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I have been a Web Hosting provider since 1993, I also operate a computer service & repair facility locally as well.

I am always on the lookout for nice Web Hosting themes and templates here on wrap-bootstrap, as well as other templates, themes or assets. You never know what you may find.

I tend to leave my comments on most themes and templates that I find, in hopes that the authors will notice, and make changes to their themes and templates, in order to make them better and more useful to Web Hosts.

Some authors get “all bent out of shape” from my comments or reviews of their themes or templates. This reaction leads me to believe that if an author can not take any criticism of their work, I move on. Some take my comments to heart, and improve on their theme or templates. This mostly has the effect of leading to more sales of their theme or template, which is a good thing for all.

I almost always offer to help in any way possible, authors of Web Hosting themes and templates, make their product better by suggesting additions or removals of specific parts of their themes and templates. For me, it’s all about content and continuing development.