onurakman PURCHASED
Beautiful but needs some work waiting for new versions
Thanks, Please do not hesitate to send us an email if you need new features or encountered issues.
Hi IssatisLab,

Good job! Very nice theme..
I would like to see 3 items in next version if possible:
1. boxed layout
2. cards similar to: http://marino-angular-2.batchthemes.com/#/ui-elements/cards
3. and product grid page simiar to: http://webapplayers.com/inspinia_admin-v2.5/ecommerce_products_grid.html
With more details visible on mouse hover..

Thanks !
Hi, Thanks for using Yima.
We'll have all this in mind for future versions.
nice work my friends
Thanks for your nice comment.
I'd really like to use this theme but unfortunately it is not very user friendly on mobile. Opening the left sidebar menu is difficult and once it is opened, it can't be closed on the Angular version. There needs to be a simple way for users to leave the menu - I was testing on an iPhone 6s.

Other than that I absolutely love the theme - especially the panels that fly out. Much easier for users to get work done with this interface than the traditional admin themes!
Thanks for your interest in Yima. We really appreciate this. We will consider your comment about the menu and make changes if needed.
thx for a doog template. but I loss to ask, updates are free or I will must to pay?

May I ask what the estimate time of completion is for ASP.Net MVC 6? .NET Core is basically in a stable and production ready release state according to an article from Microsoft.
admin_sk PURCHASED
good looking Admin Template. As for MVC, are widgets "disposable" too? Thx in Advance!
I loved ur theme and I would love to buy however it doesnt work with mobile phones and tablets. You may check it.

We are interested in purchasing this but we have following queries. We will be using this in our .Net based MVC 5/6 solution. Can you please let me know? I appreciate it.

1) We want to have ajax & json based data pull & push for form display and submit. Thus, we want to avoid post backs. Is this implemented in the MVC based solution?

2) Does this have an example of interaction between asp.net MVC-based service and client-site ajax call?

3) We want that from list of data shown in tabular format, if we click on any record, it opens up in one of site panes or in a css/jquery based modal dialog. And data can be edited and saved directly from there. There should be no page post-backs. Can we see a working example of this?

4) How is current data shown on dashboards and other screens fetched? How does the server-side code interact with client-site fancy UI elements? Is it via json/xml or something else?

Many thanks!
I am interested in using this template for our app. I am particularly interested in data validation and masking in forms.However, testing the example template in the various browsers, I notice that masks seem to work fine in Chrome and Edge, but do not work at all in Explorer 11.

My question is: is masking done thru JavaScript or through some other method?

Otherwise, it is a beautiful template
sonnicolo PURCHASED
Hi, I bought this beautiful theme, I was wondering if it was possible to have sass version of css files..

Thank you!
Thanks for the wonderfull template.

Will i will be able to get the menu as like as stirp type. if i click on collapse menu, menu is hidden as of now. Instead if it is like strip type it will be great.

could you please consider the change in next release.
Hi IssatisLab

I was wondering when is the angular 2 version coming out?


where can i find login view on the AngularJS project??

Thank you!

I have problem using mvcSiteMap for example with this node <mvcSiteMapNode title="Historial de viajes" controller="Viaje" action="Index" MsmpIcon="pe-7s-graph3"/> in the URL appears to me from this way http://localhost:12778/Viaje/Index?MsmpIcon=pe-7s-graph3 how can I fix this error please.

Thank you very much for your attention!
Dear I need Asp.Net WebForms version please update

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Tested and supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
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