather warn you now then having any pissed off "customer" of you or of a customer's customer comes in a rage of a thousand suns against your face.

Take care and good luck with the fixing. I''m hoping the next update's patch notes to see it fixed for all of us \o/ (:
There are issues with IE11 and the masthead. It is vertically aligned to the top instead of middle. Also applies to the demo sites. It floats partially over the menu and doesn't look very nice. Do you have a quick fix available?
Thanks! -MPP
I will have to look into this, at the moment I don't have a fix for you in mind. Do you mind emailing a screenshot of the issue so I can see it? You can send it to [email protected] Thanks!
After downloading from store when installing WP says its missing stylesheet. Are there installation instructions or specific steps needed to install it other than uploading the zip file?
This is unfortunately not a WordPress theme.
Hi, when using the background images in the section, the images don't scale on iphone, although I do see mockup devices in the code. How can they be scaled ?
Hey there! Thanks for choosing Vitality! The images in the background will scale to fit the container they are within, so scaling may look different depending on the size of the container. If you send me a link I can help you out!
sonic5511 PURCHASED
how I put Facebook like button or Google + button or ... to top postion on my Vitality-Agency page?.
Have a some update for this?
Tnak You.
Best Regards, Slavko.
You can use the built in Font Awesome font library to add these wherever you'd like. You can add something like <i class="fa fa-facebook"></i> as a link instead of just text in the navbar and it would work for you just fine!
I like this theme more and more and because it is based on Bootstrap, very easy to enhance. Today it did a check if the theme works with Bootstrap 4.0.0beta. It doesn't. There are some nasty changes in the navigation. Hopefully you are able to make the theme work with 4.0beta. That would make the theme even better for me!
I've updated the theme to work with BS4 Beta as of last night!
dinhakorn PURCHASED
There is an error accessing this theme IE version 11.0.14
The error does not occur in chrome. Can you help?
What sort of error are you seeing?

Thank you this theme is really awesome!

I'm newbie with bootstrap and I need some help to modify the themes with my needs.

I have 3 questions:

I use the video template, i've changed the video with mine in the vitality.js
It works properly on desktop, but on other device (iphone and ipad) I still have the default video.

1. How to make the my video appears on other device smartphones and tablets?
2. Even the default video does not lauch on ipad and iphone, while on desktop it's ok? Is there any action on my side?

3. I would like to add other video background instead of background image, for example, for the call to action section? Or carousel for work example section? Is it possible? Do you have any url I can search to add this feature?

Kind regards
Hey there, I've sent you an email! Hopefully everything is explained there!
sonic5511 PURCHASED
how to update vitality theme to version v 2.0.2. i have a deep changed Index(video) page and minor correction to some others files to my regional language, whitch old folder (v.2.0.1) may cahange with new (v 2.0.2.) folder or files without a damage to my site.
Thank You.
There are a few changes to make to the HTML to adjust for the BS4 Beta update as well as a dependency. You will need to replace the Bootstrap core files and use popper.js instead of tether as a Bootstrap dependency.

Anywhere there are offsets you will need to use mx-auto instead of a column offset.

There are some changes to the navbar in BS4 Beta. Check the <nav> element in the most recent version and you can change your classes accordingly.

Finally, anywhere you see a .page-scroll class, change that to .js-scroll-trigger and you should be all set!
Hi ist possible using more than 1 video file in bg ? or using 360º panorama with customer interaction ?
I don't believe so. The plugin only supports a few video types and does not have a slider or interaction component.
first of all thank you for the great template!
Is there any way to get the "Style switcher" Button from the demo?
I would pay for it but please i realy want it.

You could just grab it off of the demo if you'd like!
Though the theme claims to support "Latest Safari", the video background theme doesn't work in safari.

Hope one can fix it.
I just tested it in Safari and it seems to be working. If you're using Safari mobile, the video will not load - instead a mobile fallback image will load instead since the video does not load at all on mobile.

Another reason the video may not be working is the video size. If you've replaced the default video with your own, and the file size is quite large, then the video may take a while to start playing.

Hopefully this helps!
i've been trying to figer out a way to add more options to my contact form.
so far i have gotten:
<input type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="Strase" id="street" required data-validation-required-message="Please enter your strase.">
<p class="help-block text-danger"></p>

... var street = $("input#street").val(); ...
... street: street, ...

$street = strip_tags(htmlspecialchars($_POST['street']));

but i just can't get it to work. am I missing something?
thank you for your previous feedback and please help me with this one aswell :)
There are the sections in the PHP file that you will need to add to that will actually put the content into the mail that is sent. Check out the PHP file towards the bottom and look for the email being generated and add the street information accordingly. Hopefully this helps!
well the problem is that the street variable isn't even in the php form since the if(empty($_POST['street']) ) says that there are no arguments provided, so the variable never gets to .php file.
i just now got it to work. seems like i just had i typo somewhere. thank you for your fast respsonse !
Excellent, I'm glad you got it fixed up!
Hey, thank you for your kind words :)
I am sorry to annoy you with my noob questions, but do you know why in the contact email letters like 'ä' 'ö' 'ü' (stupid german special letters) are converted to some other wierd signs.
In mysql there is a special option for text formating (utf8_german2_ci) to make theese letters work,
thanks for your help at least my page is live now and the form is working :)
Unfortunately I am not sure on that one!
Hi awesome templates, not sure why but I can't get the contact form to work. I am hosting the site with godaddy and I get mail sent message appear but no message in my emails. Any ideas?
I have solved it, anyone else having the same issue don't forget to switch the servers mx record to remote mail exchanger when using a different mail host to your website host. This was a simple error on my side and not the template.
Thanks for the updated response. I'll be sure to include this in the documentation for contact form issues troubleshooting. Thanks!
Does this have the HTML also?
HTML/CSS/JavaScript and SASS files along with all other assets are included with the theme!
I don't see the HTML, only the CSS....
When downloading the theme, you should see the HTML files in the root level directory. They are called agency.html, creative.html, culinary.html, etc. Perhaps try re-dowloading the package from WrapBootstrap?
Love the theme.

Question about scrolling to a section from the navbar: If I click on "contact" in the navbar the page scrolls to the paper "content" section, but the nabber doesn't highlight the "contact" menu item and instead stops at the prior navbar item. I have to manually scroll the page just a bit more into the contacts section before the navbar registers the page's position.

Suggestions?? Thanks!
Try adjusting the offsets in the vitality.js file. If the navbar has been resized then the numbers will need to be adjusted accordingly. Hopefully this helps!
That was quick and easy, thanks! I changed the ScrollSpy offset from 68 to 98 and it works perfectly.
Is there a picture slider that works with this theme?

I have tried different slider and the images are distorted every time
A slider isn't built in, but I would try something like backstretch.js.
is there a way to get the Portfolio Carousel to rotate after x seconds?
I've been trying for hours and i just can't get it to work.
I would look at the docs here http://www.landmarkmlp.com/js-plugin/owl.carousel/ - you will see an option for `autoPlay` - you can set that to `true` in the `vitality.js` file and it should work!
Hi, uploaded the template, now I got "missing css" error.
What should i do?
Since this theme is just an HTML/CSS theme with Bootstrap and not a WordPress theme it will not upload to a WordPress site.
Hello! Love this theme and we were excited to launch a week ago, but we have recently discovered that the contact form isn't working. When viewing the console, I get the following error message.

jquery.min.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).jqBootstrapValidation is not a function
at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (contact_me.js:3)
at j (jquery.min.js:2)
at k (jquery.min.js:2)

I'm not sure why it's not recognizing jqBootstrapValidation file as a function and my jquery is a little sketchy. Suggestions?

Hey there, I think I just sent you an email but I will reiterate here just in case anyone is looking for a solution to this. By the looks of it, the jqBootstrapValidation.js file is not loading properly. I would check to make sure that file is not giving a 404 error. If that file does not load properly, it will not recognize the function. Hopefully this helps!

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This is a great way to give the seller feedback and ask them questions about their item.

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