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Just a small note

We do not provide any kind of support for users, who does not have a “Purchased” badge. We kindly request our customers to not post any support related questions on our comments page. Support is provided over email only

Important! For faster responses please make sure to tick off the following:

  • You have gone through the documentation and was unable to find a solution
  • You have not changed the physical / DOM structure of the template or included additional scripts that maybe conflicting with the theme plugins
  • You have uploaded your scenario to a server for me to see and debug the issue (screenshots MUST be provided if it is a visual related issue)
  • You MUST provide your product license ID and the date you found this bug, version of theme you are using (HTML, PHP etc), and as much information as possible regards to your screen resolution, browser version and operating system
  • Please note We do not provide extended support for third party plugins (combining two or more plugins to achieve certain result)
  • We treat all our customers equally, if we didn't respond to your email, most likely you are still waiting in queue while we are serving other customers ^_^

What we actually support...

Dear customers, please understand that we produce 'Front-End' templates to help you save time and speed up your project. We do not offer tutorials on "how to implement" or offer support for plugin customization.

We request all users to go through the proper channel for support. Support is provided mainly though email, comments page is reserved mainly for quick presale questions regarding the theme.

(Our business days are Monday - Friday, we do not operate on North American public holidays)

How to request support...

  • Support is provided over email only (support[at]
  • Email should not compose of any of your work or attachment unless we request for it
  • Any screenshot(s) must be attached / embedded to the email (not as zip file)
  • Email should have a clean email title that gives a brief understanding of your issue
  • Your first email to us should include your license ID (this is the only way we can verify your purchase and offer support)
  • NOTE: Due to the high volume of support we generally receive, if your email does not follow the guidelines for support request (as mentioned above) we will simply move on to the next support request.

What about updates?...

All our updates are absolutely FREE. To download the latest version you can always go to


Rules for reporting bugs:

  • Please first make sure if your bug has already been reported
  • You MUST provide a screenshot of the bug (for all visual related issues)
  • You MUST provide a JS fiddle or the steps needed to reproduce the bug
  • You MUST NOT add your own scripts .

(Please only ask if it is not mentioned in our docs)



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