Hi, Are the portfolio views not defined in the wordpress version? I am getting a simple blog like view for all portfolio links in sample content.

Please use contact form for support - https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/web-master72

We need a link to your site also.
Hi, I would like to make a multi-lingual site with this Vortex template with WordPress. What would you recommend to do? Thanks.

This theme is translation ready and comes with «en_US.po» file. But there are no special options for implementing the language change in the frontend. Only by standard means of WordPress.
Thank you for the reply. Could you have any recommendation that which multi-lingual plugin plays well with this template?
Any plugin will work with this theme, but the way you configure it yourself. Because, as we have already said, there are no special options or special integration with plugins that implement multilingual functionality.

One way is to install WordPress in the multisite mode and use the "MultilingualPress" plugin.
Also we want to note that we do not provide support when installing and configuring third-party plugins.
Hello. Using the page builder feature, is there a way to use wpforms, or mail chimp forms. Seems like shortcakes for WPForms don't execute, and embedded html for mailchimp forms just renders as text.

Thanks in advance.

shortcakes = shortcodes

Please, use the "Text Block" shortcode and paste the shortcode of the form into the content.
So I tested the plugins you named, everything turned out ok
Thanks a bunch! Worked as you described.

Pretty damn happy with the quality of this template and layout framework. Nicely done.
Thank you!
Hello. I have a problem with social network icons in the footer of my page. Actually there is no one there.
In your theme Vortex they is, how can i add social icons like exactly in you theme?

Thank you.

Please, check out Footer option in General section in Customizer.

Done! I link my URL social pages, but they do not follow links.
its re direct my on: /?customize_changeset_uuid=29997105-c67f-4c3e-8736-a0f19316e78d&customize_theme=vortex-1#
You should specify a label, for example "Twitter", and also URL, for example "www.twitter.com/tim_cook".
Do not forget to save the changes by clicking "Save & Publish".

If there are additional questions, please write to us at the mail, specify the address of your site and attach a screenshot of the window with the link setting.
Thanks, all working now.
Glad to help you!
Hello again, there is a question about categories and tags in the blog. I have a Russian version of WordPress and in the blog on the site the title of the category and tags is printed in Russian. Maybe this is due to the Russian version of WordPress and how to fix it?
And the second question, if I update the Vortex theme, will not delete the settings and information that is on the site?
Thank you.

1) The question does not apply to the functionality of the theme. When changing the language, all the standard contents of the WP are translated. Including the widget headers.

2) Configuration of settings and content will remain unchanged.

If you have any questions, please contact support via the contact form.
Ok. Thank you.
Glad to help you!
I'm trying to install Unyson Compatible Extensions but i get the following :

Downloading the "Portfolio" extension...

Failed to access Github repository "ThemeFuse/Unyson-Portfolio-Extension" releases. (Response code: 403)

Downloading the "Shortcodes" extension...

Failed to access Github repository "ThemeFuse/Unyson-Shortcodes-Extension" releases. (Response code: 403)

Downloading the "Backup & Demo Content" extension...

Failed to access Github repository "ThemeFuse/Unyson-Backups-Extension" releases. (Response code: 403)

Failed to access Github repository "ThemeFuse/Unyson-Portfolio-Extension" releases. (Response code: 403)
Failed to access Github repository "ThemeFuse/Unyson-Shortcodes-Extension" releases. (Response code: 403)
Failed to access Github repository "ThemeFuse/Unyson-Backups-Extension" releases. (Response code: 403)

Open this URLs and click on Install button:


If the problem persists, please contact us by email(https://wrapbootstrap.com/user/web-master72).
Attach a screenshot of the page where you see the error text, also type the following information (need to try to reproduce the error):
1) Version of the WordPress
2) Version of the Unison
3) Version of PHP on your hosting
Thanks a lot, now all is working as intended
Dear web-master72,

is there any possibility to display just a specific category (eg. Design) into the gallery?

Thank you.
Opppssss ... not gallery but portfolio

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility.

Thank you!
Hello web-master72,

is there any chance of getting the gallery with the same layout of portfolio (masonry with image in 4 different size)?

Thanks in advance.

No, unfortunately there is no such possibility.

Thank you!
How to get the go to top button appearing on scroll down as happens on html version theme?


There is no such button in the Vortex WP theme.

Thank you!

I feel like, with Chrome new rules, the video autoplay doesn't work no more if we select a background video on a page.

Could you help me out ? What file should I modify to put a "mute" attribute, even if that should be directly in the code...

The autoplay works in Firefox, so I really think it is related to Chrome new "autoplay with mute only" rules.

Replied via email.

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