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We build premium themes. Easy, simple, right for your needs.

Support status: OFFLINE

Support will be offline during the following dates (2018)

June from 21 to 27

All inquiries will be received and we will reply to all of them
as soon as possible

We provide support for any issue/bug/question related with our products.

  • Questions are addressed in the comments page of each product
  • Or using the below Contact form.
  • We reply on all questions within 48-72 hours

Requesting support

In order to save time and give a faster response, please consider the following items (if apply) when requesting support:

  • Include always the product/project your asking for (e.g. Angle/meteor+angular)
  • Specify the browser you're using for development (Chrome, FF, IE, Edge, etc)
  • Check the browser console (devTools) for any error message and include it in your message.
  • In problems with node tools (npm, bower, etc), include the log result of the command executed.
  • If it's a visual issue, please include a screenshot when possible.
  • If you want to share code, use and send us the link.


This is the list of our currently available products:

  • Dasha Bootstrap 4 Admin Template
    • Versions: Angular5, jQuery
  • Angle Bootstrap Admin Template
    • Versions: Angular5, AngularJS, Angular5 Material, jQuery, React, Meteor, Rails, MVC5, NET.Core 2.0
  • Centric Bootstrap Admin Template
    • Versions: Angular5, AngularJS, jQuery, React, Meteor, NET.Core 2.0
  • BeAdmin Bootstrap Admin Template
    • Versions: jQuery, Laravel

All our products includes a specific documentation for each version distributed.


Currently we are not available to take on customization work.


We are always working on constant development and improvement of our products. We try to keep up with the latest new frontend technologies. After purchasing, for any future updates we make you will receive a notification from the marketplace to download the new package. All for free.


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Dasha - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template
Centric - Bootstrap Admin Template
Angle - Bootstrap Admin Template
BeAdmin - Bootstrap Admin Theme