The downloaded theme doesn't automatically drop down the active menu (which the live demo does). Could you please tell how to do it, or at least add it in an update?
Loving that the theme is 99% bootstrap and not with some custom made classes (as unfortunately so many of the themes here are, meaning they break the support for other bootstrap things).

However, I have one major issue. Some pieces of the theme require a specific id in the body element. This is not really a good thing since it means A) one can't then use things across the viewtypes and B) for serverside rendering it requires one to keep track of which specific id type is required for said view and pass that to the renderer. Again, things get messy when starting to customize the theme (and lets face it, whereas it's a excellent base to built upon, it's never going to be one size fits all solution).

Any possibility to get a update to the theme that wouldn't require body ids? (or at least, bare minimum use classes so that there can be multiple, thus one can just list all the classes to body. messy but at least things would work).
Also, another issue is that unless the scripts (jquery, bootstrap & theme) aren't in the head, there is nasty animation glitches when refreshing the page (things slide from the left), which isn't really recommended ('cos the scripts block loading, thus they should be loaded only after everything else is loaded ie. at the end of body). Would be awesome to have fix for this as well. :)
Well, changing the body ids to classes doesn't work either because there are styles which overwrite each other across different page styles. :/
Hi, I'll release an update so the body ids are no longer needed and the theme becomes more flexible to customize along with other bug fixes. thanks!
Thanks. :)
Just a side note - Error pages (404, 500) would also be awesome. :)
Any timeframe on this update - as soon as a version that does not required body ids is available, I plan on buying this theme.
I hope to get it done by next week, thanks!
Are you still planning to release this update? Any timeframe?
Just want to add my support to this request. I purchased the theme about 2 months ago thinking this update was coming. Single-handedly the most critical change needed.
@mikkotikkanen is this body id thing really a problem?

In a rails app for instance, with just a few lines of code you could set up a before_action method that would set up an instance variable in the ApplicationController and override as needed.

Having a specific body id per site sections seems pretty reasonable to me, can you expand on that?

@ericklvz I'm interested in buying a theme (for a rails app) so I'd value your input as well.
Sure, its not a big thing to implement but it's potential failure point that doesn't have to be there. Plus, it's not good practice anyways. Also, what happens if you want to use some of the elements in another view? Of course if you are planning to use exactly what the theme offers you are fine. :)

Eliminating the body id's will make the theme more flexible and failureproof, so one can only gain from it. Things like changing the profile split-page to it's own module (.split-content or whatever) which could be used in any page etc.

Other than that, I can recommend the theme. It seems to use stock boilerplate, thus you can use other components & plugins just fine with it. Also, there isn't any extra pointless javascript plugins used so that you can basically chuck everything but the theme.js when you want to have a lightweight page. Which is nice.
@mikkotikkanen thanks for you reply.

Good points on reusability and modularity, It didn't think about that and it definitely make sense.
On mobile, didn't seem like the email message page was responding gracefully, with an option to show the menu with the list of emails.
dejital1 PURCHASED
Any news on that update?
I would also love news on this update. I am not particularly CSS savvy, and thus running into a lot of friction with this. Same as noted above...creating server templates with nesting/inheritance is getting messy as I can't cleanly create master templates that children inherit from.
Eric, any update on when the new version is getting released without the body ids?
I'm just awaiting that change to buy the theme.
Yeah same still waiting.
Forgive the newbie question but how do I actually add this to my rails app? If there's a doc somewhere I should read, can you point me to it? I've played around with bootstrap and thought I would try something like these themes, but now I've realized I'm clueless on how to merge this into my app.
Nevermind, figured out my problem. Well, the code one at least...
Hi how did you manage to merge your app with the theme ?
Great theme. Love the design.

Please fix the body-id problem though. Really annoying when working with ember.js
Great theme. I've used several others in different projects but yours follows the bootstrap conventions really well. Thanks for the example rails app -- adding a theme to the asset pipeline can be a headache. I really appreciate the email templates too.

A couple of quick notes. You have a problem with turbolinks in profile.html. Since it throws an exception the rest of the js on the page doesn't run. I've never liked turbolinks so it's not a problem for me.

There is a reference to sidebar-toggler there as well which I think is an artifact from something else you were working on or haven't finished.
Never mind on the sidebar-toggler. I see its for mobile.
Great theme. Just a few questions has the body id issue been updated here? Also is there any intention of adding in a top sticky nav in the future? Hope to hear from you soon.
I hope there will soon be the release of version without body id. Iook for the purchase.
I just bought this theme, but i'm finding it unusable because of the id tags, i'm not so good with css and fondling with it defeats the purpose of buying a theme.

Please can you give a time-frame for an update as its been requested for months.
Hello, I am considering buying this theme; but would like to wait until the update ~ referenced in this thread. Do you anticipate that happening soon? If we purchase now; do you get the update when it comes out (included with this purchase)?

Hello - I have had success making my required modification ~ except ;-) I do have an issue with the image gallery if it is not full of images. I am working to fix but would welcome suggestions. You can replicate the behavior in the delivered frame work by commenting out all but one line of images (example - just leave 2 images - see below). The side-bar responsiveness gets out of sync. It looks like the image gallery container size is impacting the sidebar css.

<div class="gallery-wrapper">
<div class="image" style="background-image:url('<%= base_url %>/assets/bgs/1.jpg')">
<div class="mask">
<div class="name">Riviera Maya, Mexico</div>
<div class="date">3 days ago</div>
<div class="image" style="background-image:url('<%= base_url %>/assets/bgs/2.jpg')">
<div class="mask">
<div class="name">Riviera Maya, Mexico</div>
<div class="date">3 days ago</div>

Thanks in advance.
How hard would it be to have an option to fix the menu bar so that it scrolls independently from the rest of the page?
I really want to buy this theme, but not if it's riddled with bugs as some commentators have suggested.
is there explicit documentation for installing the application in rails?
Hi, this is really an awesome theme. unfortunately when i want to view the demo in internet Explorer than the stylesheet ist ignored. meaning to say, that the template is not working in internet explorer. what is the issue there?

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